chapter 260: modern conveniences

Seeing everyone’s faces lighting up when I made my announcement practically made these six days worthwhile. Even though I had worked so long to cure Roy of his condition, I only managed to get one level in the Saint of Five Lights. Is it just that much harder to level up through basic training?

My training up to this point had never been what would could consider as basic. I was constantly using abilities far beyond my levels, or fighting in combat against people higher level than myself. It was no surprise that such things would result in a faster rate of leveling compared to more ‘mundane’ uses. Otherwise, everyone’s levels would be in the thousands by now.

Of course, there were still other things that I had learned over the last few days. I had my first experience eating at a three ring diner. The food there was pretty expensive, but… it was good, in a way?

Back when I had to stay on that boat for a year, everyone had to eat massive meals every day to keep up their energy. But that was because they were eating normal food, what would now be considered one or two ring at most. With a three ring meal, I actually felt completely full after a fairly normal dinner.

At nights, I had checked into an inn for the week, and got to experience this world’s culture even more. Every room was equipped with a TS, their magical equivalent to a television. By now, there were a few dozen regularly broadcasting channels, though each region also had an important ‘news channel’ to relay local information.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like there was anything similar to an internet equivalent yet for earth. When I had asked Ryone about it, she had given a small sigh. It’s not like they haven’t thought about connecting the entire world with an instantaneous network like that. The problem is it isn’t feasible. She explained patiently while I lay in the bed watching the crystal’s projection on the wall.

Even Desbar wouldn’t be able to create something like that again now that monsters are roaming around. The foundation for a world wide connection has to be laid all around the world. But with the sheer size of the oceans, they can’t construct enough relay towers to send the mana waves from one continent to another without them getting degraded.

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The most efficient method would be to link it to the portal network system of the elves, but that would require the portals to be operating full time. Currently, there’s not a power source capable of sustaining that cost yet.

Hearing her explanation, I furrowed my brows slightly. I thought that mana could cross space easily?

Ryone gave a chuckle at that. That’s only when a mind is directly controlling the mana. And even then, they have to be able to properly picture the area that it is being directed. When the mana is controlled by an enchantment, it loses that benefit in exchange for not needing someone present at all times.

Right now, you are able to watch shows from all over the beastkin continent. However, the only way to receive information from elsewhere is to turn to the world news channel, which collects information manually from all over the world.

Thinking back on that, I found that there were still a lot of things about this world that were left to explore. But that wasn’t a bad thing. The day that there was nothing new to learn would be the day that nothing was left at all.

“Dale.” Jaren’s voice brought me out of my thoughts and back to the presence. Looking up, I noticed a woman absent from the normal crowd which had been gathered after I came out. It seemed that Roy’s mother had rushed inside past me while I was recalling my stay here.

“Yes, I haven’t forgotten. As long as it is nothing like Roy’s case, I should be able to treat a few more people today.” There was a rush of relieved sighs from the crowd when I spoke that, while Jaren hastily glanced around.

“Remember what we discussed. The sick first.” He called out, seeming to understand that they were in more dire need.

One woman with a sickly pale face and drooping eyes walked out. Her symptoms reminded me of a common flu or cold from the old earth, her nose practically a leaking faucet. Even among those sick, people were giving her a wide berth.

I didn’t say anything and simply stepped up to her, placing my hand on her forehead. Her level was one of the lowest, even among the people in the slums, so similarly the disease afflicting her couldn’t be too advanced, or it would have killed her already.

The woman’s health bar, which had been dropped by a third, recovered in under a minute. Color quickly returned to her face, though her other symptoms didn’t quite dissipate yet. “Go get a good rest. You should be recovered by morning.”

When she heard that, her eyes opened wide, and she turned to look at Jaren. After he nodded his head, she made her way out of the crowd, to be replaced by someone else. Like that, I continued for two more days before I had finally managed to take care of everyone that I could in the slums.

During this time, I even attempted to cure someone who had been born blind. However, I had stated originally that I didn’t expect it would work. And sure enough, I was unable to cure his blindness. But for those that had been injured or who had fallen ill, I had done my best for them.

As I was getting ready to leave the slums for the last time, Jaren caught me by the arm. “Ah, before you go, there’s one last thing.”

I stumbled briefly, surprised by the sudden interruption before looking at him in confusion. “Sorry, did I miss somebody?”

“Not quite… I was wondering if you’d be kind enough to leave a legacy behind before you go.”

It took me a moment to understand what he was asking, until I remembered the existence of Legacy Classes. “Ahh… I can try. However, I’ll need some time to get it written. Once it’s done, I’ll send a courier to deliver it to you. Is that alright?”

A legacy would increase his odds of being able to replicate what I had done, but… not by much. Not when I myself wouldn’t be able to repeat it without world sight, which I couldn’t include in the legacy.

“Yes, yes, that’s fine.” Jaren nodded his head happily, releasing my arm to let me continue on my way. “Thank you for the consideration, Dale. We won’t soon forget about you.”

I gave a small nod, turning and walking off. Udona, would you be able to draw up a diagram for the ki path I’m using? I… wouldn’t really know where to begin with how to do that right now.

I had designed this ki path myself, but that was on a three dimensional display, not something that I could easily or accurately depict in two dimensions. I’ll… try. Udona’s response came back, a bit of doubt in her tone. However, most people are likely to see it as a jumbled mess. You know that, right?

Once again, I gave another nod, getting ready to ask her to guide me towards the next area where I could put my skills to work when Aurivy suddenly chimed in. We’re ready, Dale!

Tilting my head in confusion, I stopped on the side of the road, thinking towards her. Ready for what?

Really? You forgot? She asked in exasperation. We finally got the level limit up to two hundred and fifty!

Oh, that! I smiled slightly, glancing around to look for a nearby alley. I’ll be over shortly. How many classes are still missing?

We’ve managed to gather all of them, except for the advanced ones. Those haven’t appeared on any floors yet.

And how did the situation with the dark elves go?

There was a pause after I asked that question, before Aurivy spoke in a regretful tone. They were… wiped out. They worshipped the gate to the next floor, and during negotiations we tried to prove its purpose. When they saw that our people could pass through it, but it was inert for them, they flew into a rage.

However! Just as I was starting to regret what she had said, she quickly spoke up to continue. We found another race on the next floor, and they were more agreeable. They call themselves the Dovah, and look like giant dog people. Not like the lycans, but like REAL dog people.

Before speaking further, I made my way to an area out of sight, and ascended back to the Admin Room. I’d be able to come back and do some more work on my new class soon. But right now, there was a more important matter to take care of, the final steps to getting the fourth world linked up.

“And these Dovah are willing to cooperate with the halflings and humans?” I asked out loud, moving to sit at my computer desk and pulling up a map of the area. They had actually explored a lot further than I thought, advancing a total of four floors since I last looked. Though, most of their exploration was centered on the thirteenth floor.

For the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth floors, they mostly scattered around to just quickly find the next gate. That’s right. We got really lucky with them, and found them while their people were being attacked by some vicious beasts. Once we joined in to protect them, they immediately became friendly to us. It took a little bit to exchange languages, but your quest system helped with that a lot.

I pulled up the race in question, curious to see what was special about them. Aside from being innately strong due to being born on a higher floor, there wasn’t much special about them. Their bodies seemed comparable to the heroc, but their mental statistics were a bit lower. Still, they didn’t have any inherent weaknesses like the centaur’s inability to handle magic, so the race was a mere forty points.

Think it’s worth buying them into the system? I asked, looking at the price.

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Just a sec, let me ask Bihena… Aurivy paused the conversation for a moment, before getting back to me. She says that there’s nothing wrong with it. It’ll be another force to add to the mix.

I nodded my head, hitting the button to purchase the race. Like she said, they were large, anthropomorphic canines. From what I saw, their fur was typically a dark brown with spots of black. Their legs were digitrade, and their frames were typically large and muscular. Just basing them off of appearances, it was likely that they were most fit to be warriors or barbarians.

Once I had bought the race, I pulled up the map again to search for where their racial orb would be located. Going by how the world had been originally set, it should be on the thirteenth floor. Sure enough, after a quick search I found it in an old cave along the side of a mountain.

Alright. I’m going to get the Mage class quickly trained up on the fifteenth floor. Should be secure enough there. In the meantime, make sure everything else is ready. After I’m done, we’ll set the connection.

Aurivy quickly gave an affirmative, before Bihena chimed in. Just so you’re aware… you will probably need to purchase each race again for Fyor when they cross over from the other worlds. Otherwise, they will likely not be identified as part of the local system, and won’t be able to use the gates or gain levels.

I paused for a moment when I heard that, giving it a bit of thought. The two systems weren’t completely identical like they were for the rest of the worlds, so it wouldn’t be surprising if what Bihena said was right. I’ll keep it in mind. If need be, I’ll buy the races again once the fairy gate has been installed.

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