Chapter 1029: Bracelet’s Amazing Functions

Back to the Deep Blue Plane, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist started to study the Primary Inception Bracelet’s functions.

At the current juncture, the Primary Inception Bracelet was definitely his greatest trump. By finding out more of the functions, he would be more confident when facing a half-god.


Wearing the Primary Inception Bracelet on his right wrist, Li Fuchen activated the energy within. Immediately after, a layer of armor covered the surface of Li Fuchen’s body. It didn’t look like metal or stone.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

Li Fuchen used his own strength to attack the armor and realized it didn’t move at all. Not even a trace of power was able to pass through it.

Immediately after, Li Fuchen started to use the Primal Fire Lotus to blast at the armor.

“Such tough defense.” Li Fuchen let out a smile when he noticed that the Primal Fire Lotus couldn’t do anything to the armor either.


The Primary Inception Bracelet started to transform again, this time, it transformed into an artifact sword.

Pfff Tss!

With a slash of the sword, the sword qi ripped out of the Deep Blue Plane and appeared in a star domain near the Crosswise River Star Domain. It had also sliced up countless stars.

“Transform again.”

The Primary Inception Bracelet grew drastically in size and its aura felt as though it could crush an entire plane. But Li Fuchen knew that it wasn’t possible.

“The Primary Inception Bracelet can transform freely and doesn’t have a fixed form. But I am a swordsman and when it transforms into a sword, it can enhance my strength. If it transforms into armor, it can enhance my defense. If it grows in size, it can maximize the Primary Inception Bracelet’s greatest power.”

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, these were the three functions that were most practical, while the others weren’t so significant.

After understanding most of the Primary Inception Bracelet’s functions, Li Fuchen shifted his attention to the Greenwood Gourd and the World Core.

The Greenwood Gourd was extremely mystical. Li Fuchen noticed that if he poured some water into the Greenwood Gourd, after a period of time, the ordinary water would turn into vitality water that was filled with vitality. If he poured in the Divine Leaf Sap that already contained vitality, it would enhance the Divine Leaf Sap’s vitality by 100 times.

In other words, this Greenwood Gourd was a mid-grade universe treasure meant to produce vitality.

Apart from producing vitality, it could even extract vitality.

Once an enemy was drawn into the Greenwood Gourd, they wouldn’t be able to control their life or death. Their vitality would be immediately extracted completely by the Greenwood Gourd.

The universe contained too little treasures with abundance of vitality, but there were plenty of lords that contained abundance of vitality. Li Fuchen could just extract vitality from enemy lords to nurture the Tree of Life.

“This is really a treasure.”

After finding out the function of the Greenwood Gourd, Li Fuchen was rejoicing that he didn’t allow the Tree of Life to consume the Greenwood Gourd’s vitality source essence. It would truly be a waste of treasure.

“With the Greenwood Gourd, the Tree of Life shouldn’t be too far from becoming mature.”

Li Fuchen started to put in every vitality treasure, including the World Tree log into the Greenwood Gourd.

“It has been a long time, I wonder how much Divine Leaf Sap the Blood Ax Lord has accumulated.”

With a flash, Li Fuchen rushed for the Divine Leaf City.

When sending Li Fuchen off, the Blood Ax Lord had an extremely awful expression. Li Fuchen might be paying with enough peak-grade spirit stones, but to extract the Divine Leaf Sap within a short period of time would injure the roots of the World Tree leaf.

Li Fuchen offered to purchase the World Tree leaf for 2 trillion peak-grade spirit stones, the Blood Ax Lord didn’t even consider.

A World Tree leaf might be worth a few hundred billion or a trillion peak-grade spirit stones, but the Blood Ax Lord didn’t need so many peak-grade spirit stones. It wouldn’t directly increase his strength or foundation.

At this level, the increase in peak-grade spirit stones was just superficial and didn’t have a lot of significance.

“It is a pity.” Li Fuchen felt it was a pity that he couldn’t purchase the World Tree leaf.

If he could purchase it and nourish it with the Greenwood Gourd, the effects would definitely be outstanding.

During the recent period of time, he personally witnessed the World Tree log which was exhausted of vitality, slowly regaining vitality.

Ultimately, Li Fuchen placed his focus on the World Core.

“I wonder what the cultivation effects of the World Core are like?”

Li Fuchen entered the World Core while the World Core hid into the deepest part of the void.

“Such distinct world law.”

For the next few days, Li Fuchen could obviously feel that the effects of cultivating in the World Core was actually 100 times faster than cultivating in the World Fruit. With time-acceleration included, the effects would be 1000 times faster.

At Li Fuchen’s current state, it wasn’t possible to make a slight progression every few hundred years or make a huge progression every few thousand years. However, with 1000 times the cultivation effects, it was no longer a problem.

In the past, if Li Fuchen cultivated 1000 years in the World Fruit, it would be the same as to cultivate for hundreds of thousands of years in a normal environment.

Right now, cultivating 1000 years in the World Core was the same as cultivating 1 million years in the World Fruit. It would be to cultivate hundreds of millions of years. It was truly a terrifying number.

Li Fuchen was currently over 10,000 years old. Of course, this was not including the time-acceleration. With time-acceleration included, Li Fuchen would be far beyond 10,000 years old.

“1000 years. No, I only need a few hundred years to become an absolute lord.”

If it was others, even with the World Core, it would be extremely difficult to become an absolute lord. However, Li Fuchen’s perception was way beyond others. Therefore, becoming an absolute lord was just a matter of time for him.

Li Fuchen closed his eyes and sat cross-legged as he carefully sensed the world law inside the World Core.

Beside him was his werewolf incarnation.

The werewolf incarnation had already progressed from a superior lord to an elite lord. In terms of cultivation level, he had already surpassed the Immortal Lord.

Previously, an elite lord was already incredible. The Purple Pole Star Domain’s Purple Pole Lord was only an elite lord. The once overwhelming Blood Ax Lord was also an elite lord. But now, not even a pinnacle lord was a threat to Li Fuchen, unless they had some universe treasure.

The World Core was still extraordinary. It might only be able to provide 100 times time-acceleration for Li Fuchen, but it was able to provide 10,000 times time-acceleration for his werewolf incarnation. It wasn’t inferior to the arris light motherstone.

Li Fuchen believed that within a short period of time, the werewolf incarnation would progress from a pinnacle lord to an unparalleled lord.

10 years, 20 years…


There was a blast in his mind, while the same happened to the universe. There was a giant ancient sword that floated above the Deep Blue Plane.

This giant ancient sword was overly huge and was just like a divine sword that could slash anything apart. It felt like it could split chaos, like it could split the yin and yang.

Primary Extreme Sword Technique, late-state of star-domain rank.

“Energy capacity is rapidly increasing. I am also able to extract sword dao source energy with much faster speed.”

The progress in cultivation technique didn’t just increase Li Fuchen’s strength, most importantly, it allowed Li Fuchen to significantly increase his time in combat. In a battle between experts, sometimes the energy capacity and energy replenishment speed would be the deciding factor. A slight difference in strength wouldn’t affect much of the result.

As soon as Li Fuchen’s Primary Extreme Sword Technique broke through, the Lord Rankings appeared again. This time, Li Fuchen’s ranking went from 7th rank to 2nd rank. He was now just inferior to the Bright God Lord.

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Originally, the 2nd rank was the Combat Heaven Battle Progenitor, 3rd rank was the Judgment Pope, 4th rank was Ice Fire God Lord, 5th rank was Taichi Sword Progenitor, 6th rank was Destruction Lord King, 7th rank was Seven Decimation Saber Progenitor, 8th rank was Dusk God Lord, 9th rank was Primal Progenitor Beast, 10th rank was Golden Dragon Progenitor. All of them had dropped by one rank.

The others weren’t really affected, but the Golden Dragon Progenitor had declined from 1st rank to 10th rank within the last few dozen million years.

“Hmph, the day the half-gods return will be the day you die.” The Golden Dragon Progenitor was extremely unhappy. He had silently made a decision that once this commotion was over, he would head for the Half-God Domain to find his own fated opportunity.

“Continue to be arrogant and reckless. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” The Dusk God Lord’s eyes flashed with terrifying light.
(TL note: It is a quote saying that if the gods want someone dead, they would make them go mad first)

“His strength is increasing too quickly. It seems like it is because of that high-grade universe treasure.”

“I wonder what high-grade universe treasure is that? Could it be the Universe Spirit Sphere?”

“With a high-grade universe treasure to aid in cultivation, it is possible to become an absolute lord. The strength of a half-god might be stronger than absolute lords, but in terms of proficiency, they might be inferior to absolute lords.”

Seeing Li Fuchen advancing in ranks again, everyone was jealous.

They were determined that Li Fuchen could progress so quickly only because of his high-grade universe treasure. It also meant that if they could obtain a high-grade universe treasure, their strength would also increase significantly.

“Interesting, it seems like this Primary Extreme Lord is the target.”

The muscular man with the Thunderbolt Wings had also seen the Lord Rankings. When he saw the Primary Extreme Lord’s name, he knew that it was his opportunity.

With a flash, the muscular man rushed for the Crosswise River Star Domain.

In just a few days, the muscular man traveled across half the universe and arrived at the Crosswise River Star Domain.

Secretly seeking information, the muscular man found out that Li Fuchen had been staying in the Deep Blue Plane.

“Do you think that I cannot deal with you if you stay in the Deep Blue Plane?” The muscular man sneered.

Anyone above heaven lords were indeed unable to enter other places, but no one was so silly. There was always another method to deal with such situations, like sealing the entire plane, not allowing someone to enter or exit.

Of course, sealing the plane was of a lower priority. Once the other half-gods arrived, it would be the same as to wrap a present for them.

Therefore, sealing the plane was just a back-up plan. The correct method was to capture everyone related to Li Fuchen. He didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would watch those people die.

“Let me lock the plane first.”

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With a flap of the Thunderbolt Wings, it became limitlessly huge and wrapped up the entire Deep Blue Plane.

Immediately after, the Thunderbolt Wings vanished.


Li Fuchen immediately detected the arrival of the muscular man. After sensing his locking method, Li Fuchen took a deep breath as he knew that the inevitable had arrived. He was confident he could contest with a regular half-god, but confidence and actual result might differ.

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen flew out of the Deep Blue Plane.

He was indeed able to avoid combat, but he believed that the opposition would have subsequent actions.

If that was the case, he would rather take the initiative and meet with the opposition first.

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