Chapter 62: The Outer Sect’s Four Beauties

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, is it okay to do it this way?”

Zhu Hongxiu was shocked at the Li Fuchen’s ability, but she cared more about whether or not Li Fuchen let his emotions get the better of him.

Had it been because of his emotions, it would be harder to recover from this later on.

Had it been intentional, that would mean Li Fuchen knew what he was capable of and didn’t make a rash decision.

Li Fuchen: “Isn’t this what you needed? He won’t come annoy you anymore in the future.”

Zhu Hongxiu replied, “I am worried for you. Qing Shaoyu is a person who gets his revenge and will not let things stay this way.”

Li Fuchen: “Don’t worry, I already have a whole body of louses, a few more doesn’t make a difference.”

Zhu Hongxiu apologised, “No matter what, this was my fault, dragging you into this.”

“Things that I am unwilling to do, can’t be forced on to me. You needn’t blame yourself.”

Although she used him as a ‘shield’, if he didn’t reciprocate, nothing would have happened.

It was his own choice.

What’s more, he didn’t even placed Qing Shaoyu in his sight.

Finishing their meal, they went their separate ways and went back to their residences.

Interception Form Dao was even harder then Li Fuchen expected. It took him 3 days to attain completion of the first rank.

Although the first rank of Interception Form Dao didn’t increase Li Fuchen’s physical strength, it improved his reflexes and reaction by a fair amount.


The next day, Li Fuchen arrived at the resources hall, planning to redeem some high-tier, yellow class body tempering pills to boost his cultivation of Interception Form Dao.

Body tempering pills were expensive.

A mid-tier, yellow class body tempering pill cost 250 points per pill.

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A high-tier, yellow class, dragon tiger pill cost 1500 points per pill.

Li Fuchen redeemed 6 dragon tiger pills.

On the way back to his courtyard, Li Fuchen met Gao Changtian.

Gao Changtian who was also one of the 10 Prodigies, yet he didn’t have the arrogance like the other prodigies but rather felt like a chivalrous hero.

Gao Changtian asked, “Li Fuchen, did Fang Liehai come looking for you during this period of time?”

Li Fuchen shook his head, “Thanks for the help previously.”

With his previous combat ability, he probably couldn’t have dealt with Fang Liehai, he might have even been at a disadvantage.

“That man is obstinate and self-opinionated, I am afraid that he wouldn’t let us off that easily. Obviously, I , Gao Changtian have no one to fear of. Rather, this is about you.”

Gao Changtian looked at Li Fuchen, even though Li Fuchen had a perception that was logic defying, he hadn’t reach the prodigies’ level yet.

Li Fuchen replied, “During this period of time, I progressed even further. It is good he didn’t come, had he came, I would have invited him.”


Gao Changtian raised a brow, his intuition told him that Li Fuchen wasn’t one that bragged. So if he dared to make this statement, he would more or less be able to prove it.

“It seems Fang Liehai offended someone he shouldn’t. But you shouldn’t be careless either, we the 10 Prodigies have special privileges and can each redeem a mystic class martial arts manual. Fang Liehai who has the golden steel bone frame has just redeemed the Iron Dipper Form. As to why he didn’t look for you, this is probably because he is planning to reach a certain level in the Iron Dipper Form before confronting you.”

Hearing this, Li Fuchen was slightly surprised.

He thought the outer sect’s 10 Prodigies was just a title, and didn’t think there would be privileges.

But after thinking it through, since 1st grade outer sect disciples had privileges, outer sect prodigies would certainly have them too.

With regards to the Iron Dipper Form, he had taken a look at it while he was at the inner sect martial arts hall.

This body refinement technique when at the completion stage, gifted the practitioner 7500 kg of physical strength. It at the same time, gave the practitioner the body of steel, it was unknown how much stronger the physical defense of this technique was compared to the Crimson Battle Form.

But Li Fuchen didn’t think that with just a few months time, Fang Liehai could attain completion for the Iron Dipper Form.

Mystic class body refinement techniques wasn’t something peak-tier, yellow class techniques could compare with. It had an extreme difficulty.

“Why didn’t he redeem an advancement technique?”

The entry cultivation technique that Fang Lieshi chose was the Iron Shell Technique and its advancement technique was the Golden Steel Mystic Technique.

Gao Changtian laughed bitterly, “Advancement techniques are mid-tier, mystic class techniques, that kind of difficulty is unspeakable. What’s more, half a year later is the outer sect competition. With the end of the competition, the top ten outer sect disciples will be able to redeem a mystic class martial arts manual. It wouldn’t be too late to redeem the advancement technique then.”

Li Fuchen nodded in agreement. It was true that even if you can redeem the advancement technique now, with half a year, whether you can advance one rank was an uncertainty.

It was known that as the grade of the cultivation technique rised, it demanded a higher cultivation capability from the martial artist.

Geniuses were meant to break logic, but even they had their limits.

For example, if someone handed an earth class technique to you, would you be able to cultivate it?

Reckoned that you couldn’t even understand what was written.

Even with Li Fuchen’s perception, during the past few days, he could feel the challenge during the cultivation of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

Perception wasn’t the problem, but rather the power of his qi.

As for the outer sect competition, Li Fuchen had long heard about it. Every three years, the outer sect would arrange a competition for outer sect disciples to determine the top ten disciples.

According the placings, first place received 100,000 contribution points.

80,000 points for second and third place.

60,000 points for the fourth and fifth place.

30,000 points for the sixth to tenth place.

It was a great chance for any outer sect disciples to earn a huge amount of contribution points.

Fang Liehai, who gave up on the chance of redeeming the advancement technique and picked the Iron Dipper Form, was most likely planning to raise his combat ability before the competition to shock the entire outer sect.

While Gao Changtian was speaking, he suddenly became rather agitated, staring dully at a lane not far from where they were standing.

Li Fuchen’s sight followed where Gao Changtian looked at.

On the lane, was a young man and lass walking side by side.

The guy had the height of 1.8m, long black hair binded by a golden crown. His face looked like carved jade and that light smile on his face brought on an indescribable nobility.

Even Fang Liehai who was Shanhai City’s young master, couldn’t compare in grandeur to this gold crowned youth.

And the young lady beside the youth, had brows like as though it was painted, snow white skin, and a long silky black hair which glowed.

She was a refined beauty who didn’t lose out to Guan Xue.

Li Fuchen asked, “Gao shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple), who are they?”

(TL note: Shige and shixiong is the same = Senior Male Disciple)

“Shang Guan Hong and Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister!” Gao Changtian exclaimed as his expressions darkened.

“Shang Guan Hong, Wu Qingmei?”

Li Fuchen suddenly recalled, Shang Guan Hong and Wu Qingmei were both the outer sect’s 10 Prodigies. Shang Guan Hong ranked 2nd in the Tower of Tribulations, second to only the top of the 10 Prodigies, Yu Wentian.

Wu Qingmei ranked 15 in the Tower of Tribulations, and was also one of the outer sect’s Four Beauties.

In the outer sect, except for the 10 Prodigies title, there was also the Four Beauties title.

They were, Wu Qingmei, Guan Xue, Zhu Hongxiu, and Zhao Mingyue

The Four Beauties had countless suitors.

Wu Qingmei and Shang Guan Hong seemed to be rather close with one another, but no one dared to go against Shang Guan Hong.

As for the other three beauties, there wasn’t anyone who could get near them. Guan Xue and Zhao Mingyue were very popular since the both of them also held the title of the 10 Prodigies.

Zhu Hongxiu who was slightly inferior in ability, still managed to attract the likes of prodigies like Qing Shaoyu.

Li Fuchen queried, “It seems that Gao shixiong likes Wu Qingmei?”

Gao Changtian only gave an awkward laugh and didn’t deny.

Li Fuchen observed Shang Guan Hong and Wu Qingmei, then said, “From what I observed, the two of them don’t seem to be in a relationship. Gao shixiong should still have chances.”

Gao Changtian shook his head, “A gentlemen doesn’t take what belong to others.”

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Hearing Gao Changtian’s response, Li Fuchen shook his head in his heart. Even though Gao Changtian was a righteous person, he was overly pedantic.

But he has no say in what others felt, thus he didn’t give any feedback.

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