Chapter 270: Gathering of Experts

The preeminent man had underestimated Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s perception and creation ability.

If Li Fuchen had yet to comprehend the Blaze Devil Sword intent, he would have been unable to create a mystic class high-tier kill move. But after comprehending the Blaze Devil Sword intent, the way to create a mystic class high-tier kill move could flow smoothly for Li Fuchen. It was just to create a kill move that was one tier higher than his third kill move, which wasn’t too excessive.

Within a month’s time, Li Fuchen already had the framework of his mystic class high-tier kill move.

There was around half a year before the Stars Ranking Tournament.


The withered tree branch in Li Fuchen’s hand had already shattered into pieces, but there was a red light covering it which prevented the tree branch from being incinerated.

The withered tree branch was raised high before Li Fuchen swung down hard.


The withered tree branch was instantly turned into dust, while an intense red light which was like a scarlet red fire torch, slammed onto the ground.

The ground was split open. The red light was like a dragon what rapidly extended.

When the red light scattered, there was a ravine which was over ten meters long in front of his eyes.

The ravine started off narrow, but it expanded in width towards the back and the final width was around one meter wide.

The deepest part of the ravine was at least six meters deep.

In terms of profundity, this move was inferior to the Blaze Devil Sword Art’s signature move, Blaze Devil Killer Shadow. But in terms of power, it was much stronger than the Blaze Devil Killer Shadow.

“Good. I have underestimated you.” While his figure appeared, the preeminent man stared at Li Fuchen with passionate eyes. 

Exhaling a breath of scorching air, Li Fuchen turned around, “Master, I didn’t disappoint your expectations.”

The Blaze Devil Sword intent had an astounding destructive power, hence Li Fuchen intentionally lowered any amount of delicate moves and pushed the Blaze Devil Sword intent’s power to the extreme limits.

“Your perception is enough to look down upon all the heroes on this continent. But, you do not have enough strength to protect yourself.”

As the preeminent man extended his hand and gestured, Li Fuchen involuntarily flew over.

“Don’t struggle.” The preeminent man grabbed onto Li Fuchen’s right wrist.

Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi…

Li Fuchen felt as though his wrist was being branded by iron as he could feel the intensive burning pain.

In the next moment, Li Fuchen could see it. Patterns that were similar to tool patterns started to spread from his right wrist, all the way to his right back.

“This is?” Li Fuchen was astonished.

The preeminent man explained, “This is an earth class martial pattern. With your current ability, you are unable to comprehend earth class martial arts, but I have branded an earth class martial pattern on your hand, which you can directly pour your qi in and burst out with the earth class martial pattern power. It is equivalent to an earth class martial arts. Of course, the power of this earth class martial pattern is closely related to your qi presence. The stronger your qi, the stronger the power of the earth class martial arts. But this earth class martial pattern will be exhausted and the more you use it, the faster it will be exhausted. There will be a day when the earth class martial pattern is fully depleted and you will never be able to use it again.”

“Earth class martial pattern?” Li Fuchen gasped.

With his current strength, he was indeed unable to comprehend earth class martial arts. He might have to progress to the Heaven Realm before he could do so.

Li Fuchen had no idea how strong earth class martial arts were.

But from estimations, its power would at least be ten folds stronger than the Blaze Devil Sword Art.

What concept was ten folds in power? Li Fuchen was confident that he could instant kill his opponent, even if they were low leveled Heaven Realm martial artists.

Furthermore, as his qi grew stronger, the earth class martial pattern would be able to exhibit more power. Once he was at the Heaven Realm, it was unimaginable how horrific and powerful the earth class martial pattern would be.

After a long time, the branding of the earth class martial pattern was finally completed. The preeminent man looked pale and his eyes dimmed.

“Master.” Li Fuchen was very touched.

How could he not know that the branding of martial patterns probably used up spirit essence and if too much was used, it would be hard to fully recover.

The preeminent man shook his hand, “No harm. If I have to leave the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, I have to pay an even higher price.”

The reason he could give Li Fuchen the branding of the earth class martial pattern was because he had the status as a Mystic Martial Expert. If he relied on himself, it would be impossible for him to do so.

Li Fuchen didn’t say anything and just looked at his right hand. The patterns had already vanished, but Li Fuchen could still feel its existence.

‘I wonder if the patterns I obtained in the Door of Earth and Door of Heaven are martial patterns as well?”

In the Door of Earth, his entire body was branded with patterns, which vanished later on and he was unable to sense it.

While in the Door of Heaven, there was an imprint which was branded onto his left palm.

That imprint had also vanished and he couldn’t sense it either.


As the Stars Ranking Tournament got nearer, it was unknown when there would be a gathering of a huge number of Heaven Realm martial artists and Reincarnation Realm martial artists outside the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.

Although everyone was intentionally reserving their qi presence, as their intentions clashed, there would be a surge of storms and flashes of lightning in the sky above this place.

Heaven Realm martial artists were fine, but Reincarnation Realm martial artists were beyond everyone’s expectation.

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The doors of the palace opened up again. This time, no other prodigies entered the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. There were less than three months before the Stars Ranking Tournament. If they were to enter now, they would only be able to exit after the next opening of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.

A human-shaped void shadow was formed. It glanced at everyone, expanding its invisible qi pressure.

Everyone held their breaths.

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In normal times, these people were the elite experts of the East Unicorn Continent and could even call upon the wind and the rain.

But in front of this void shadow, they were no different from an ant.

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…

Figures emerged from the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain one after the other.

“They are out!”

Among all the experts, the Azure Water Sect Patriarch, Ouyang Wentian and two other Reincarnation Realm martial artists from the Azure Water Sect were surprisingly in the midst as well.

These two Reincarnation Realm martial artists were the Azure Water Sect’s Protectors and their ranks were just below the Sect Patriarch and the Supreme Elder.

After a moment, Li Fuchen, Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng all came out.

Ouyang Wentian revealed a smile. This time, his Azure Water Sect had truly gained much reputation.

He originally thought that Li Xiangru was a blessing for the Azure Water Sect. He didn’t expect for Li Fuchen to appear.

Back when Zhao Wujin thought highly of Li Fuchen, he didn’t really pay much attention to Li Fuchen and merely treated him as a prodigy with potential.

He thought that even if Li Fuchen was unable to progress to the Heaven Realm in the future, there wouldn’t be any disadvantage.

Now, he had some lingering fear in his heart.

Yes, he was extremely fearful.

Fearful that he might have missed out Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s achievements in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain were already made known back at the Azure Water Sect, causing an uproar in the entire sect.

Passing the sixth mystic martial door. Being the first to enter the seventh mystic martial door, the Door of Earth. Accepted as the personal disciple under the first Mystic Martial Expert. Each of these achievements were so astoundingly bright and so glorious.

In the history of the Azure Water Sect, there had never been a prodigy this brilliant.

“Li Fuchen!” Ouyang Wentian sent a message to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen and the others had already noticed Ouyang Wentian and the two Protectors, as they were heading over here.

“Sect Patriarch!” The four of them greeted with cupped fists.

“Good! You are all great and didn’t bring shame to my Azure Water Sect. I am proud of you.” Ouyang Wentian was beaming with smiles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters. Among the four of them, Li Fuchen and Li Xiangru were accepted as personal disciples under the Mystic Martial Experts. This was undoubtedly a protective talisman, which was effective to the two of them and also effective for the Azure Water Sect.

As long as the Mystic Martial Experts were around, no other sects would dare to deal with Azure Water Sect.

A killing qi burst over, as the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch, Li Xietian noticed Li Fuchen as well.

The killing qi from his body was raw and unconcealed.

Ouyang Wentian glared at Li Xietian, “Li Xietian, why? You want to make a move?”

Li Xietian spoke in a gloomy tone, “The Mystic Martial Experts might be able to protect you for now, but they cannot protect you for life. When the time comes, I pay you back tens of folds and make you suffer the consequences.” The revenge for the murder of his son must be served. This was obviously gripping Li Xietian’s heart.

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