Chapter 260: The Great Terror of Life and Death

As Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist passed the fifth mystic martial door, the five others were still in the space of lightning.

They were Chiyu Ye, Su Muyu, Xiahou Shi, Han Feng, and Li Xiangru.

The rest of the people had failed.

After a long period of time, Chiyu Ye, Su Muyu, and Xiahou Shi all passed the fifth mystic martial door.

Han Feng and Li Xiangru wasn’t able to create a mystic class mid-tier martial arts within the allocated time frame and stopped at the fourth mystic martial door.

“Chiyu Ye, Su Muyu, and Xiahou Shi have all passed. Including Li Fuchen, four of them passed the fifth mystic martial door this time and created a new record.”

“Previously, only Xiahou Chuan managed to pass. This time the passing rate is four folds. This is too exaggerating.”

“Apart from Li Fuchen, it is acceptable for the other three to pass the fifth mystic martial door with their innate potential. But I wonder if any of them will be able to pass the sixth mystic martial door.”

“I’m afraid it is impossible! Up until now, only three individuals passed the sixth mystic martial door.”

“That’s right. Among the Three King Stars, only two of them passed the sixth mystic martial door.”

“The sixth mystic martial door is extremely difficult. Let’s wait and see!”

Everyone was having a heated discussion in the outside world.

The sixth mystic martial door was a space of wind blades.

Wind blades filled the entire space within heaven and earth.

Among all these wind blades, there were those which were more than several miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters in length, while some were small as an ox’s fur.


One of the wind blades sliced on Li Fuchen’s shoulder, which instantly gushed out with blood.

“It can actually hurt me?” Li Fuchen was shocked.

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The previous five spaces were all illusions and didn’t have any lethal strength, but this sixth space’s wind blades was actually able to do damage. Furthermore, it was just a slightly smaller wind blade. If it was a larger wind blade, it would be able to dissect him in half.

Li Fuchen was a little confused as to what the sixth mystic martial door was testing.

If it was a test of defense, then it was too unrealistic. There was too many wind blades, and even if he was a Heaven Realm martial artist, he wouldn’t be able to resist them.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

After a breeze blew across, Li Fuchen had several hundreds of gashes on his body. Some of these wounds penetrated Li Fuchen’s body, while fresh blood sprayed out violently.

Li Fuchen took out a mystic class shield and put it in front of him.


The mystic class shield was immediately split apart and turned into dust.

The wind blades’ power were incredible and seemed to be even more effective against things that weren’t part of the human body.

“This won’t do.”

Li Fuchen shook his head. He could only rely on himself in the sixth mystic martial door and couldn’t rely on foreign objects.


A limb flew. It was Li Fuchen’s left arm, which was severed from the shoulder, by a wind blade that was several meters long.

Li Fuchen’s expression looked pale, but he continued to dodge them.


The heaven and earth was filled with wind, and there were wind blades everywhere. All the wind could form wind blades at any moment. Even if Li Fuchen’s awareness was heaven-defying, he still wouldn’t be able to dodge all the wind blades. This time, it was his right leg which was severed.

In the second abode, the white-haired elder spoke, “The sixth mystic martial door, tests one’s unyielding willpower. It will be up to his enlightenment as to whether he is able to pass.”

In the third abode, the man with the phoenix eyes said, “Each individual’s spirit will vary in toughness. This door test both one’s spirit will and also the most primitive willpower that bursts forth when facing death.”

Spirit will had a huge impact in terms of the ability of different people.

Some people who had strong spirit will, would be afraid when facing against truly fearful moments.

While those who had a weak spirit will probably burst out with horrific primitive willpower when in the face of death.

The sixth mystic martial door was a mystery within a mystery, it was fair and yet unfair at the same time.

In summary, the stronger the spirit will, the higher the possibility of passing. But it wasn’t a certainty.

“The path of the martial dao is to defy against the natural order, which is about defying the heavens. The one who has an unyielding heart to defy heaven, will be able to pass the sixth mystic martial door.” The preeminent man who was in the first abode spoke bluntly.

The rest of the Mystic Martial Experts nodded.

With all four limbs severed, Li Fuchen’s mind was dazzled and he didn’t even have the strength to dodge the wind blades anymore.

This space of wind blades was an illusion, but he couldn’t differentiate between what was real and what was fake, because everything was so surreal.

Right now, he had had an obsession in his heart, that was to persevere.

He didn’t know what he was persevering for, he just knew he had to persevere.

Just like the day when he lost his talents, yet didn’t give up on himself.

If he had given up on himself back then, he might not have encountered the golden talisman.

At this same moment, Chiyu Ye had also arrived in the space of wind blades.

Pfff, Pfff!

With two blood wounds on his body, Chiyu Ye got a shock.

“What is this sixth mystic martial door testing?” Chiyu Ye was panicking.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

As the violent winds blew across, both Chiyu Ye’s legs were severed at the base of his crotch, while he groaned with pain.

Everything was too realistic, there wasn’t a hint of pretense.

“I am the King of the Sword. How can I surrender!?”

A wind blade which was over ten meters long came while Chiyu Ye was yelling with rage.


Chiyu Ye was severed on the waist and he looked extremely miserable.

Shortly after… Su Muyu and Xiahou Shi came to the space of wind blades too.

The two of them suffered a similar fate.

Compared to Xiahou Shi, Su Muyu fared better.

Xiahou Shi was someone who preferred to lower the risks and wasn’t that adept in dealing with such situations. His heart was apprehensive and his heart was worried about his gains and losses.

His subconsciousness told him that this was just a test, but his body told him that everything was real.

“Damn it, what kind of test is this.” Xiahou Shi’s eyes were flushed red.

“If others can do it, so can I!” Su Muyu’s thoughts were much more simple.

If no one passed the sixth mystic martial door, she wouldn’t have persevered, but since someone passed the sixth mystic martial door before, she didn’t believe she was inferior to others.

The white-haired elder in the second abode shook his head and laughed. “How could the test be so simple? It will not work if you just persevered. If your body is turned into dust and your willpower is blurry, who will be able to persevere?”

“Just as Big Brother said it. One must have the heart to defy the heavens.” The man with the phoenix eyes nodded.


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Li Fuchen’s body had been broken down into pulp and his willpower was in a complete mess.

As he was feeling dazzled, he felt as though he turned into the wind and had become a part of the space of wind blades. He didn’t have his own mind of thoughts anymore and just randomly drifted.

Float and float!

Blow and blow!

Time felt as though it passed in an instant, while it also felt like it lasted forever, while his willpower was becoming even fuzzier.


The moment his body was turned into dust, Xiahou Shi was frightened and was in despair.

But in the next moment, his body had been reformed and he was quickly teleported out of the sixth mystic martial door.

“The first failure.” The white-haired elder shook his head.

“This one is actually not bad. Why not let me take him in!” One of the lower ranked Mystic Martial Expert said.

As long as one could pass the fifth mystic martial door, they would basically accept them as a personal disciple. After all, personal disciples were hard to find and they didn’t have the luxury to be choosy. With more personal disciples, there would bound to be a few that would have some results.

Only Big Brother and Second Brother would rather go without any disciple than accept unqualified individuals, because their expectations were too high.

From start to finish, Su Muyu didn’t fall into despair, but her willpower dissipated. It meant that her heart to defy heaven was ultimately not strong enough.

Furthermore, she was too young as she was around the same age a Li Fuchen and didn’t have enough life experiences.

If she had a few more years, she might be able to pass the sixth mystic martial door.

Su Muyu failed, but she was chosen by the no.3 Mystic Martial Expert.

As the no.3 Mystic Martial Expert, the man with phoenix eyes seldom took in any personal disciples, it was rather praiseworthy to be chosen by him.

Now, only Chiyu Ye and Li Fuchen were still struggling as they hovered around.

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