Chapter 241 – sudden attack

The monsters came from the north. They swept south in a hungry pack, seeking, destroying and devouring everything in their path like a tide of beastly Vikings.

As the monsters drew closer their snarling and growls rang louder in the peoples ears and panic quickly raced across their faces. The fear spread so quickly from person to person around me, clouding their faces and twisting their expressions.

So quickly they lost the will to fight, these people.

I shouldn’t be too surprised. These people had lost their homes and families to these creatures. Small and weak it may have been, but they had also lost their country. Against a foe that had taken apart something so much larger than themselves, it’s only natural that they would be intimidated.

But I wouldn’t sit idly by.

[Tiny bring Crinis to me. We need to fight.]

If those stupid monsters thought that they could get this close to my colony then they are outside their damn minds.

I loudly clack my mandibles several times in succession.


The sharp, staccato noises ring out loudly, cutting through the rising fear. The circle of people turn back to me sharply.

[Priest. Tell the people to go hide and stay out of my way. I will defend my colony but if any monsters get through, the people will need to defend themselves.]

The priest nodded enthusiastically.

[Of course, Great One! The blessings of the System belong only to those who are prepared to earn them! Your wisdom is as deep as the Dungeon, as broad the Endless Sky expanse and as …]

[Just tell them  already!]

[Oh! Right!]
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I break off the mind bridge with the mouthy priest and turns to the people to explain what I’ve said. Gradually some life returns to the faces of the people around me, when I push my way out of the circle, they fall back respectfully to grant me space.

And good thing too!

The monsters are upon us.

As I see the swarm rushing towards the village, I can’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia roll mover me.

All of my old friends are here!

The claw centipedes! So many damn centipedes! Like a carpet of pinchy death they slither and climb all over each other, snapping madly at the air as they approach.

The Dragon Wolf cubs and their evolved versions are here as well, I think I spy an Earth Bear Tyrant stomping amongst the horde.

Even the little rabbits are here! Awww, the little fluff balls! Devilish, murdering little fluff balls.

Not to mention the Croca Beasts. The stupid creatures are here as well.

It feels as if this is a collection of monsters from the forest expanse area. Perhaps they are gathering the monsters over there, just as they did here, to assault the surface.


I thought I was finally free of your meddling!

The thundering of monstrous feet is growing louder as the horde kicks up dust as they rush towards us. Only a hundred or so more metres and they’ll be amongst the villagers. Not willing to wait, I rush out towards the onrushing horde.

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I don’t have time to power up a Gravity Bomb. I’m going to have to do this the old fashioned way.

With speed I dash forwards. My brains kick into gear, each one crafting a gravity spear as quickly as possible. I haven’t had that much time to rest since battling against the Croca Commander but it’s enough to deal with these trash, even if there are thousands of them.

My brains work overtime, swiftly weaving together the magic, layers flowing together as if in fast forward.

Gravity Spear! Times three!

As soon as the dark purple projectiles fly out I’m already working on another set. The spears fly home, not that they could miss, slamming into the front line of the wave, snaring large clutches of monsters and binding them together, forcing them to stumble and breaking their running momentum.

Even as I dash forwards the next wave of spears take shape. I pour forth my gravity mana and empower the spells, letting them fly just as the wave crashes into me.

Or is it me who crashes into them?

My sub brains continue spinning more spears as I smash into the thick of the monsters and their blows begin to rain down on my carapace, battering me left and right.

As if I’m just going to sit here and take it!

Shattering Bite!

Ceaseless attacks fall upon my diamond shell but I stand firm, the bulk of the damage failing to pierce through. Centipedes rise to clutch at me and I crush them with a single bite. When a fearsome bear smashes into me from the side, sending me sprawling, I channel mana into my mandibles and dive back at it.

Bite after bite, I crush its defences, my stamina draining away along with my mana until the beast finally falls.

Eventually the chip damage begins to pile up. A chip here and a chip here shave away at my health until I’m forced to trigger my regeneration gland. I’m not worried though.

I can feel them coming.



With a titanic crash, Tiny announces his arrival to the battlefield. Leaping high, he falls to the ground like thunder, his newly regenerating foot stomping down and crushing a Croc beneath him as he lands.

Then Crinis is there.

Like a nightmare given form her tentacles explode outwards, snapping onto any monster they touch and rending them apart, or lifting them into the air to toss them into the bottomless void of her maw.

My heart lifts to see them on the battlefield alongside me.

As long as they are with me, we can defend the colony against anything. I truly believe that.

Shattering Bite!

Before my jaws can even clamp shut on the Dragon Wolf before me a blistering lance of light impales the creature, dispatching it in a single hit.

Why the hey?!

Adjusting myself slightly I look back to see a straight path through the monsters has been created by that piercing attack. It must have speared directly through five monsters! What the heck!

As the monsters gradually close in once more I catch a fleeting glimpse of Morrelia, rage burning in her eyes and her hand extended, her sword clenched in her first.

That was one powerful strike!

I hope she wasn’t aiming at me…

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