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Chapter 576 – Heaven Can Wait

§ Water, darkness, light, and the green of the deep forest. The dreams ebbed and flowed for far too long, long enough for me to become aware they were dreams, but only ran clearly enough to know I wasn’t in a normal environment. Despite being a lucid dream, I could not control the narrative at all. In fact, I could ...

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Welcome to Volume 12.

I shamelessly stole the chapter title from a great movie from 1978  and its preceding 1941 stage play of the same name. Good film. Don't know if it's available anywhere, but check it out if you can find it.

'Dissociative Identity Architecture', as Immortal Mother called it, is literally Dissociative Identity Disorder, except in a good way. At the end of the day, that's what Tiana has been doing with all these different Incarnations. Just, very well organized, and all active simultaneously.

We answered the how, but the answer for why they brought her to Sky Ocean will have to wait for next chapter.

Side note: have I ever mentioned that the spelling and grammar checker always want me to change "Immortal Mother" to "Immoral Mother"? Haha. No fear at all of offending an unimaginably ancient being.

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