Chapter 184: Devil’s Hand Guild

“You won’t be a match for me. I advise you to not make any moves for your own good.”

Jiang Nuohai was only at the 3rd level of the Earth Realm, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had the utmost confidence to defeat him.

“You talk big.” Jiang Nuohai moved.

Like a breeze, Jiang Nuohai instantly appeared in front of Li Fuchen and sent a palm strike using the Dense Cloud Palm Style.

A dense and overshadowing palm shadow covered Li Fuchen’s path of escape.

“Like I said, you aren’t a match for me.”

Li Fuchen’s figure had long vanished like a phantom.

Jiang Nuohai’s eyes widened. When did his opponent break out from the lock down of his palm art?

Sweeping his gaze around, Jiang Nuohai found Li Fuchen. He executed his light body technique and chased after Li Fuchen. He then launched two palm strikes, doubling the amount of palm shadows.

Li Fuchen’s body suddenly turned. One… Two… Three…

A series of afterimages appeared as Li Fuchen vanished from the eyes of Jiang Nuohai.

“You comprehended a light body technique intent?” Jiang Nuohai’s pupils shrunk.

The Azure Water Sect was a sword dao sect. The disciples normally focused more on sword arts, whereas the other martial arts were just a complement. It was very seldom where someone was able to reach the trance stage for other arts except for sword arts. From what Jiang Nuohai saw, only after reaching Heaven Realm could one reach the trance stage for any other mystic class, low-tier martial arts and comprehend its intent.

Li Fuchen didn’t reply as he stood atop a big tree in the courtyard.

“So what if you comprehended a light body technique intent? I don’t believe you can be faster than my sword.” Jiang Nuohai drew his sword and sent three slashes. The surging sword intent was like a lake.


The big tree was slashed into three parts and immediately turn into smithereens.

“I see you, don’t even think about escaping.”

With his sword intent locking onto his target, he saw a figure jumped into the sky. His face let out a cold smile thinking that a person in mid air could not borrow strength from anything. He would like to see how his opponent was going to dodge this time.

“Rising Jade Water!”

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A sword intent rushed into the sky. Streaks of straight sword qi shot at Li Fuchen.

“Are you sure you see me?”

Li Fuchen appeared behind Jiang Nuohai and sent him flying with a punch.

Pathetically falling on the ground, Jiang Nuohai looked displeased. Li Fuchen’s light body technique was too overwhelming. From the beginning, Jiang Nuohai had never even touch the edge of Li Fuchen’s clothes.

Jiang Nuohai still has some trump cards he hadn’t revealed yet, but so did Li Fuchen.

“Gather! Quick, everyone gather!”

Just as Jiang Nuohai was about to launch another assault, Xu Qinghai’s voice echoed.

Letting out a cold snort, Jiang Nuohai left Li Fuchen’s small courtyard.

‘Gathering right now? Is something big about to happen?’ Li Fuchen thought in his heart while not bothering about Jiang Nuohai.

Conference hall.

All five of Group 10’s teams, 25 members were all here. Including Chen Daxiong, it would be 26.

Looking around, Li Fuchen noticed that there was a total of seven direct disciples.

The reason why he was sure was because of the age gap. The rest of the members were at least 40 or 50 years of age.

Chen Daxiong spoke in a deep voice, “Didn’t you guys find it boring?! Now is the chance! From a scout’s report, there are traces of the Devil’s Hand Guild’s branch in the eastern area of the Black Mountain City. Because Group 1, 2, and 3 are out for a mission, there are only 7 groups left that will all head out together to eradicate the branch from the Devil’s Hand Guild.”

“Awesome! I have been here for two months but I only carried out one small mission. I have not even seen a proper demon dao martial artist yet.” A direct disciple was excited.

Chen Daxiong glared at him and said, “The Devil’s Hand Guild is one of the top ten demon dao organizations of our Azure Water region. Even if it is a branch, we cannot afford to underestimate them. Do not be careless, if not, you may just lose your life.”

He was truly afraid that these direct disciples would be too rash and rush to the front lines.

“Alright, now go rendezvous with the other six groups.”

Chen Daxiong waved his hand and walked towards the faction square.

At the square, the other six groups were already there.

“Fuchen shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple), look. That is Emotionless Sword shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple).”

Xiang Tianqiang stood beside Li Fuchen and pointed at a cold handsome youth in the square.

“Emotionless Sword?” Li Fuchen looked over.

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During Sword Maniac’s generation, only Sword Tiger and Emotionless Sword could match his ability.

The three of them were much older than Li Fuchen. Their ability was naturally going to be formidable.

Li Fuchen thought that the current him wasn’t a match for any of them. He assumed he would be defeated in a matter of seconds by them.

Seemingly sensing Li Fuchen’s gaze, Emotionless Sword looked over too.

Their eyes clashed in an instant, causing a stinging pain to Li Fuchen’s eyes.

His qi presence was too sharp. Not even Chen Daxiong’s eyes carried such power. Li Fuchen could roughly feel the extremely strong spirit will of Emotionless Sword. It was stronger than any sect disciples that he had ever seen, seemingly on par with a Heaven Realm expert.

‘Worthy of the Emotionless Sword title!’ Li Fuchen was shocked.

“Such terrifying eyes.”

Xiang Tianqiang’s body shuddered. His spirit will was much inferior than Li Fuchen’s. Although Emotionless Sword didn’t look directly at Emotionless Sword, but just the looking in his direction made him feel uncomfortable and caused his body to feel a tingling sensation.

Wang Gan walked out from the conference hall, “This mission shall be led by Group 4’s Officer, Luo Hui. Everyone will listen to his orders and march out immediately.”

“Yes!” Everyone shouted in unison.

A total of 182 members, riding 182 class 2 demonic blood horses. Everyone set off swiftly from the seventh branch.

At the same time, several thousand faction disciples followed behind riding on class 2 demonic blood horses.

When eradicating the Devil’s Hand Guild, it was a fight of experts against experts, minions against minions. None of them shall be spared. The faction disciples were there to slay the Origin Realm members from the Devil’s Hand Guild.


The Black Mountain City’s eastern area wasn’t too far from the seventh branch. They arrived in just three days.

From afar, an ordinary manor could be seen in everyone’s sights.

Luo Hui swung his arm with a big motion, “Kill them!”

According to the information, this ordinary manor actually belonged to a minor clan. But is had long been controlled by the Devil’s Hand Guild.

“Kill!” Several thousands of people dismounted from their horses and surrounded the manor from all directions.

Inside of the manor…

“Damn it. It must be the branch that leaked out our location. Everyone rush out and fight!”

The commander of the Devil’s Hand Guild’s branch was an Earth Realm peak stage expert. At his side were another 6 Earth Realm peak stage martial artists.


Like a flood, the members of the Devil’s Hand Guild rushed out.

There were about 2000 Origin Realm fighters and 100 Earth Realm fighters. They emitted a rather grand presence.

“So many Earth Realm martial artists.”

This was Li Fuchen’s first time seeing so many Earth Realm martial artists in a slaughter. The epic scene was making his blood boil, as though it was about to burn up.

Boom, boom, boom…

The first to exchange blows were the Earth Realm martial artists.

Earth Realm martial artists were able to release qi. Before both sides even made contact, a horrifying qi force already clashed first. In an instant, there was sand and rocks flying all over, violent gales were roused up and what followed was a scene of blood.

There were Devil’s Hand Guild’s members and the seventh branch factions’ members who fell.


Li Fuchen executed Meteor Storm, penetrating a Devil’s Hand Sect’s Earth Realm fighter. There were others who had a rather strong ability and could block against Li Fuchen’s Meteor Storm.

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