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Chapter 577 – A Refuge and a Prison

§ Once the little ones finished working through their emotions, reassuring themselves that I was alright and they didn’t need to keep hugging me, Immortal Mother made me slowly scull around the pool, just gently waving my flukes for several laps as she confirmed that I would remain stable. Weirdly, even though she sat on the shore and I was ...

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In this chapter, I mention 'Tribulation'. This is a Chinese novel term, which in classic cultivation refers to basically an attack from Heaven, usually using lightning, to attempt to destroy the protagonist before they rise to the next level.

I've reset the concept here as the torturous journey the Ascendant must endure while passing through the Spirit Realm to move from the Mortal Realm to the Immortal Realms.

If I have left unclear what happened that caused Tiana's issues, it's basically the fact that the spiritual strength of her soul exceeded what her body could hold within Huade's universe.

Her body has to grow more capacity to hold a stronger soul. Immortal Mother strengthened it enough to hold her soul within Sky Ocean's universe, but it must become stronger before she can stay in the lower density environment of Huade's universe.

I'm sure this looks like I'm setting up a training arc. I didn't realize it would smell that way until I was reviewing the chapter for posting. For the record, I am not setting up a training arc.

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