Chapter 271: Return Back to Sect With an Uproar

“This child is Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist?”

The experts from the various sects all looked at Li Fuchen.

The new of Li Fuchen being accepted as a personal disciple under the first Mystic Martial Expert had been spread throughout the various sects in the East Unicorn Continent.

“Hmph! Perhaps his innate potential is suitable for the test in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. In history, there are some prodigies that passed the sixth mystic martial door, but could only progress to become an average Reincarnation Realm martial artist. As for him, he is only a 1-star bone frame and it is already impressive to have his current achievements. In the future, every progress in cultivation realm would be a huge obstacle and his future achievements are questionable.”

Even though Li Fuchen’s current achievements were dazzling, most of the people present didn’t put it in their eyes.

The Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was ultimately just a test and it wouldn’t be as fair like the heavenly dao.

It could only have a certain level of accuracy.

Apart from that, Li Fuhen was only a 1-star bone frame, which caused everyone to snort disdainfully.

What could a 1-star bone frame do? It was just a joke.

If Li Fuchen was able to progress to the Heaven Realm, it would mean that the heavens loved him. If the heavens wanted to be slightly harsh on him, he might never be able to progress to the Heaven Realm.

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As for the Reincarnation Realm… that was nothing but a dream.

Of course, there were some that thought of Li Fuchen as a huge threat. If there was an opportunity, they might want to eliminate him silently.

But it wasn’t so at this moment. With the Mystic Martial Experts around, they didn’t even dare to have that intention.

‘Among the young swordsmen, there can only be one king. If you block my path, I will not mind making you sink to the bottom.’ Chiyu Ye didn’t give any regards to Li Fuchen as well.

Li Fuchen’s result was just slightly better than his, as he similarly passed the sixth mystic martial door and just didn’t manage to enter the seventh mystic martial door.

Furthermore, Li Fuchen merely entered the Door of Earth which wasn’t considered much, since he didn’t pass it.

What’s more, in the East Unicorn Continent, the most accurate indicator for innate potential was one’s bone frame and not some vague tests. With a 6 star bone frame, he didn’t have to fear anyone. In his eyes, only the Three King Stars were worthy enough to be his ultimate rivals.

“Let’s go.”

Ouyang Wentian reached out his hand and gestured. Two class 4 high-tier spirit beasts descended from the skies above.

After all seven of them stood on the backs of the spirit beasts, the spirit beasts extended their wings and ascended rapidly, vanishing without a trace.

Class 4 high-tier spirit beasts had an astounding speed, which only took them a few days to return back to the Azure Water Sect in the Azure Water region.

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After leaving the Azure Water Sect for two years, Li Fuchen was overwhelmed with emotions after finally returning.

This training trip was indeed very fruitful. In just less than two years, his cultivation rose from the 2nd level to the 6th level of the Earth Realm. If he had remained in the sect, he would probably have only broken through to the 4th level of the Earth Realm.

In the Azure Water Grand Hall, the two of the Protectors had taken their leave, while Ouyang Wentian was seated in the patriarch seat at the front.

“The four of you might be the most outstanding direct disciples in my Azure Water Sect, but the Azure Water Sect upholds impartiality and equality. One month later, the sect will host a selection tournament. Only the top four disciples will be qualified to participate in the Stars Ranking Tournament. All of you must not have any complaints.”

If the four of them were directly asked to participate in the Stars Ranking Tournament, it would just be too unfair to the others.

Of course, Ouyang Wentian didn’t think that any of the direct disciples would be able to surpass Li Fuchen, Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng.

The selection tournament was just a formality to convince everyone.

Chen Yuanhu said, “Sect Patriarch don’t worry. Yuanhu will not have any complaints.”

The four of them didn’t mind the sect’s selection tournament, as they were confident in their abilities. If they were unable to rise up above in the Azure Water Sect, then they would only be shaming themselves by representing the sect.

Ouyang Wentian nodded, “That will be good. During this month, all of you shall go into seclusion and cultivate. Strive for the top four positions with absolute abilities.”

Among the gold class direct disciples in the Azure Water Sect, there were plenty of direct disciples who were extremely powerful. It wouldn’t be a simple task to defeat them easily.

After leaving the Azure Water Grand Hall, Li Fuchen came to the direct disciples’ grand hall.

Zhao Wujin was already waiting there for a long time.

After seeing Li Fuchen, Zhao Wujin laughed heartily and welcomed him.

“You did a great job. In this continent, you, Li Fuchen aren’t just a nobody anymore.” To be honest, Zhao Wujin might have regarded Li Fuchen highly, but he didn’t expect Li Fuchen to achieve such great accomplishments.

He originally expected for Li Fuchen to achieve the same level as Sword Maniac, which would already be great.

“Li Fuchen, you are truly a monster!” Zhao Mingyue popped out from nowhere.

She was currently at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm. Her cultivation wasn’t considered high nor low, she was a 4-star bone frame after all.

Li Fuchen smiled, “Thank you for Elder’s praises.”

Zhao Wujin had assisted him quite a lot and it was necessary to be humble when addressing an elder.

“I might not have praised enough. Let’s have a meal together tonight!” Zhao Wujin proposed.

“Sure.” Li Fuchen nodded and agreed.

Hearing as such, Zhao Mingyue suddenly blushed and revealed a charming expression.

During these recent days, Zhao Wujin had mentioned Li Fuchen a lot to her.

Even though Zhao Wujin didn’t put it bluntly, Zhao Mingyue understood what Zhao Wujin meant.

Towards Li Fuchen, she naturally didn’t dislike him.

On the contrary, she admired him. Who didn’t wish for their other half to be an outstanding prodigy?

In the past, she was rather prideful and felt that she wasn’t inferior to Li Fuchen. Hence she didn’t have any admiration for him and there was merely some slight respect.

She respected Li Fuchen who, being just a normal bone frame but could accomplish feats that many 4 or 5-star bone frames couldn’t.

Right now, Li Fuchen was famed in the upper echelons in the East Unicorn Continent and his prestige wasn’t something that could be obtained by anyone.

‘Just make some interactions first!’ Zhao Mingyue thought to herself.

But soon enough, Zhao Mingyue’s face blushed again.

She thought about what exactly was happening to her? Why was she so unreserved?

Zhao Mingyue didn’t know that her expression was already exposed to Zhao Wujin and Li Fuchen.

Zhao Wujin was beaming.

Li Fuchen and Zhao Mingyue were around the same age, and if they could get together, it would naturally be for the best.

As for Li Fuchen, he didn’t think too much into it.


In one of the elder halls of the Azure Water Sect…

The Liao Clan’s founder, Liao Hailong had on this gloomy expression.

After a long period of time, he summoned someone and instructed, “Pass on my orders. Anyone who dares to offend Li Fuchen shall be banished from the Liao Clan.”

Circumstances were stronger than human strength. In the past, due to the pressure from the upper echelons of the Azure Water Sect, they didn’t dare to touch Li Fuchen.

Right now, there was still the pressure from the upper echelons of the Azure Water Sect and also the pressure from Li Fuchen himself.

Li Fuchen didn’t have much ability now, but he had the backing of a Mystic Martial Expert, which was even more formidable than the backing from the Azure Water Sect. Let alone his Liao Clan, even the elite forces in the East Unicorn Continent wouldn’t dare to mess with Li Fuchen.

“The world is always changing. It seems like I am truly too old now.” Liao Hailong sighed.

At the same moment, the news of Li Fuchen’s return had been made known to the entire Azure Water Sect.

Those who offended Li Fuchen were all fearful in their hearts.

Such as the Young City Lord of Mountain Sea City, Fang Liehai.

(TL note: Shanhai City = Mountain Sea City)

Shanhai City was one of the main cities in the Azure Water region and the City Lord was a Heaven Realm martial artist.

His status was already invalid when compared to Li Fuchen as he progressed to a direct disciple. As of now, there wasn’t a need to mention it at all.

A single statement from Li Fuchen might not be enough to damage their Fang Clan’s status, but it was enough to make them suffer. Who knew if the upper echelons would remove his City Lord status from Mountain Sea City because of Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen…”

Fang Liehai was both terrified and silently dejected at the same time.

He didn’t know when did it started, when he wasn’t at the same level as Li Fuchen anymore.

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