Chapter 282: Pure Yang Dipper Qi

Azure Water Grand Hall…

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng were all here.

Ouyang Wentian was seated high up at the host’s seat.

Ouyang Wentian sized up Li Fuchen and nodded.

Li Fuchen who had the lowest cultivation was now at the 8th level of the Earth Realm. This cultivation level might still be rather low, but with Li Fuchen’s valiant ability to exceed levels in battle, it was already praiseworthy.

The reason Li Fuchen was able to breakthrough to the 8th level of the Earth Realm wasn’t because of a normal method in cultivation. He had consumed an elixir which was meant for increasing one’s cultivation.

Such elixirs would have a certain impact on one’s future cultivation.

Originally, Li Fuchen would only need around one to two years to reach the 9th level of the Earth Realm from the 7th level.

After consuming this elixir, Li Fuchen would have to stop temporarily at the 8th level of Earth Realm for at least two to three years.

Of course, this was in general situation.

Li Fuchen’s technique rank was extremely high and he had an extremely tough spirit will too, hence the side effects on him would be considerably less in comparison to others.

On the other hand, such side effects could be cleansed by star road energy. Li Fuchen already had some remaining star road energy in his body which cleansed a portion of the elixir’s side effect. With the star road energy completely exhausted, the side effects were now almost halved.

“You four have the best innate potential in our Azure Water Sect. You are also representing our Azure Water Sect to participate in the Stars Ranking Tournament. This is the mystic class high-tier artifact sword that the sect will bestow to you. Familiarize yourselves with it.”

With a swing of Ouyang Wentian’s hand, four chilling lights shot towards Li Fuchen and the others.

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Li Fuchen and the three others reacted quickly and caught the chilling light.

The chilling light was a longsword in a sheath. After drawing the sword out, a razor-sharp sword qi was emitted from it. Even without pouring in any qi, it had a chilling intent that could shave bones.

‘What a great sword!’ Li Fuchen exclaimed in admiration.

He had seen mystic class high-tier artifact swords before, a single one would cost at least several hundred thousand gold coins.

Those people who could forge mystic class high-tier swords were titled as Sword Forge Masters.

Li Fuchen might have the wealth to purchase it, but his previous cultivation was too weak and wasn’t able to utilize a mystic class high-tier sword’s power to its limits. A mystic class high-tier sword which couldn’t be fully utilized wasn’t much different to a mystic class mid-tier sword which was utilized to its limits.

Of course, a mystic class peak-tier artifact sword would be different. Even if one could only wield 30% or 40% of the power, it was far superior to a mystic class mid-tier artifact sword.

A pity that mystic class peak-tier artifact swords could only be encountered by fate. There were only a rare few who could forge mystic class peak-tier weapons in the East Unicorn Continent. Some of those newly promoted Reincarnation Realm martial artists wouldn’t even be able to get their hands on a mystic class peak-tier weapon, hence they had to make do with mystic class high-tier weapons.

The current Li Fuchen was at the 8th level of the Earth Realm, which barely allowed him to utilize 90% to 100% of the mystic class high-tier artifact sword’s prowess.

After all, he was a Sword Pattern Master now and was naturally familiar with the mystic class high-tier sword patterns in this sword.

If this mystic class high-tier sword was to get damaged, Li Fuchen could even forge a mystic class high-tier sword by himself.

“Thank you Sect Patriarch.”

The four of them put the sword away.

Ouyang Wentian nodded, “We will depart three days later. All of you go make some preparations. Li Fuchen, you stay behind for a moment.”

After Li Xiangru and the two others left, Ouyang Wentian smiled and asked, “How far have you cultivated the 4-star secret technique?”

Li Fuchen’s perception was considered to be no.1 in the history of the Azure Water Sect, as he had comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent at the mere age of 20. Such perception had even surpassed a regular 6-star bone frame.

After the sect selection tournament, Ouyang Wentian made an exception and imparted to Li Fuchen a 4-star secret technique.

Before this, only Sword Maniac Li Xiangru had broken the exception and obtained this 4-star secret technique. But Li Xiangru had obtained it a few years ago, while Li Fuchen only obtained less than one month ago. It had just been a short period of time, but Ouyang Wentian wanted to know of Li Fuchen’s progress.

Li Fuchen cupped his fist and said, “Sect Patriarch, Fuchen has cultivated it to the completion rank.”

“What? Already at the completion rank?” Ouyang Wentian was shocked.

“Yes.” Li Fuchen replied.

The 4-star secret technique that Ouyang Wentian imparted was called Pure Yang Dipper Qi.

When this secret technique was activated, it would transmute the true inferno qi in his body into pure yang dipper qi. It was much more terrifying and tyrannical than the mystic dragon qi.

To Li Fuchen, cultivating a 4-star secret technique was much easier than cultivating a mystic class high-tier martial arts.

Secret techniques generally involved the structure of the human body.

But with Li Fuchen’s incredible awareness, he had a deep understanding of the human body. Not even peak level Heaven Realm martial artists had such an understanding towards their own body. Perhaps only a Reincarnation Realm martial artists would be comparable to him.

Hence, Li Fuchen only took less than ten days to cultivate the Pure Yang Dipper Qi to the completion rank.

“Demonstrate it for me!” Ouyang Wentian was still skeptical.


Li Fuchen took a deep breath. He circulated the blazing and violent true inferno qi from his body, which had a qi presence of a small sun, flooding the entire Azure Water Grand Hall with heat.


The originally horrific qi presence suddenly burst in power in the blink of the eye, which was more condensed and tyrannic.

Visible to the naked eye, Li Fuchen’s body was coated with a layer of pale yellow glow.

This layer of light gave off a feeling of an indestructible and condensed steel. A single glance was enough to give put one in shock.

The Pure Yang Dipper Qi was a type of high classed qi utilization technique. Perhaps, it was a type of higher classed qi.

Just like a Heaven Realm martial artist’s qi, which might also be qi, its quality was much stronger than an Earth Realm martial artist’s qi. To an Earth Realm martial artist, a Heaven Realm martial artist’s qi could be considered dipper qi.

“Good, good. A generational prodigy.” Ouyan Wentian’s eyes were wide open.

Today, he had gained some knowledge. This was the first time he witnessed someone cultivating a 4-star secret technique to the completion rank in less than a month. Back then, when he was at the Earth Realm, it took him three years just to reach this rank.

When making a comparison, all the others who cultivated the Pure Yang Dipper Qi were all idiots and extremely stupid.

Staring at Li Fuchen, Ouyang Wentian thought in his mind: Once this child progresses into the Heaven Realm, I might break the exception and impart him the Sect Origin Swords.

The Sect Origin Swords was the Azure Water Sect’s sect defining secret technique.

Of all the 5-star secret techniques in the East Unicorn Continent, the Sect Origin Swords was powerful enough to be ranked in the top ten. The Heaven Fiend Sect’s Heaven Fiend Asura couldn’t even rank so high.

But no matter how great a thing was, it had to be used. Blindly keeping a treasure wasn’t going to embody its value.

In Ouyang Wentian’s opinion, if the Sect Origin Swords landed in the hands of Li Fuchen, it would be like throwing a pearl into the dark.

The question of loyalty could be temporarily set aside.

A true prodigy must be given absolute trust.

If Ouyang Wentian held back and reserved himself due to loyalty, it would only cause the opposition to have grudge growing in their hearts.

What’s more, Li Fuchen’s clan was going to arrive in the Azure Water Sect soon. Once the entire clan was here, Ouyang Wentian didn’t have to worry about loyalty problems with Li Fuchen.

Of course, those were things of the future.

The Sect Origin Swords could only be cultivated once a martial artist reached the Heaven Realm.

No matter how high the perception of an Earth Realm martial artist, they would still be unable to cultivate the Sect Origin Swords, as their qi capacity wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Once Li Fuchen left, Ouyang Wentian felt extremely relieved. He originally thought that Li Fuchen was lacking some firepower, but from the looks of it, Li Fuchen had a great chance to enter the top ranks of the Stars Ranking.

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