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Chapter 578 – Blood and Rehabilitation

§ The mermaid’s pelvis differs from that of either a human or any aquatic mammal. In dolphins, evolution has eliminated the pelvis entirely. Merrow, like dolphins, have tails that are grand extensions of their spines, but unlike dolphins, only parts of the pelvis have disappeared. The ilium bones and sockets remain, to connect thigh muscles and ‘bones’ (actually cartilage) that ...

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When I look at the amount of effort I've sent on working out the anatomy of mermaids and birdkin, I am struck by the suspicion that I might be a tad too addicted to world-building.

Well, I ended up using a bit of it here, so I guess it isn't entirely wasted.

"Poshie", incidentally, is a nickname for a pomeranian-shelty mix.

Why does a 15000 year old spirit beast (Sen's pet as a child) end up looking like a modern-day breed? The Sea of Knowledge contains all concepts and ideals, down to and including pomeranians, shelties and poshies.

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