Chapter 1030: Thunderbolt Wing God

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“I have underestimated you, Primary Extreme Lord.” The muscular man was surprised to see Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist taking the initiative for combat.

He originally thought he would need to use some effort to force Li Fuchen out. He didn’t expect Li Fuchen to act in reverse and didn’t need to force Li Fuchen at all.

It was unknown if Li Fuchen was overly confident or if he had some trump.

However, this was a good thing for the muscular man. It was uncertain if it was possible to force Li Fuchen, and if the other half-gods arrived, his chances of obtaining the high-grade universe treasure would be destroyed. After all, he wasn’t considered powerful among the half-gods and he was rather self-conscious of this fact.

“This junior is the Primary Extreme Lord. Greetings to senior and I wonder why is senior here?”

Any half-god deserved to be treated with respect, Li Fuchen wasn’t so arrogant as to ignore half-gods.

As to whether it was war or peace, it was something afterwards.

The muscular man said, “I am the Thunderbolt Wing God. I heard that you have a high-grade universe treasure and I wonder if I can take a look?” 

No matter what, he wanted to trick Li Fuchen first.

Li Fuchen’s expression remained unchanged as he said, “Senior Thunderbolt Wing God must be joking. The high-grade universe treasure is my life, how can I let others see it so easily?”

Li Fuchen didn’t have to hide the fact that he obtained a high-grade universe treasure. 

Firstly, it was impossible to hide as plenty of people saw him enter the Treasure Golden Hall. Moreover, when facing these barbaric and overbearing half-gods, even if he said he didn’t have a high-grade universe treasure, they wouldn’t believe it.

Secondly, later on he would still need to rely on the Primary Inception Bracelet in combat. If he said he didn’t have a high-grade universe treasure now, it would be the same as to slap his own face. Li Fuchen wasn’t that thick-skinned.

Hearing the response, the Thunderbolt Wing God raised his brows while his eyes had a flash of killing aura, “If I, the Thunderbolt Wing God wishes to see something, I will get to see it. You better think carefully.”

Li Fuchen replied, “This junior has already thought carefully.”

Finishing the statement, Li Fuchen’s energy surged out. This was his first time fighting against a half-god. It wasn’t possible for him not to be apprehensive or anxious, but he felt more excitement.

“Obstinate.” The Thunderbolt Wing God waved his hand and executed a thunderbolt palm blade at Li Fuchen.

This was a thunderbolt palm blade condensed by half-god energy. It was extremely powerful and just the qi prowess itself was able to scatter the universe law.

With energy adjusted to the limits, Li Fuchen wielded the Primary Extreme Sword and extracted the sword dao source essence from the sword bone crystal and the Clear Sky Sword Wood. He then activated several universe treasures to protect his body. Li Fuchen then countered with a slash against the thunderbolt palm blade.

Bang Boom!

The sword qi was first to shatter, immediately after, all the protection light that was produced by the universe treasures were also shattered. The only things that lasted a little longer were the Primal Fire Lotus and the Primal Stone Essence. Both of these were mid-grade universe treasures and were still effective against half-gods.

It was a pity that it was only slightly effective. Ultimately, Li Fuchen used up a huge amount of calamity power to block the Thunderbolt Wing God’s palm blade.

“Your luck is truly heaven-defying. You actually possess so many universe treasures.”

The Thunderbolt Wing God’s eyes lit up. He didn’t bother about low-grade universe treasures, but he still wanted to obtain mid-grade universe treasures. A mid-grade universe treasure would have completely different powers when used by half-gods and lords. If he could obtain the Primal Fire Lotus or the Primal Stone Essence, his overall strength would be able to reach the next level.


The Thunderbolt Wing God gathered more half-god energy to cleave at Li Fuchen with another thunderbolt palm blade.

He might have lost half-god energy severely in the Universe Heaven Chasm, but even with 15% of his half-god energy left, it was enough for him to use it freely. After all, his opponent wasn’t some half-god, it was just a slightly stronger lord.


This time, Li Fuchen kept the Primary Extreme Sword. He was holding the Primal Fire Lotus on his left hand and the Primal Stone Essence on his right hand like a stone rod. He activated the universe source essence from within to counter the thunderbolt palm blade.

Boom Boom…

Half-gods were too powerful and mid-grade universe treasures couldn’t withstand at all. Li Fuchen was sent flying by the blast.

“Still not injured?” The Thunderbolt Wing God was rather astonished. Apart from the Thunderbolt Wings’ energy, he had basically gone all-out.

Normally speaking, a pinnacle lord wouldn’t have such tough defense even with a mid-grade universe treasure.

“A half-god is truly powerful.”

40% of Li Fuchen’s calamity power had already been exhausted. Once the calamity power was used up, if he didn’t use the Primary Inception Bracelet, he would have to rely on the Tree of Life and his own energy to contest.

“Alright, receive my Arrows of Thunderbolt.”

The Thunderbolt Wing God crossed his hands. Half-god energy from the surrounding had been condensed into thunderbolt arrows. Once they were formed, Li Fuchen could feel an overflowing intent of destruction enveloping him. He had a premonition if he didn’t react, he would be severely injured even with the Tree of Life.

No matter how much vitality one had, if one’s energy didn’t keep up, it was still not going to work. The Tree of Life could only replenish his vitality, but not his energy.

“Primary Inception Armor.”

With a thought in the mind, a layer of metal-like or stone-like material started to spread along the surface of Li Fuchen’s body. It formed a body-hugging armor to protect Li Fuchen.

“Protection-type high-grade universe treasure?” The Thunderbolt Wing God’s eyes shimmered.

Even if he was a fool, he would know that this armor was definitely a high-grade universe treasure.

“This is probably the reason why the Primary Extreme Lord is confident enough to initiate the battle. But it is a pity that he doesn’t know that a half-god can only be contested with another half-god. Even if a lord possessed a high-grade universe treasure, it is still hard to put up a fight.”


The surrounding thunderbolt arrows suddenly increased by 10 times. The Thunderbolt Wing God extended his arms and the thunderbolt arrows were shot at Li Fuchen with speed that was countless times faster than the speed of light.

“This Arrows of Thunderbolt is my signature move. It can allow the half-god energy’s destructive power to increase by several times. Let’s see how many times you can defend against it.” The Thunderbolt Wing God was very confident.

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

The thunderbolt arrows were too fast, so fast that Li Fuchen couldn’t even react in time. His spirit soul might be able to react, but his body couldn’t keep up. He could only watch as he was struck by the attacks.

Almost 90% of the thunderbolt arrows had struck Li Fuchen’s body. The remaining 10% of the thunderbolt arrows were blocked by Li Fuchen’s arms.

Once the thunderbolt arrows dissipated, Li Fuchen lowered his head to take a look. The Primary Inception Armor was unscathed and his body only received some light blows which was like a light knock by someone.

“Incredible high-grade universe treasure.”

Seeing that Li Fuchen was perfectly fine, the Thunderbolt Wing God was more excited. His Thunderbolt Wings might be suited for both offense and defense, but it emphasized more on offense and speed. If he had this protection-type high-grade universe treasure, his only shortcoming would be compensated for.

Taking a deep breath, the Thunderbolt Wing God increased the frequency of the Arrows of Thunderbolt. He didn’t think he would be able to break the high-grade universe treasure within a short period of time, he was trying to kill Li Fuchen with the aftershocks.

60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%.

As the Thunderbolt Wing God was attacking Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen’s calamity power was rapidly replenishing. Once the calamity power was replenished, the aftershocks from the thunderbolt arrows were just a scratch to Li Fuchen.

With frowns, the Thunderbolt Wing God felt something was wrong.

Li Fuchen was too calm, so much that it made the Thunderbolt Wing God uncomfortable.

“If my half-god energy wasn’t so severely exhausted, I will definitely let you try my kill move.”

The Thunderbolt Wing God didn’t plan on using the Thunderbolt Wings’ energy as it wasn’t worth it and Li Fuchen might be putting on a false front.

As time passed by, the Thunderbolt Wing God’s face grew increasingly awful.


He was certain that his half-god energy couldn’t do anything to Li Fuchen who possessed the high-grade universe treasure.

“Not being decisive has caused more chaos instead.” The Thunderbolt Wing God finally decided to use the Thunderbolt Wings’ energy.

Tss Tss Tss Tss…

The Thunderbolt Wings extended. With a thought in the mind of the Thunderbolt Wing God, two thunderbolt streaks were whipped at Li Fuchen.

These were the Thunderbolt Wings’ most ordinary attack, however, the attack power was already comparable to his kill move.

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As the thunderbolt streaks landed on Li Fuchen’s body, it sent him flying.

“It is useless, Thunderbolt Wing God, it seems like you cannot deal with me.”

Li Fuchen was already at ease. A high-grade universe treasure was indeed incredible and could resist against regular half-gods.

“Don’t be too certain yet.”

The Thunderbolt Wings grew bigger and the tips of the wings gathered to rapidly condense a thunder sphere.

It was a black-purple thunder sphere that contained destruction intent. It felt as though it could destroy a plane. The pure universe’s thunder law seemed to be pale in comparison.

Of course, the Thunderbolt Wings contained lesser thunderbolt energy, but the universe had unlimited thunder law.

If the Thunderbolt Wing contained unlimited thunderbolt energy, it might really be able to destroy a plane.


As the Thunderbolt Wing God yelled out, the black-purple thunder sphere flashed and immediately wrapped around Li Fuchen.

Tss Tss Tss Tss…

Inside the thunder sphere, Li Fuchen felt as though he was being electrocuted, but it wasn’t intense.

However, if it was any other pinnacle unparalleled lord, they would have been electrocuted into ashes.

“Impossible.” The Thunderbolt Wing God blasted multiple black-purple thunder spheres at Li Fuchen.

“My calamity power is decreasing?”

Due to the unrelenting attacks, the thunderbolt energy finally seeped inside the Primary Inception Armor and started to deplete Li Fuchen’s calamity power. However, with Li Fuchen’s replenishment speed, such a level of depletion wasn’t terrifying.

After a long period of time, the Thunderbolt Wing God was in despair. Li Fuchen was much harder to deal with than he expected. He was just like a dog trying to bite a tortoise, there was no point of entry. Instead, his half-god energy and Thunderbolt Wings’ energy were severely used up. If this carried on, let alone snatching high-grade universe treasures, he would still have to beware of other half-gods taking advantage of him.

“Thunderbolt Wing God, you are truly early. But from the looks of it, you don’t have any results.”

From far, a blackhole appeared. A man with three giant bull horns emerged from the blackhole while emitting black aura.

“Tri-Horn Demon God.” The Thunderbolt Wing God frowned.

In terms of strength, the Tri-Horn Demon God was inferior, but in terms of defense, the Thunderbolt Wing God was far inferior.

“Another one?” Li Fuchen could naturally see that the opposition was a half-god of the demon race. 

“It seems like I have to change my strategy.”

On Li Fuchen’s right hand, a simple longsword was produced and it looked metal-like and stone-like.

Allowing the Primary Inception Bracelet to produce two forms would make it weak, but it wasn’t too significant. It would only weaken it by 20% and Li Fuchen was confident that he could withstand it.

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