Chapter 185: Emotionless Sword

After a few ranged attacks, the Earth Realm martial artists from both sides began close combat.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s foe was a demon dao 5th level Earth Realm martial artist who had a scar on his face.

This demon dao martial artist should have cultivated a mystic class technique and it was a corrosion type technique at that. With his entire body emitting an intense corrosive attribute, before Li Fuchen’s sword qi could reach its target, the corrosive qi had already disperse it near Li Fuchen’s body.

“Brat, after I corrode your body, it should help advance my corrosive qi by quite a fair bit.” Zhao Dakui sneered coldly.

The corrosion spirit qi that he cultivated was a mystic class, mid-tier technique. It could corrode the enemy’s body and convert their life essence into corrosion spirit qi. This dominance level exceeded a majority of blood sucking techniques. Generally, those who were of the 6 level of the Earth Realm and below wouldn’t be his opponent and would easily get infected by his corrosion spirit qi.

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Sending out a palm strike, a black palm assaulted Li Fuchen.

With a flash, Li Fuchen dodged the palm strike.

“Good light body technique, but a pity you have such a low cultivation level.”

Zhao Dakui roared as his corrosion spirit qi burst forth and covered a radius of several meters.

Tss, tss, tss!

Li Fuchen could hear the sizzling of the true inferno qi.

The True Inferno Technique was a blazing heat qi and was the natural nemesis of corrosion spirit qi. What’s more, Li Fuchen’s True Inferno Technique’s rank was already very high. At the 14th rank, Li Fuchen’s true inferno qi was enough to overpower 2nd and even 3rd level Earth Realm martial artists.

But, Zhao Dakui was still a 5th level Earth Realm martial artist after all. His cultivation level as much higher than Li Fuchen’s level, when the true inferno qi was trying to withstand the corrosion spirit qi, it was drastically wearing off.

“Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, activate!”

Once Li Fuchen initiated the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, a vast amount of true inferno qi was transmuted into mystical dragon qi in an instant. A magma like mystical dragon qi permeated from his body and protected Li Fuchen.

Right now, his enemy’s corrosive qi couldn’t do anything to Li Fuchen anymore. As soon as the corrosion spirit qi approached, it would turn into steam immediately.

“A secret technique that can increase one’s overall ability?”

Zhao Dakui was very jealous. Even though he cultivated a mystic class, mid-tier technique, but secret techniques were something that the Devil’s Hand Guild didn’t have in quantity. He was only able to cultivate a 2 star secret technique but it was a fleeing type.

“Corrosion Spirit Claw!”

Opening his right hand, Zhao Dakui sent a vicious claw slash at Li Fuchen.


Without even using a mystic class, mid-tier sword art, Li Fuchen dodged the claws and used the Meteor sword move to penetrate Zhao Dakui’s body.

“These demon dao martial artists all cultivate a mystic class, mid-tier technique and are all unorthodox. Regular sect martial artists wouldn’t be their match.”

Even though Li Fuchen easily slayed a 5th level of Earth Realm demon dao martial artist, he didn’t mind it. On the battlefield, everyone was at least at a 3rd level Earth Realm martial artist and there were plenty of 6th level Earth Realm demon dao martial artists too.

In terms of cultivation pace, demon dao martial artists were much faster than orthodox martial artists.


“Haha! Corrode!”

The demon dao martial artists were initially outnumbered by the seventh branch members. But after a battle, the demon dao members didn’t seem to be in a disadvantage anymore. A demon dao fighter used a palm strike to forcefully turn a seventh branch fighter into a bloody skeleton, corroding an entire layer of flesh on his body.

It was a similar type of corrosion technique but it seemed to be much more dominant than Zhao Dakui’s corrosion technique and had more killing strength.

A pity that this demon dao fighter couldn’t be arrogant for long. A sword light flashed through with godspeed and hacked off his head.

The one who made the move was Emotionless Sword.

His sword was fast and ruthless. As of now, he had executed three sword moves, each of them instantly killing three individuals. All of them dead with a single blade.

“Let me test your skills.”

A 7th level Earth Realm demon dao fighter assaulted Emotionless Sword.

Emotionless Sword’s body shot out as he circled the enemy numerous times.

In the next moment, the 7th level Earth Realm demon dao fighter was split into pieces.

“Such a horrifying sword art.”

Not only were the seventh branch members shocked, it instilled fear into the members of the Devil’s Hand Guild.

The Emotionless Sword’s sword art was meant for killing. Every move and stance was ruthless to the extreme, emotionless to the extreme. Once the blade was out, the enemy could only pray!

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This was the first time Li Fuchen witnessed a true expert making a move.

Maybe after some years, Dominion Sword Liu Wuhuang and Yu Wen Tian may be on par with Emotionless Sword, perhaps just slightly inferior. But currently, be it the two of them or Li Fuchen, they were still quite far from Emotionless Sword’s combat class.

As the killings became more intense, Emotionless Sword held the absolute advantage and slaughtered the enemies on the battlefield. But the rest of the people fell into a bitter battle, including the different team leaders.

Demon dao martial artists weren’t ordinary martial artist. They possessed weird qi that were either corrosive, poisonous, or could induce hallucinations.

In short, when martial artists clashed, speed and attack power were important; but there were other factors which might affect the results of the fight.

Thus, even though the seventh branch had the numbers superiority and also the upper hand, they still wouldn’t be able to attain victory in a short moment. It was almost impossible, and would lead into a crisis if they were careless.

Li Fuchen witnessed it first hand when a seventh branch Earth Realm martial artist was carelessly poisoned after thinking he had the upper hand. His combat strength fell drastically after he was poisoned and was then killed by a single cleave by the enemy.

What’s more, there were plenty of direct disciples in the seventh branch and most of them were dead weights.

Their cultivation levels were too low but they still stubbornly exceeded levels to fight. But how many levels could they exceed? Had it not been because for one or two high leveled Earth Realm martial artists protecting them, they would have been dead a long time ago.

In this chaotic battle, only those direct disciples who were at least at the 3rd level of the Earth Realm were barely able to protect themselves. Those direct disciples who were at the 5th level of the Earth Realm and above could strive to slay enemies.

Emotionless Sword’s instant kills didn’t continue for long. After he had slain about 8 demon dao martial artists, he was obstructed by a 9th level Earth Realm demon dao martial artist.

Emotionless Sword’s cultivation was at the 5th level of the Earth Realm. It wasn’t considered low or high, but to instantly kill a 9th level Earth Realm demon dao martial artist who cultivated a mystic class technique, was still a difficult task.

After all, as one’s cultivation level increased, there would be a higher probability in comprehending martial arts intent or technique intent. Exceeding levels during battle wasn’t just reliant on one or two factors.

Li Fuchen too met another enemy.

It was a 6th level Earth Realm demon dao martial artist.

The enemy had comprehended intent and wasn’t ordinarily strong. He far surpassed the previous demon dao fighter and ex-city lord of Cloud Mist City, Shen Tu Jianhe

With or without comprehending martial arts intent, his overall ability was at least two folds superior.

“Hehe, your physical body is sure tough. After going against my move you are still doing well. I wonder if I suck your blood, would it help increase my cultivation level?” This was a demon dao martial artist who cultivated a blood sucking technique. He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips.

Martial artists who cultivated body refinement techniques had blood which contained a rich life essence. They were the favourite resources for blood sucking technique cultivators.

“I don’t think you will have a life to increase your cultivation level. Fast Like Starfire.”

Li Fuchen sent a sword move from the Starfire Sword Style at the enemy.

“It is useless, I have comprehended my technique intent… This isn’t right, this is…”

The demon dao martial artist had a face filled with fear, his protection qi was melted and his chest was opened up like a huge meteor had fallen through him.

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