Chapter 186: Elder Scorpion

‘Emotionless Sword’s sword intent is obviously a mystic class, mid-tier sword intent. The biggest difference between me and him is just our cultivation level…’

After killing his enemy with a single blade; Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist thought to himself.

There was an extreme difference between every tier of a sword art’s sword intent, an almost crushing difference. If someone comprehended a mystic class, high-tier sword intent but had the same cultivation level as Li Fuchen, he would most likely be able to crush Li Fuchen in one blade, without any resistance.

Li Fuchen was like an anomaly. He who was at the 1st level of the Earth Realm was winning successive fights. About 7 demon dao fighters have already fallen by his blade. His kill count was chasing right after Emotionless Sword’s.

Even though there were members of the seventh branch who were stronger than Emotionless Sword and Li Fuchen, but due to their overly high cultivation, they were immediately targeted by those demon dao fighters who were also of a high cultivation level. Which was why they did not have the opportunity to slay weaker demon dao members.

“Go kill that kid!”

The branch commander of the Devil’s Hand Guild was abnormally formidable. He was fighting against two of seventh branch group officers, yet he could still send a telepathic message to the other demon dao fighters.

Hearing the order, a demon dao martial artist who had peculiar maneuvers darted towards Li Fuchen.

“Light body technique intent!”

With his sharp senses, Li Fuchen detected a ghost like shadow approaching him, like a fish swimming in a pond.

Every martial artist had their own specialization.

Sword dao martial artists would naturally emphasize on sword arts, which was why they comprehended sword intent faster than any other arts.

Sabre dao martial artists would put priority on sabre arts, so they normally comprehended sabre intent first.

This demon dao martial artist obviously specialized in light body techniques.

With a chilling flash, a short sword stabbed at Li Fuchen’s body.

“Eh?” The demon dao fighter frowned. From the physical feedback, it felt like his blade had missed its mark.

In an instant, Li Fuchen stopped revolving the True Inferno Technique and changed it to the Wind Shadow Steps. With the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique assisting the Wind Shadow Steps, its speed was like no other, dodging the enemy’s stab in a flash.

“Starfire Burst!”

Reappearing, Li Fuchen was already at the back of his enemy. With the Starfire Burst executed, the sky was filled with tiny sparks.

“My life ends here.”

This demon dao fighter who specialized in light body technique was showered by sparks. His rather competent qi protection turned into paper paste and a huge hole burned through his body easily. Next, his body became dissolved, not even leaving a chance for him to let out a cry.

‘This mystic class, mid-tier sword intent is enough for me to show disdain in the Earth Realm. I just need to continue advancing my cultivation level and technique rank.’

The 1st level of Earth Realm was much too low. Had it not been for the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have been able to stand out right now.

‘Damn it! The Azure Water Sect is full of freaks.’ The Devil’s Hand Guild’s branch commander saw everything and was infuriated.

These sect freaks weren’t measurable by normal means. Others could be judged by their cultivation level, but these sect freaks could not be judged the same way.

“All guild members of the Devil’s Hand Guild, heed my orders and break out from their entrapment. Do not prolong the battle!” The Devil’s Hand Guild’s branch commander roared.

“Seventh branch members take your orders. Do not let a single one escape.” Group 4’s Officer Luo Hui shouted out too.

He never expected the Devil’s Hand Guild branch to be this hard to deal with. They were obviously outnumbered yet still had such combat strength. Seems like he underestimated them.

One side was trying to break out, while the other side was trying to surround. The battle was now much more intense.


“Primary Clear Hand!”

After exchanging numerous blows, Emotionless Sword finally activated his secret technique.

It was a 3 star secret technique called Primary Clear Hand. It allowed the flow of qi to the hand and instantly increase the user’s firepower by more than two fold.

Emotionless Sword easily amputated the left arm of his enemy and after three blades, the enemy was slain.

Even though the Devil’s Hand Guild had a valiant combat strength, their overall ability wasn’t able to match the seventh branch. As the battle was prolonged, their casualties began to increase and it was constantly increasing as time passed.

The branch commander of the Devil’s Hand Guild panicked. He shouted, “Could Elder Scorpion please help out.”

“You want me to make a move? Simple. 5 million gold coins.”

A hunchback veteran walked out from the manor.

“I promise you.” The branch commander answered in a hurry.

“Hehe, many thanks then.” The hunchback veteran sneered. An indescribable horrific qi was released as it covered an area of a few hundred meters. Everyone fell into a paralysis and were almost unable to move.

“A low leveled Heaven Realm martial artist?” The members of the seventh branch all went into a state of fear.

It was totally out of their expectations that the Devil’s Hand Guild branch actually had a low leveled Heaven Realm expert.

The branch commander of the Devil’s Hand Guild had some sinister thoughts, ‘Elder Scorpion is part of the upper echelon of the Five Poison Triad. The Five Poison Triad is one of the top 3 most wanted demon dao organizations in the Azure Water region and is filled with experts.’

‘The reason why Elder Scorpion is here, is to formally invite our Devil’s Hand Guild to join the Five Poison Triad. Because they do not know the exact location of our headquarters, he came here specially to pass me a letter to courier to our headquarters. With Elder Scorpion here, it would be easy to wipe out the members of the Azure Water Sect’s faction branch. As easy as blowing dust off.’

“Low leveled Heaven Realm expert?” Li Fuchen’s eyes shrank.

The Heaven Realm was a totally different existence. Any one of them could instantly kill a whole group of Earth Realm martial artists.

“It is your honor to die by my hands. All of you can go to hell!”

With a wave of his hand, Elder Scorpion shot out a blue needle shaped qi force.

“Seems like I, Liu Kun has quite the luck. Actually finding a big fish here.”

Right at this moment, a giant palm fell from above and neutralized the needle qi force.


A chain of terrifying qi exploded. Within a 100 meter radius, everyone be it the seventh branch members or the Devil’s Hand Guild members, were all got blasted by the qi force. Everyone of them vomited blood and looked pale.

“It’s Vice Commander Liu.”

The members of the seventh branch were ecstatic.

Liu Kun, Divine Wind Faction’s seventh branch Vice Commander. He was also a low level Heaven Realm martial artist.

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“Interesting. Seems like I won’t be able to get the 5 million gold coins. But if I can eliminate an Azure Water Sect’s Heaven Realm expert, Patriarch will definitely reward me well.” Elder Scorpion spoke loudly.

He suddenly laid on the ground with his right leg curving upwards, just like a scorpion’s stinger.


Elder Scorpion lunged at Liu Kun. His right leg reached out and shot out a bluish qi force. At the same time, both of Elder Scorpion’s hands acted as pincers and viciously clamped onto Liu Kun.

Mystic class, high-tier technique: Blue Scorpion Technique.

No one knew where all these demon dao techniques originated from. But the source was definitely of a mysterious nature and there were countless formidable techniques.

Generally, the more influential the demon dao organization, the more demon dao techniques they would possess.

During its peak, the Evil Fist Sect was a demon dao sect. But a pity, demon dao sects could not be declared to the public. Once exposed to the public, it would suffer assaults from all orthodox sects. If not, the East Unicorn Continent would be filled with demon dao sects.

Bang, boom, bang, boom…

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With two Heaven Realm martial artists battling in the skies, the battle turned even more intense. No one could see the movements of the two experts except for the occasional clashes and qi force explosions that roared like thunder.

Li Fuchen regained his mental concentration as he killed another Devil’s Hand Guild’s Earth Realm martial artist.

15 minutes later, the Devil’s Hand Guild branch suffered many heavy casualties. There were around 100 Earth Realm martial artists in the beginning,but now, there were only just 20 people give or take.

“All who obstructs me shall die!”

The Devil’s Hand Guild branch commander decided to abandon everyone and flee. He who had a strong ability, couldn’t be held back by two group officers.

“Go back!”

A condensed sword light forced the Devil’s Hand Guild branch commander to retreat.

Pfff, pfff!

Two streaks of sword qi penetrated the Devil’s Hand Guild branch commander. The two group officers quickly gave chase and ended his life.

The one who obstructed him was Emotionless Sword. As if doing something normal, Emotionless Sword turned back and continued slaying the other Earth Realm members of the Devil’s Hand Guild.

“This lad is truly fearsome.” Group 4 Officer Luo Hui gasped.

Group 5 officer nodded, “How could a gold class direct disciple be simple? The other gold class direct disciple, Li Fuchen has slain nearly ten demon dao martial artists by himself already!”

“These people are destined to be the figureheads of the future. I hope they can bring the Azure Water Sect to a new peak.”

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