Chapter 283: Mt. Star Fate

Three days passed in an instant. On the plaza in front of the Azure Water Grand Hall, apart from Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and the three others, there were two more gold class direct disciples. They were Liu Wuhuang and Yuwen Tian.

The two of them were 5-star bone frames and were around the age of 20, which was still young. They might not have the qualification to participate in the Stars Ranking Tournament this time, but they would be qualified for the next one. Furthermore, they were going to be the main forces then, as Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng might be progressing to the Heaven Realm. Li Fuchen was the only one who might still be in the Earth Realm by then and Liu Wuhuang and Yuwen Tian were definitely among the four participants.

Thus, for this Stars Ranking Tournament, the two of them were allowed to follow the team and witness the prodigies from the various sects, so that they could make preparations for the next Stars Ranking Tournament.

After a moment, Zhao Wujin arrived along with Zhao Mingyue.

As the grand elder of the inner sect, Zhao Wujin’s status was just below the Sect Patriarch, the Supreme Elders, and the Protectors. His had an esteemed status and if he had the chance to step into the Reincarnation Realm, he would naturally become a Protector too.

Hence he had the right to bring Zhao Mingyu along.

After another moment, Ouyang Wentian came out from the grand hall with two Supreme Elders.

The Azure Water Sect required Supreme Elders to guard the place, therefore, it was impossible for all the Supreme Elders to come along. It was already praiseworthy to have two of them here.

“Let’s depart!”

Seeing that everyone was here, Ouyang Wentian waved his hand, while two class 4 high-tier spirit beasts dove down.

The group split into two and stood on the spirit beasts’ back. The beast rushed up into the sky and vanished into the clouds.

Class 4 high-tier spirit beasts were extremely fast and they were even faster than regular Reincarnation Realm martial artists. In order to prevent getting blown off, Li Fuchen and the others were all seated cross-legged. Ouyang Wentian, the two Supreme Elders, and Zhao Wujin were naturally unwilling to sit but still did it anyway.

After Li Fuchen sat cross-legged, he didn’t waste any time and began cultivation the True Inferno Technique.

“This child is certainly a cultivation maniac!”

On the neighboring spirit beast’s back, a grey-haired Supreme Elder who had one blinded eye praised.

Ouyang Wentian nodded, “One must have an extremely tough spirit will be able to cultivate under such circumstances. A regular Earth Realm martial artist and Heaven Realm martial artist would only be able to close their eyes and regulate their breathing, but they wouldn’t be able to immerse themselves into their cultivation techniques.”

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Why did martial artists go into seclusion? Because they didn’t want to be disturbed and they wanted to fully concentrate all their spirit into breaking through.

But if one had a formidable spirit will, one would be able to go into a meditative state in all kinds of environments. It wouldn’t matter if they were in seclusion or not, and the only reason they went into seclusion was to prevent any enemies from attacking them during the process of breaking through, where they would be completely defenseless.

The True Inferno Technique had already broken through to the 16th rank for some time now.

During this period of time, Li Fuchen had gone with the flow and pushed the True Inferno Technique to the peak stage of the 16th rank. He was just one step away from breaking into the 17th rank.

But this rank obstacle wasn’t so easy to breakthrough. Under normal circumstances, even a 5-star bone frame would need several years to breakthrough. A mystic class peak-tier technique would only get more challenging and more exaggerating, the further the practitioner got. It was already extremely praiseworthy to be able to breakthrough to the 19th rank in the Heaven Realm. For example, Zhao Wujin who diligently accumulated his cultivation for years before he cultivated one of the two mystic class peak-tier techniques in the Azure Water Sect, the True Azure Water Technique to the 19th rank. After all, Zhao Wujin was just a 4-star bone frame and didn’t have an exceptional perception.


The Stars Ranking Tournament’s venue was at the Hundred Battle region’s Mt. Star Fate.

During these few days, there were plenty of people from various sects that arrived at Mt. Star Fate. The normally empty Mt. Star Fate was bustling with unprecedented noise and excitement.

“This is Mt. Star Fate?”

Some of the prodigies that never came to Mt. Star Fate before looked at the giant mountain peak and couldn’t help but feel some fear, when they were rushing through the clouds.

Mt. Star Fate had been acclaimed as one of the three largest mountain peaks in the East Unicorn Continent.

It was rumored that Mt. Star Fate dictated the fate and fortune of the East Unicorn Continent. During every Stars Ranking Tournament, those who made it to the Stars Ranking would obtain a trace of star fate from the mountain itself. The higher the ranking, the more star fate one would get.

Star fate was even more valuable than Heaven Dipper Battle Qi.

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Heaven Dipper Battle Qi allowed a martial artist’s cultivation speed to increase in folds, but star fate affected the destiny and fate of a martial artist

For example, those with a stronger star fate might be able to avert disasters multiple times.

Otherwise, no matter how good one’s innate potential was, or how fast their cultivation speed was, if they were to die before reaching the pinnacle, they would just be a shooting star.

Only those who survived would be able to reach the pinnacle and live freely.

In the sky, two black spots were flying over rapidly.

Soon enough, the two black spots began to enlarge and appeared as two enormous spirit beasts.

“We have arrived at Mt. Star Fate.”

Ouyang Wentian got the spirit beasts to descend.

“So this is Mt. Star Fate?”

Li Fuchen was rather shocked as this was the first time he saw just a gigantic mountain, which was just like a sacred mountain.

By the side, Zhao Wujin gave an introduction, “The Stars Ranking Tournament is split into three parts. The first part is to ascend the mountain. The second part is to stand on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar. The third part is the ranking tournament.”

“This mountain is so high. It must be difficult to ascend it.” Zhao Mingyu stuck out her tongue.

Zhao Wujin continued to explain, “The ascension of the mountain is naturally difficult. You have to be quick enough, otherwise, once you ascend to the peak of the mountain, the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars might already be full. There are only 108 Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars and if every one of them has someone standing on it, then no one else would have the opportunity to be ranked in the Stars Ranking. Hence, it is important to maintain a high speed. If your speed isn’t fast enough, it would be meaningless even if you had the strength to beat the Stars Rankers.”

Ouyang Wentian added on, “During the ascension of the mountain, you might probably be assaulted by others. Hence, the picking of a route is very crucial and if you don’t pick a good route, you may encounter some of the elite prodigies in advance.”

This point was the most worrying factor for Ouyang Wentian.

Right now, the East Unicorn Continent’s elite prodigies were the Three King Stars, Six Young Masters, and Four Fairies. Apart from them, there were plenty of rising elite prodigies. If they were to encounter these people, even Li Fuchen might find it difficult. If Li Xiangru and the two others were to encounter them, they would probably lose this opportunity in vain.

“Of course, ascending the mountain is just the first part. Unless you have very bad luck, there shouldn’t be any problem in general. The real difficulty is to stand on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars. There are only 108 stone pillars and apart from the guaranteed slots for the elite prodigies, the rest of the pillars will have multiple individuals striving for them. They are not going to make it easy for you to stand on it. Even if you manage to stand on it and the rest of the pillars aren’t filled up, others could still fight with you over it and snatch it over. Only when all the stone pillars have someone standing on them will the second part of the tournament end.”

Ouyang Wentian looked at the four individuals and among them, Li Fuchen and Li Xiangru definitely had the strength to enter the Stars Ranking. Chen Yuanhu and Xue Feng might be inferior, but they still had the chance. If there were more than two individuals from the Azure Water Sect that entered the Stars Ranking, the star fate that they obtained might influence the Azure Water Sect. Sects similarly had fate and those with stronger fate would be able to produce more terrifying prodigies. When these prodigies fully matured, the sects would naturally become stronger as well, and they might become one of the elite factions in the future.

As time pushed forward, more and more individuals came. Every sect would bring along more than ten individuals and when a few dozen sects came, the number would add up to a few hundred. Moreover, this number was drastically increasing.

The foot of Mt. Star Fate was filled with fog and there was only one entrance to ascend the mountain, hence, a stone gate was constructed there. Right now, everyone was gathered by the empty land in front of the stone gate. They weren’t too far from each other, thus, Li Fuchen and the others could use their naked eyes to see the members from the other sects.

“There are so many Reincarnation Realm martial artists.” Li Fuchen sighed in his heart.

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