Chapter 5: Live Combat Practice

Perhaps after achieving the completion stage with the  Clear Breeze Sword Style and apprehension of the way of the sword. His cultivation of the Shao Shang Sword Style only required half the effort and he achieved completion in just 9 days.

The power of the Shao Shang Sword Style at the completion stage is astounding. With a swing, even if the tree trunk had a thickness of two individuals hugging each other, it could hack it in half. Its sword strength was at least twice that of the Clear Breeze Sword Style.

As the Cyclone Kick Style and Clear Breeze Sword Style were similar in nature. Both required the need to become one with the wind. Thus, in 3 days, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist cultivated the Cyclone Kick Style to completion.

“I guess it’s time to practice my live combat skills.”

Cultivation, techniques, and martial arts were one’s foundation. Under the situation where the foundations of two individuals are equivalent, live combat experience would become the difference.

Since young, Li Fuchen never partook in any live combat, hence he understood what he was lacking.

Armed with his steel sword, Li Fuchen departed with resolve and set off towards the Misty Mountains.


The Misty Mountain was huge in magnitude. It’s name did not originated from Yunwu(Misty) City, rather it was due to this misty range surrounding the city, hence the name of  Yunwu City came to be.

Menace engulfed the mountains, under the mist was where the demonic beasts ruled. Even demons resided within.

Encompassing the perimeter were the Class 1 demonic beasts and demons, possessing the strength of Qi Realm fighters.

Just slightly closer to the center, Class 2 demonic beasts and demons would start surfacing. They were at the same level as Origin Realm fighters. A peak Class 2 demonic beast would simply eliminate an Origin Realm fighter. As for a Class 2 demon, even a ninth level Origin Realm fighter would die 9 out of 10 times.

Naturally, Li Fuchen wouldn’t want to give up his life, he plans to just train along the perimeter since Class 1 demonic beasts aren’t life threatening.

Along the desolated path, Li Fuchen flew at a breakneck pace.

Using the time to hurry along the way, Li Fuchen took the chance to trained his Cyclone Kick Style. A great example of killing two bird with a single stone.

2 hours past, Li Fuchen arrived at the edge of the Misty Mountains.

“As expected of the Misty Mountains, the fear is setting in by just standing in front of this wilderness.”

Roaming in this dangerous territory, Li Fuchen could feel all his hair stand on end.


Shooting from underneath a tree was a slim and green shadow, closing in on Li Fuchen.

At the crucial moment, using his lightning reflexes, Li Fuchen reached out and grabbed that green shadow.

The shadow was a green snake. It was violently twitching as it was grasped tightly by Li Fuchen,

“Class 1 low-tier, demonic beast, Green Striped Snake. It’s strength can’t even be compared to a first level Qi Realm fighter, but its venom can mean death for even those at the sixth or seventh level of the Qi Realm.”

“The Misty Mountains are more treacherous than I thought…”

Li Fuchen reflected upon himself, if it wasn’t for his evolved soul spirit, he wouldn’t have been able to catch the Green Striped Snake. It would have resulted in his death by its venom.

Li Fuchen pushed on with vigilance. Activating his five senses, coupled with the support of his qi and pushing it to the limit. Even when a blade of grass moved, he would be able to sense it.

“Mm? It’s a medicinal herb!”

Li Fuchen focused his sight. Not far away on a hill, there was a petite flower. It was a low-tier, yellow class herb named: Jasper Dew Flower, worth 2000 gold coins.

2000 gold coins was not a small sum. 1 gold coin is worth 10 silver coins or 1000 copper coins. A regular household income in Yunwu City is around 10 gold coins annually. Even though Li Fuchen is the son of a Patriarch, his monthly allowance is only 10 gold coins. Foraging the Jasper Dew Flower, he placed it inside a sizable jade box. The price of this jade box was around 10 gold coins, it is able to preserve the qi of herbs.


With time ticking away, Li Fuchen trailed along the ridges.


Applying force on the surface with the balls of his feet, Li Fuchen traversed by using the trees as steps. After just a few winks of an eye, he landed on the top branch of a massive tree and looked at the vast landscape ahead.

Just as Li Fuchen mounted the massive tree, in the bushes ahead, was a sinister demonic beast.

The beast was brownish yellow in color, about 2.5 meters long including its tail. Paired with cold-blooded eyes, it gave a shuddering stare.

This was a Class 1 demonic beast, the Steel Boned Jackal. It is almost equivalent to the fifth level of the Qi Realm. With the extreme hardness in its bone, without hitting its vital parts, it would be hard for even a 6th or 7th level Qi Realm fighter to kill it.

“It’s actually a Steel-Boned Jackal!”

Li Fuchen twitched his brows, as the Steel Boned Jackal was a difficult foe, unless it was his last resort, he would rather not confront it.

But the Jackal had already noticed Li Fuchen’s presence and it shot a glare at him, not even the leaves could have block its line of sight.

Letting out a cry like that of a child, the Steel-Boned Jackal shot out like an arrow towards the tree Li Fuchen was standing on.


The tree shook, the leaves scattered all around as though they were dancing. Li Fuchen lost his balance and fell off the tree due to the tremors.

“Oh crap!”

Li Fu Chen didn’t expect the Steel Boned Jackal’s ferocity and let his guard down. With his agile movement, he stretched out and grabbed a branch and swung from one end to the other.

With the howl of the wind, the Jackal spurted through the air towards Li Fuchen.

“Stay down!”

With one hand on the branch and the other on his steel sword. Li Fuchen slashed at the face of the Jackal.

The sound of failure was heard, the slash did leave a wound on the Jackal’s face, but it did not fatally injure the Steel-Boned Jackal at all. But with this slash, it ruined the attack being launched at Li Fuchen.

With the sway of the branch, Li Fuchen stood up on the branch once again. This time, he grasp tightly onto a limb of the tree to avoid being shaken down again.


Peng peng!

The Steel Boned Jackal struck the tree again and again, Li Fuchen could hear the limb splintering. With just a few more strikes, the limb will most definitely break completely.

“Let’s do this! My sword arts aren’t just for show.”

Clenching his teeth, Li Fuchen dove off the tree and stabbed toward the beast in mid air.

But the Jackal was nimble and repelled the sword with a maul of it’s claw, then pounced toward Li Fuchen again.

“Just the likes of a Steel Boned Jackal..”

Li Fuchen entered a zone. Every move made by the beast, was as clear as the sky in his view. He dodged the beast with ease and stabbed right between the ribs of the foe.

With the sword buried into the wound, fresh blood oozed out.

But Li Fuchen underestimated the aggressive Steel Boned Jackal, even after receiving a fatal blow, it still struggled to land an attack on Li Fuchen.


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The sword drew across the Jackal’s neck, and like a balloon that lost air, it dropped in an instant and forfeited all life.

After striking down the Steel Boned Jackal, Li Fuchen stood motionless and reflected on where he could improve.

Firstly, he had some restrained fear against the jackal and he overestimated his own strength.

Secondly, insufficient live combat experience.

For the first weakness, Li Fuchen felt it wasn’t a true weakness as it was his first time meeting the ferocious Steel Boned Jackal. With this encounter, he would not have the same reaction next time.

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As for the second weakness, he was unable to correct it immediately and needed constant practice to improve his live combat skills.


Expelling all his stress, Li Fu Chen’s eyes were shot with radiance, a valiant battle intent was released.

If the golden amulet had changed his destiny, this battle made him understand the meaning of giving up one’s life to kill one’s foe. No matter the enemy, as long as he was willing to fight, there would always be a way to win.

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