Chapter 274: The Selection Tournament Begins

Sword Monument Canyon.

Previously, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s perception was high, but his cultivation was rather low.

Now that his perception was even higher than before and his cultivation was already at the 6th level of the Earth Realm. In addition to the fact that he comprehended the mystic class high-tier, Blaze Devil Sword intent, he was now back at Sword Monument Canyon. Li Fuchen felt as though he had assimilated himself into the Sword Monument. His sword intent was interacting and responding to the sword intents on the Sword Monument.

The Blaze Devil Sword intent was of a blazing type sword intent and in an instant, Li Fuchen comprehended more than a few dozen blazing sword intents. These sword intents interacted with the Blaze Devil Sword intent and it felt as though it was a senior giving guidance to a junior.

Time flew by day by day and Li Fuchen’s Blaze Devil Sword intent’s maturity was gradually growing.

Once the Blaze Devil Sword intent deepened, the Blaze Devil Sword Art and the Blaze Dragon’s proficiency level naturally increase.

Five days had passed.

Li Fuchen’s Blaze Devil Sword intent had attained the matured stage and it was just one step away from approaching the ranks of mystic class peak-tier sword intents.

A matured Blaze Devil Sword intent was extremely terrifying, furthermore, it combined the strength of one’s spirit will. Which subtly also contained one’s qi presence, increasing the prowess of qi presence.

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Those who possessed a horrific qi presence could easily kill just with the use of qi presence.

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Take for example a Heaven Realm martial artist who could kill a regular Earth Realm martial artist with their qi presence shockwave.

Just like Zhao Wujin, who could even use his qi presence to pressure Liao Tianyun who was at the 2nd level of the Heaven Realm, causing him to lie down and immobilizing him.

‘From the looks of it, intents can be combined with spirit will, but the intent’s rank must be sufficiently high. Like an earth class intent which is a separate existence to martial arts. And the reason why it is a separate existence is mainly that an earth class intent can fully merge with spirit will.’ Li Fuchen came to a shocking conclusion.

Back at the tomb in the Land of Fog, a single defense intent was enough to obstruct Li Fuchen and the others for a long time, and that was just a single defense intent. It was imaginable how much more horrific and incredible a higher classed intent would be.

The First Mystic Martial Expert gave very profound guidance to Li Fuchen, causing Li Fuchen’s sword dao base to be extremely firm and thick. Using the assistance from the sword intents on the Sword Monument, Li Fuchen’s Blaze Devil Sword intent constantly grew stronger as though there wasn’t a limit.

As he was comprehending the Blaze Devil Sword intent, Li Fuchen didn’t forget to increase his other sword intents.

In a short amount of time, his mystic class mid-tier sword intents had all attained a level that was close to mystic class high-tier sword intents.

While his mystic class low-tier sword intents attained levels close to mystic class mid-tier sword intents.

Li Fuchen was rather surprised when his mystic class low-tier Meteor Sword intent impressively climbed up to the mystic class mid-tier sword intent level. Furthermore, it didn’t seem to be inferior to the Starfire Sword intent and Rotating Flow Sword intent.

‘The Meteor Sword intent is simple. It is purely about being fast and having a formidable burst strength. The simpler a thing is, the close it is to the essence. If the Meteor Sword intent can absorb the rest of the sword intents’ essence, it might have a chance to be promoted to an earth class sword intent level.’ Li Fuchen had a trace of enlightenment in his heart.

He had a feeling that the prospect of the Meteor Sword intent was even more incredible than the Blaze Devil Sword intent. It was just the same case in question if he had the capability to further improve the Meteor Sword intent.

In the blink of the eye, there were only three days left before the sect selection tournament.

To prevent that chance of him forgetting the time, Li Fuchen left the Sword Monument temporarily and went back to his own courtyard.

Since Li Fuchen rarely had spare time, there were plenty of guests in Li Fuchen’s courtyard.

There were Li Tianshi and the rest of the Li clansmen.

There was the Silver Rich City’s Young City Lord, Xiang Tianqiang.

There were Xiao Bieli, Chen Fanghua, and the sect’s senior brothers and sisters.

Even Gao Changtian, Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister, and the others were there.

“Jinxiu, you Li Clan is about to become a sect clan. You won’t dump me right?” Beside Li Jinxiu was a silver class direct disciple named Zang Feng, who was at the 4th level of the Earth Realm. He was speaking in a half joking and half serious tone.

Li Jinxiu replied in a pleasant and good mood, “What are you talking about? Am I, Li Jinxiu such a person?”

Zang Feng was her lover and before Li Fuchen’s sudden rise in power, the Li clansmen were all taken cared of by Zang Feng in some way. This caused the Yang Clan to be extremely jealous and assumed that Li Jinxiu was just trying to help Li Clan go against the Yang Clan, hence she went to hook up with the direct disciple, Zang Feng.

During that period of time, Zang Feng was quite arrogant, which was normal human behavior.

But since Li Fuchen became a gold class direct disciple, Zang Feng didn’t have any more arrogance.

Right now, let alone arrogance, he was afraid that Li Jinxiu was just making use of him to help the Li Clan, which caused him to be worried about his personal gains and losses.

After all, the current Li Clan was like the sun in the sky and Li Fuchen’s status in the sect was incomparable.

He, Zang Feng was just a normal silver class direct disciple and couldn’t be considered as anything.

“Li shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple), I believe in your ability. But during the selection tournament, you have to be careful of Bu Qingsong. He was once the no.1 direct disciple in the Azure Water Sect.” Xiao Bieli said.

Chen Fanghua nodded, “Bu Qingsong’s cultivation is at the peak level of the Earth Realm and his ability is extremely strong. I have witnessed him defeat a shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) that was in the top ten rankings in a single move.”

Li Fuchen nodded, “I will be careful.”

He knew about Bu Qingsong and he was indeed very powerful.

A pity that current him was far different from the previous him.

His ability was soaring every single day and apart from those heaven-defying 5-star bone frames and 6-star bone frames, he wasn’t worried about the others.

Everyone was having a pleasant time mingling together and they only left after it was deep into the night.

Soon enough, it was the day for the sect selection tournament.

The sect selection tournament was held in the largest martial arts stage in the Azure Water Sect. All those who had a cultivation of the 6th level and above could participate. There were only a few dozen disciples who met this condition.

Early in the morning…

The massive martial arts stage was packed with a vast crowd and the majority of the upper echelons were here.

In addition, there were plenty of inner sect disciples who were fortunate enough to observe this tournament.

“Look there, its Sword Maniac, Li Xiangru shixiong.”

“So he is Sword Maniac shixiong? This is the first time I am seeing him.”

“That is Sword Tiger shixiong and Emotionless Sword shixiong.”

As each of the participating direct disciples emerged, the audience and the inner sect disciples were all impassioned.

They were all legendary figures and were all appearing on stage today. It was such a rare occasion.

“Li Fuchen shixiong is here. He is so young…”

“Isn’t that right. Li Fuchen shixiong is only 20 years old this year.”

“In terms of innate potential, Li shixiong is undoubtedly the best. A pity that his cultivation is considerably lower, only at the 6th level of the Earth Realm.”

“There should be no problem! Li shixiong’s ability cannot be measured by cultivation.”

Everyone was in discussion.

On the rostrum, Sect Patriarch Ouyang Wentian was seated in the middle. On his left were a few experts with horrific qi presences and they were obviously the Supreme Elders of the Azure Water Sect. On his right were the Protectors, Grand Elder Zhao Wujin, and the others.

“Wentian, that kid is Li Fuchen?”

A Supreme Elder inquired to Ouyang Wentian.

Ouyang Wentai nodded, “It is that child.”

“Miracle. A 1-star bone frame can actually have such achievements. If it was in the past, I would never believe it, but now I have to believe it.”

The few Supreme Elders all had gasps of surprises.

As Reincarnation Realm martial artists, they could naturally see that Li Fuchen was exceptional. Furthermore, the fact that he was accepted as a personal disciple under the First Mystic Martial Expert, they couldn’t question his authenticity.

“His cultivation is rather on the lower side! I hope no accidents happen in the selection tournament.”

One of the Supreme Elders was a little skeptical, as Li Fuchen was just at the 6th level of the Earth Realm and it was three levels lower than those other popular participants. In the Earth Realm, a three level gap wasn’t something that was so easy to cover up.

Apart from that, the amount of time Li Fuchen spent cultivating was to short. Even if he had astounding innate potential, a short amount of cultivation time was a huge disadvantage. 

“Let’s wait and see then!”

Ouyang Wentian also wanted to know what level Li Fuchen’s ability was at.

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