Chapter 4: Talent Restored

Lifting his eyelids, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist indifferently said, “Li Yunhe, it could have been a usual joyful day for you.”

He did not put Li Yunhe in his eyes. Even though Li Yunhe was at fifth level Qi Realm, strength was not the only thing to measure one’s cultivation. Martial sense could allow one to overcome that difference easily.

“Stop your nonsense! Draw your sword!”Li Yunhe said while drawing his steel sword.

“As you wish.”

Li Fuchen approached the training grounds and stood 5 meters apart from Li Yunhe.

“Li Fuchen, recently my Drifting Sword Style reached the novice stage (Not even sub-completion), let me use you as a guinea pig.” With a sudden change in form, Li Yunhe’s steel sword trotted out, smooth as water towards Li Fuchen.

Had it been half a month ago, Li Fuchen would never have been able to withstand Li Yunhe’s Drifting Sword Style. But now, in the eyes of Li Fuchen, Li Yunhe’s sword form was full of openings.

With a sway, Li Fuchen tactfully dodged the steel sword.

“How dare you.” Li Yunhe went into a frenzy and started to increase his sword speed.

Even though his speed had increased, nothing was hitting Li Fuchen, it was as though he was dancing with the wind. Displaying an aura of skillfulness.

“This is impossible?”

Li Yunhe couldn’t believe his eyes. With his face flushed, he compressed his qi and pushed the Drifting Sword Style to its limits.

But all was for naught.

“Li Yunhe, my turn to draw.”

Immediately after speaking, the steel sword was drawn from his waist.


Li Yunhe’s sword fell out from his hand.


Fresh blood sprayed out, Li Yunhe scudded backwards. His clothes covering the chest area bursted and the shape of a palm was embedded on top.

“Li Yunhe lost?”

At the training grounds, all the observers were dumbstruck.

“How is this possible? Half a month ago, Li Fuchen was not even Li Yunhe’s match. Did his talent get restored during these two weeks?”

“Even if his talent returned, using half a month to surpass Li Yunhe, isn’t that too exaggerated?”

A feeling of disbelief was in everyone’s mind, everything was too surreal.

“Li Yunhe, in the past you were never my equal, even more so now. I hope you shape up.”

With the sword back in his scabbard, Li Fuchen turned and left.

Not long after Li Fuchen left, the entire Li Clan had an outburst.



“Fuchen, is your talent back to before?”

At the dining table, Li Tianhan’s voice was trembling. His mother Shen Yuyan, was looking at Li Fuchen with warm eyes.

“Dad, Mom, my talent was restored two weeks ago. I was planning to give you a surprise.” Li Fuchen admitted honestly.

“Silly child, if your talent returned, why didn’t you mention it sooner?” Seeing that Li Fuchen confessed, Li Tianhan was surprised yet felt contempt as well.

“Haha! In the end the heavens did not forsake you nor I, Li Tianhan.”

Li Tianhan laughed heartily, the burden on his heart dissipated.

He was in the same state as Li Fuchen, oppressed, yet had no one to share it with.

Even though he was the Li Clan’s Patriarch and he had a noble status. In Yunwu city, their Li Clan has been deteriorating day by day. Not only have they been left far behind by the Yang Clan, even the Guan Clan has slightly surpassed them.

Originally, Li Yunhai and Li Fuchen were the hope of the Li Clan. They had a high chance of becoming the Cang Lan Sect’s disciples. Once they both succeeded, the Li Clan would have the opportunity to return back to the top. At least they would not remain in the present state of deterioration.

Taking a step back, even without the clan’s burden. Which father wouldn’t hope for the future prospects of his child.

Who would have thought Li Fuchen’s talents would vanish without any reason, nor was there any way to bring it back. On the surface, he looked calm, but his heart was always in turmoil.

But now, everything was back on track.

“Oh, that’s right. Fuchen, how did you defeat Li Yunhe? Didn’t you not cultivate for the past year?” Shen Yuyan queried.

Li Fuchen had long prepared his pretext, “During the past year, I tried to cultivate daily and every day was nothing but pain. Once my talent recovered, I realised my concentration was ten times better than before. Thus my sword arts improved drastically.”

“Blessings and curses go hand in hand. As he was unable to cultivate for a full year, Fuchen developed a strong determination and stubborn persistence. Which allowed him to achieve results with only half the effort.” Li Tianhan gave a justified reasoning without any doubt.

Shen Yuyan was overwhelmed with feelings. She felt that the world was full of wonders that couldn’t be explained. Tonight’s atmosphere at the table was joyous, which was a first this year.


The dinner at the other family seemed rather depressed in comparison.

“Yunhe, tell me what happened?”Li Tieshan inquired to Li Yunhe.

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Still devastated, Li Yunhe mumbled, “I don’t know, I really don’t…”

Looking at Li Yunhe’s current state, his brother Li Yunhai grunted, “I have preempted you, your sword style has too many openings and the basics are not even settled. It was only Li Fuchen and he could already wipe you clean. You are a disgrace.”

“Enough Yunhai. He still is your brother, cut him some slack.” The mother of these two berated Li Yunhai.

“If you can’t even suffer a small setback, how will you succeed next time?”

Li Tieshan was unsatisfied with Li Yunhe’s performance. He has been in a struggle with Li Tianhan for many years and has always been the inferior one. Even the Patriarch position was taken away from him. This caused him to have huge expectations from his sons. His eldest was the genius of the clan, there is a high likelihood that he will become the Cang Lan Sect’s disciple. His youngest was also developing well this year, but his display today was a let down.

Seeing his father upset, Li Yunhai spoke up, “Dad, be at ease, when there is a chance, I will help brother discipline that Li Fuchen.”

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He has never placed Li Fuchen in his sight, even a year ago, he didn’t reckoned that Li Fuchen talent was better than his.


Pant.. Pant..

Li Fuchen’s breathing was exceedingly drawn out and with every breath, there was a pale red glow around his abdomen.

Last year, Li Fuchen was at the peak of the fourth level of the Qi Realm. Had he not been delayed for a year, reaching the peak of the fifth level of the Qi Realm wasn’t demanding at all.

To compensate for the loss of a year wasn’t a simple task.

Li Fuchen’s priority should be to breakthrough to the fifth rank of Red Jade Technique. This would help boost his cultivation speed. With future development in sight, he wished to breakthrough to the seventh rank of the Red Jade Technique with haste.

Within his mind, as Li Fuchen was cultivating his qi… Within the pale green soul spirit, there were green streaks. As if strings, it started to thread itself around the golden amulet.


Deep into the night.

The pale red glow on Li Fuchen’s abdomen abruptly flared up! Within his body, his qi had detached all meridians that was related to the fourth rank of the Red Jade Technique and proceeded to a hidden meridian.

One meridian, two meridians…..

The qi freed a total of 5 meridians, resulting in Li Fuchen’s flow of qi to flow into intricate paths.

“Fifth rank of the Red Jade Technique.”

Exhaling a rampart breathe, Li Fuchen opened his eyes. Glee was seen on his face.

Progressing to a higher rank in techniques would allow his cultivation to be accelerated, at the same time, his qi would be more explosive.

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