Chapter 273: Star Stone Reward

Soon enough, it was Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s turn.

After entering the Tower of Inheritance, Li Fuchen arrived at the third floor.

Once the formation array was activated, a blue panther condensed and took shape.

Blue Ice Panther, a killer among the class 3 high-tier demonic beasts. It had an extreme speed and could even kill regular class 3 high-tier demonic beasts with just a single attack.

The moment the Blue Ice Panther was formed, it immediately attacked Li Fuchen.

Its body suddenly burst with a blue chilling qi presence and when it enveloped Li Fuchen, he could feel a cold intent. Concurrently, the Blue Ice Panther pounced at Li Fuchen with a lightning speed.

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“Indeed worthy of its name as the Blue Ice Panther!”

Li Fuchen’s blood was nearly frozen and at the crucial moment, Li Fuchen activated the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique. His combat strength instantly rose while the 16th rank of the True Inferno Technique used its blazing qi presence to evaporate the Blue Ice Panther’s chilling qi presence.

“Sword Flow!”

As the first mystic class mid-tier kill move ‘Sword Flow’ was executed, ten sword lights burst forth.

Pfff, pfff, pfff, pfff, pfff…

A sword scar was drawn across the Blue Ice Panther’s body.

With a flash of his body, Li Fuchen evaded the Blue Ice Panther’s first attack, while his black gold sword was brandished again, “Sword Burst!”


The Blue Ice Panther instantly exploded into pieces.

With Li Fuchen’s current strength, even if he was to utilize just 30% or 50% of his strength, it was sufficient to instant kill the Blue Ice Panther.

“Let me go to the fourth floor and take a look.”

Li Fuchen arrived at the fourth floor.

The power of the formation array condensed in a frenzy, which formed an enormous giant beast.


It was a giant bull demonic beast which had a pair of horns that looked like it was going to pierce through the tower.

As it let out a cry, a horrific sound wave assault Li Fuchen, causing his seven apertures to bleed.

“Class 4 low-tier demonic beast.” Li Fuchen’s eyes shrank.

A class 4 low-tier demonic beast was comparable to a Heaven Realm low leveled martial artist.

Perhaps a peak level Earth Realm martial artist with astounding perception might have an attack power which could attain the strength of a Heaven Realm low leveled martial artist. But in terms of regular attacks, it was definitely uncomparable.

A casual burst of qi from a Heaven Realm low leveled martial artist was already extremely horrific.

Apart from that, one’s defensive ability would definitely be inferior in front of a Heaven Realm martial artist.

If it was a Heaven Realm low leveled martial artist standing here, he would be able to resist against the giant bull’s sound wave attack.

“Full Moon!”

A fiery red full moon shadow appeared, which was produced by Li Fuchen’s third mystic class mid-tier kill move.


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There was a shallow wound that was left on the giant bull demonic beast’s body.

“Such formidable defenses!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes shrank again.

His kill move, Full Moon wasn’t too inferior when compared to a mystic class high-tier sword intent, and it had a terrific slashing power.

The giant bull was galloping frenziedly, while its qi force surged on its body. Like a wave, it crashed towards Li Fuchen.

Using his exceptional awareness, Li Fuchen evaded in advance, but was slightly affected by the attack.

“Blaze Devil Killer Shadow!”

Li Fuchen executed the signature move of the Blaze Devil Sword Art, enveloping a scarlet red shadow over the giant bull demonic beast.

Pfff, pfff, pfff!

Sword wounds were opened up all over the body of the giant bull, as though it was getting slashed by thousands of blades.

But this attack was completely unable to make the giant bull demonic beast collapse.


The giant bull’s long tail was at least ten feet in length. It swept across like a long whip at Li Fuchen.

Its sweeping speed was too fast. Li Fuchen’s was aware of it, but his body reacted late and was struck by the tail which had qi force, causing him to vomit fresh blood.

When he was in midair, Li Fuchen activated the Black Iron Sword Essence and immediately executed his strongest sword move.

“Blaze Dragon!”

The black gold sword was raised up high where a red light converged. It was like a scarlet red dragon that was constantly changing in size.


When the sword cleaved down, there was a burst of red light. One of the giant bull’s horn got severed and there was a sword scar from the top of its skull all the way to its shoulder.


The giant bull demonic beast let out a crazed roar while horrific qi presence appeared on his body. The boundless qi presence was just like the sun.

Even though Li Fuchen executed the Black Wind Three Clones and made three figures, he was still blasted back by this horrific qi presence and crashed into the tower’s wall.

“I can’t do it. There is too great a difference in ability.”

Li Fuchen backed out of the formation array’s range.

The reason why he could persevere for such a long time wasn’t because of his ability. It was mainly because of his incredible awareness that allowed him to evade in advance. Otherwise, he would have been defeated in just a few moves.

“He is out.”

“It seems like he took a bit of time.”

“That is normal, since Li shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) is only at the 6th level of the Earth Realm and is much lower in terms of cultivation level when compared to Sword Maniac and Sword Tiger shixiongs.”

“There is still half a month left and the sect selection tournament is about to start soon. Sword Maniac and Sword Tiger shixiongs are most likely going to make it. Li shixiong and Xue shixiong might have some challenges.”

“En, en. Two years earlier, there were only four individuals who passed the third floor of the Tower of Inheritance. Now, there are already more than ten disciples who passed the third floor of the tower.”

There were many individuals having discussions outside the Tower of Inheritance.

They didn’t consider that Li Fuchen might have attempted the fourth floor of the Tower of Inheritance.

After all, the demonic beast from the fourth floor’s formation array was too powerful. It was a Heaven Realm class demonic beast which no one could defeat.

Even if Li Fuchen went to attempt it, he would probably be repelled in an instant and it shouldn’t have taken so much time.

The news of Li Fuchen attempting the Tower of Inheritance made it to the ears of the no.1 direct disciple.

“Although his innate potential is incredible, he is still ultimately soft and immature. Xue shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) is the same as well.” A youth was laughing indistinctly in a courtyard.

He was Bu Qingsong and was once the no.1 direct disciple in the Azure Water Sect.

Moreover, he was the first disciple among the current direct disciples in the Azure Water Sect to pass the third floor of the tower. He did it even earlier than Sword Maniac Li Xiangru and Sword Tiger Chen Yuanhu. Back when Xue Feng passed the third floor of the Tower of Inheritance, he was first among the three to do it.

In his opinion, Sword Maniac and Sword Tiger were hard to deal with, but he was rather confident against Li Fuchen and Xue Feng.

Even though this confidence came from the additional time he spent in cultivation and also his cultivation level.

After attempting the Tower of Inheritance, Li Fuchen immediately went to Sword Monument Canyon.

His Blaze Devil Sword intent was just at the initial phase and there was room for much improvement. He might be able to raise the Blaze Devil Sword intent to the next level after basking in the sword intents of the Sword Monument, raising it to the mature phase.

As for contribution points, Li Fuchen didn’t lack any. He had a few million contribution points which was enough for him to comprehend here for a month or two.

As time flowed, the day of the sect selection tournament was approaching.

The rewards of the sect selection tournament was announced.

For this sect selection tournament, the top four disciples would have the opportunity to enter the Stars Ranking Tournament.

Apart from that, first and second place could obtain a piece of star stone as their reward.

The star stones might not be useful for others, but it was beneficial for prodigies at the Earth Realm.

The sect put in quite a lot of work in order to obtain these two star stones.

No matter how much resources and gold coins you had, if you couldn’t find the star stones, there was no way to obtain it.

Once the star stone reward was announced, Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng were all tempted.

Li Xiangru and Chen Yuanhu might be at the 9th level of the Earth Realm, but above that was the the peak level of Earth Realm and half step Heaven Realm. With the star stone, it would help shave off at least a year’s of hard work.

But it was obvious that striving for the top two places wasn’t going to be an easy task. Only Sword Maniac Li Xiangru had a greater chance, while no one else had that certainty.

“Star stone, huh?”

Bu Qingsong’s eyes were sparkling. He managed to obtain a star stone by fortune, but it was regretful that he didn’t obtain a second one. If he had this star stone, he might be able to advance to the half step Heaven Realm, since he was currently at the peak level of the Earth Realm.

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