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Title: Omnipotent Overlord | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: Somewhere in the universe, there was an altar. On it, laid a bloody eye as big as the sun itself. It burst with light and bathed the entire star system in red.
"The aura of an ancestral artifact!" Someone's voice rose in surprise.
The Great Galactic Era had begun.

Adventurer’s Guild IV

As Mari opened the meeting room and invited Duality inside, there were freshly-baked loaves of bread prepared on the table, still piping hot in their basket. The plates were laden with thick, rare cuts of juicy red meat, served with sweetcorn and buttered mashed potatoes. Vegetables and fruits which made up the salad appeared to be freshly-picked, and the fragrant dressing filled the room with an enticing aroma.

Triple-layered cake racks gleaming in silver, packed with macaroon, bite-sized sandwiches, and chocolate desserts were seen on the side. No matter where one looked, there was always something yummy in view. 

The delicious spread stimulated Yin and Yang’s appetite — it was a food paradise.

“I had our chefs prepare a filling dish tonight. I do apologize for the lack of the usual varieties since there was little time to prepare for your unexpected arrival.”

Mari pulled out the seats and invited Duality to sit down.

“Wow, that steak looks so delicious!”

“Right? Mari’s selections are always so great.”

Both Yin and Yang casually removed their animal-kabuki masks, revealing their faces to the guild master. The two started eating their meal without minding the sheer consequences of their action. However, their movements were so casual that one would assume that Duality had done this many times in the past.

“Long day, Master Onii, Master Amae?”

Mari sat down across from the two siblings and watched them hungrily devour their meal. The maid smiled, feeling like a caretaker whose kids finally came back to visit after a long journey.

“What’s with the sudden formality? Are you roleplaying as a maid?” Amae commented but focused her entire attention at the juicy steak, dipping it into a herbal salsa verde sauce.

“To dress as a maid is to become a maid.” 

Mari spoke in an elegant voice that truly defined her look.

“It would also be impolite to Grandmaster’s best students and one of the world’s strongest adventurer team.”

“Look who’s talking,” Onii let out a chuckle. “Back in the days, you were the dojo representative. And now you’re the guild master overseeing the Adventurer’s Guild in Libertea. A similar line of work but even more impressive.”

Amae nodded in assent and chimed in.

“S-rank at Temple Academy. Before graduating, you uncovered the ancient ruins of Samu Rai during your 5th-year expedition. Not to mention, you were the one who helped us with quest assignment and publicity when we first started as adventurers. It’s because of you that we are Hero-tier today.”

Mari could not help but smile fondly at the unexpected shower of praises. It was rare that she received genuine compliments. Given that there were many people that would kiss-up to her in attempts to advance selfishly or gain favoritism.

“And the two of you are still as sweet as ever.”

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Onii casually held a glass of citrus juice in front of Amae in which she automatically sipped on with a straw. As thanks, she stuck a slice of meat with a fork and fed it to her older brother. Seeing their intimate yet relaxed interactions brought back memories when they were all young at the Dojo, especially how their eating habits remain unchanged after all these years.

It also reminded her of how they fought together.

“Maybe I should address you by your adventurer name; Yin and Yang? Things have changed and we’re all at a different stage of our lives.”

“Let’s keep it simple, Mari.” Onii shook his head, refusing to back down. “We are old friends. Why bother with the silly formalities?”

Amae nodded in agreement and whispered something into her big brother’s ear. Instantly, Onii’s crimson-red eyes lit up as his mouth curled up into a sly smile. The little sister unexpectedly rose up from her seat and skipped over to Mari, stopping right behind her.

“How about loosening up a little~❣?”

Immediately whispering those words, Amae started playing with her breasts. Both of her hands cupped the bosom perfectly as Mari let out a lewd moan.

“Gyah!~ W-What are you doing, Mast— I-I mean Amae?!”

“Oh my, they felt even bigger than last time~” 

Amae had an impish grin across her face.

“What do you think of these, big brother?”

Leaning close to her chest, Onii analyzed in an obvious manner. The twin peaks seemed to bulge excessively out of her maid outfit. The big brother nodded to himself and sat back with a smile as if he had stamped a seal of approval.

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“Those might even be ‘Hero-tier’ themselves.”

Mari quickly pulled herself away from the perverted little sister, covering her chest with her arms in a flushed expression. 

“I-I’ll sue you!”

No one in their right minds would ever dare to perform such obscene act to someone of high status, especially not one of the Elite Fives. Simultaneously a guild master, a supreme position of power and influence, she could have her perpetrator’s life ruined in shambles and trialed for execution. What Amae did was practically suicide.

“T-This is sexual harassment…”

Mari had wanted to declare in a more assertive manner. But in the end, she found herself utterly embarrassed and unable to fight back.

Amae rested her chin on Mari’s left shoulder and smirked, “Fufufu. Weren’t you the one who taught us these things in the first place?~”

Mari opened her mouth but did not how to respond.

Amae was right. 

When it came to sexual education, she was actually the one who taught the duo about the birds and the bees. She silently cursed Grandmaster for purposely leaving this challenging task to her. Mari could imagine him roaring in laughter back at the Dojo.

Onii joined in and placed his hand on Mari’s right shoulder, “Besides you should learn how to have fun and take it easy, I bet you are the type of person who works all four hundred days in the year.”

“Even on Christmas and during Mid-Autumn Festival.” 

Amae leaned in closer to the crevice of the neck and shook her head. The two siblings surrounded her like predators closing on prey.

“Your old habits never seem to change, even when Grandmaster lectured you about overworking yourself and not taking a vacation.” 

“Maybe we’ll have to keep a solid eye on you instead, Guild Master.”

The siblings were right; she was indeed a workaholic.

“You two are always teasing me! Even though I am older than you and technically your senpai…”

“Speaking of age, aren’t you are twenty-eight already? Isn’t it time for you to find a boyfriend?”

The maid felt an imaginary sword stabbed right through her chest. 

“Wait, little sister! We are getting too ahead of ourselves. I don’t think Mari has even been on a date yet.”

Another invisible sword pierced through. The word date was indeed a foreign concept. What Onii said was the truth. The bitter truth.

And it was not because no one asked but rather she had turned down all the potential candidates back in her primes. And now, Mari was starting to regret her past decisions.

“You want to be like that one witch who ended up marrying her broom?”

This was the ultimate finishing move — the final sword penetrated through the maid as they had compared her to the infamous sorceress who secluded herself and ended up wedding a household item.

“There there~” 

Amae gently patted Mari’s head as she began complaining about her love life. It was an unwholly sight and would strike many observers in utter confusion. First of all, an eighteen-year-old was comforting an adult in her late twenties with headpats. Second, it was about love and relationship. And lastly, of all people, it was Yin of Duality comforting the Guild Master of Libertea.

“Don’t live to work. Work to live.” 

Onii chuckled, rubbing her back softly before continuing the feast. This time, on the delicious platter of desserts.

“We may be mean. But no one will ever be this blunt with you because of your authority. Hence, this is why it’s best to keep it casual and call us Onii and Amae.”

“G-Got it…” Mari sniffled like a little child, realizing the true intention behind name formality and the teasings. “I-I will call you two by your real names…”

After a few more wholesome headpats, Amae hugged Mari tightly before joining her brother on the dessert run. After all, she was a sweet-tooth and the desserts were mainly prepared for her cravings.

“I’m happy to see that you are still cosplaying.”

Behind those pair of circular glasses, Mari’s hazel-brown eyes seemed to shine brilliantly whenever this topic comes up. It was her favorite.

“Yes, I’ve been using the Online to sell my outfits recently and I am surprised how convenient it is. And Mast— I mean Amae. I have a present for you~”

“I can’t wait!” The little sister smiled. “I was actually planning to wear a pastel-pink dress for the ‘Meet and Greet’ this weekend but forget it, yours will be perfect.”

“Do let me take pictures later as compensation~” Mari smiled as the two finished their dessert. “Now then, let us discuss the mission.”

With a puff of satisfaction, the two steadied themselves and an air of solemnity returned. The relaxed shoulders were now firm and their eyes displayed that of true, determined Hero-tier adventurers.

Fun time over. It was time for business.


『 Amae (01/14/20): Don’t lewd the maid and little sister.

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