Chapter 272: Attempting the Tower of Inheritance Again

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist is back?”

Gao Changtian and Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister received this news at the same time.

Half a year ago, the two of them finally got together.

In regards to them getting together, it was mainly thanks to Li Fuchen.

If Li Fuchen wasn’t around to suppress Yuwen Tian and the others, Wu Qingmei wouldn’t be able to see through herself.

Prodigies were always dazzling and most of the people would pick a 5-star bone frame over a 4-star frame.

“He is already an influential figure in the continent.” Gao Changtian sighed.

Wu Qingmei nodded while Li Fuchen’s image involuntarily appeared in her mind.

She had plenty of complicated feelings towards Li Fuchen and there was a slight admiration within all those feelings.

But she was very clear that Li Fuchen was like a patch of cloud, one that no one could get a grasp of. Even if they were to follow him, it would be of extreme difficulty.

However, the one with the most complicated feelings was actually Guan Xue.

Li Fuchen’s sudden emergence was truly baffling.

Before he lost his talents, Li Fuchen’s innate potential was still only considerable. Afterward, he suddenly lost his talents and regained his talents again. Furthermore, as time elapsed, his innate potential grew stronger and stronger. Until, it was now earth-shattering and he was renowned in the East Unicorn Continent.

“I will not regret it.” Guan Xue’s eyes flashed with determination.

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Her innate potential wasn’t inferior as she had a 4 star soft water bone frame. It was almost certain that she could reach the Heaven Realm and with enough fated encounters, she might even progress to the Reincarnation Realm. When that time came, she could live according to how she wished to.

“Li shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) is surely quiet during normal times, but once he makes a commotion, it will surely be astounding!”

Chen Fanghua was deeply moved. Her cultivation progress wasn’t slow and was already at the 3rd level of the Earth Realm. But when compared to Li Fuchen, the gap was huge and as everything went smoothly, the gap would only get bigger.

The return of Li Fuchen caused an eruption in the Azure Water Sect’s disciple region.

Almost everyone was having discussions about Li Fuchen.

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Sword Maniac, Sword Tiger, and Emotionless Sword were already famed individuals, hence everyone didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

But Li Fuchen only rose up during these few years and a majority of the people watched his progress until this current stage.

Especially those top ten outer sect disciples back in the days, who were all having complicated emotions right now.

Zhao Wujin’s Residence…

Elder Yue Hua was also here.

“Li Fuchen, you are now an influential figure but you also must not be implicated by these superficial reputations. A reputation without ability is nothing but a mirage. You have to work even more diligently.” Yue Hua reminded Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded, “What Elder Yue is saying is absolutely right. Fuchen will not be negligent.”

Zhao Wujin and Yue Hua had both helped him and they were the upper echelons in the Azure Water Sect that he was closest with.

Zhao Wujin laughed, “Yue Hua, I think you are worrying over nothing. His spirit will is not much inferior to yours. He is very clear of what he is doing and what is important to him.”

Yue Hua let out a gentle chuckle, “That is true. It would be bad to be overly concerned.”

Li Fuchen passed the sixth mystic martial door and was the first person to enter the Door of Earth. How could his spirit will be weak? It was at least at the level of the Heaven Realm.

In short, all these renowned prodigies in the East Unicorn Continent were all outstanding individuals who would most likely progress to the Reincarnation Realm.

While Yue Hua, was only a 4 star bone frame.

“Fuchen, you are one of the very best direct disciples in our Azure Water Sect. Your Li Clan might not be as safe in the outside world. It is hard to say if anyone is plotting against your Li Clan.” Zhao Wujin suddenly mentioned.

Yue Hua nodded, “That’s right. It is best for your Li Clan to shift to the Azure Water Sect. Since the Azure Water mountain range is large enough, we can bestow one of the peaks to your Li Clan.”

After hearing as such, Li Fuchen had on this rather serious expression as this was something that he was worried about.

A prominent tree would always be the one to fall first. This was an ancient and unchanging logic.

“Then I would have to trouble both elders to help me report to the upper echelons. I will arrange my Li Clan to shift to the Azure Water Sect.”

There were only advantages for the Li Clan to shift into the Azure Water Sect.

The Li Clan was developing well and had businesses in plenty of cities. Their annual income increased from over a hundred thousand gold coins to over a million gold coins.

But wealth was just mere worldly possessions. The desire for gold coins was to allow the future descendants of the Li Clan to grow stronger and excellent. After shifting to the Azure Water Sect, they would be a sect clan and the number of resources they could obtain wasn’t something the outside world could compare with.

The resources from the sect were something that couldn’t be bought with gold coins in the outside world.

In addition to that, with the influence of the sect, the Li Clan’s future generations would naturally be more outstanding than the outside world and would have a bigger picture of the world.

There were countless clans in the Azure Water region that wished to become a sect clan, but a pity that they were unqualified.

But now, Li Fuchen had this qualification and because of Li Fuchen, the Li Clan also had this qualification.

This meal was a cheerful one. During the midst of it, Zhao Wujin intentionally or otherwise unintentionally played matchmaker for Li Fuchen and Zhao Mingyue.

Li Fuchen and Zhao Mingyue were well aware of it.

Li Fuchen didn’t know how Zhao Mingyue thought about it, but he didn’t want to consider love affairs at such an early stage.


The upper echelons were extremely efficient and immediately got the approval for the Li Clan to become a sect clan.

That was definite. Li Fuchen was an elite prodigy of the continent and even if his future was unpredictable, there was still a great chance he might become an absolute martial expert in the continent.

For this great chance, the sect naturally would do its best to take care of Li Fuchen and the Li Clan.

Even if Li Fuchen didn’t manage to grow so strong in the future, the Azure Water Sect had nothing to lose.

How many resources could a Li Clan use from the sect? It would just be a drop in the ocean.

With the Sect Patriarch, Ouyang Wentian giving the approval, several inner sect elders and outer sect elders all departed for the Li Clan. Their responsibility was to escort the Li Clan and prevent any disputes.

Li Fuchen was also among those of the escort party.

With the help from aerial spirit beasts, everyone traveled at an extreme speed, taking them only two days to arrive at Cloud Mist City.

When the Li Clan got to know that they were going to become a sect clan, none of them had any hesitation and was extremely excited.

Becoming a sect clan was an extravagant dream for countless of clans and today it came true for the Li Clan.

The relocation of a clan wasn’t an easy task and Li Fuchen merely stayed in the clan for a few days before returning back to the Azure Water Sect.

The Stars Ranking Tournament was approaching and with his current ability, it wasn’t enough for him to be free of worries.

Mainly because of his low cultivation level, which was only at the 6th level of the Earth Realm. Even if he advanced to the 7th level of the Earth Realm, he would still be a bottom feeder out of all the participants.

During the time of the tournament, the 9th level of the Earth Realm should be the average cultivation level and the peak of the 9th level of the Earth Realm being the elite cultivation level. There might even be some participants who were already half a step into the Heaven Realm.

“Let me attempt the Tower of Inheritance again.”

When Li Fuchen arrived back at the sect, Li Fuchen first headed to the Tower of Inheritance.

The previous time before he left the sect, he managed to pass the second floor of the tower. This time, his target was the third floor and to also take a look at the fourth floor.

The second and third floors of the Tower of Inheritance were class 3 high-tier demonic beast formation arrays.

But the second floor had a weaker class 3 high-tier demonic beast. While the third floor had a formidable class 3 high-tier demonic beast.

There were quite a few direct disciples who were here to attempt the Tower of Inheritance. When they saw Li Fuchen, there were all emotionally excited.

“Li shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) is here to attempt the Tower of Inheritance. I heard that Li shixiong’s result the previous time was the second floor. Will he be able to pass the third floor this time?”

“You must be joking. Of course, he will. It is just a matter of how much time is required.”

Many of them were discussing in hushed voices.

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