Volume II: Chapter 10

Just where is the flower!!! I stomp in desperation as I follow the guidance of Dolphin. Dolphin after these two years, has been upgraded by Lord Valentine. Dolphin can now work like a GPS and notify me when dangers are close. As expected of Lord Valentine. Lord Valentine is the best!

It’s been five days since I was dropped in this realm. If this goes on I might have to resort to hunting for food as my food storage is reducing. Spells require a lot of power and energy. But I am a little averse to hunting for food myself, who knows if the fish I catch is a to-be spirit or not? What if I kill a nymph to be? 

I sigh and continue to walk on. I am surrounded by seaweed everywhere I look. Suddenly Dolphin starts flicks its tail at me urgently. Here it comes again, the deeper into the realm, the more monsters I encounter. I take out my protective spells and activate them. 

The monsters burst out from the seaweed jungle. They are fish like but not exactly. They have huge heads but exceptionally small tails. When they open their mouth, rows and rows of sharp teeth and fangs occupy their mouth. They roar and snap their jaws. They are like sharks hunting for food. 

The one closer to me attacks first. With lightning speed, the monster opens its large gaping mouth and try to snap at me. I keep chanting the protective spell to try to strengthen my shield. The monster bounces at the shield and is repelled off. 

The current protective spells may not hold a second attack, judging from my experience since I first encountered these monsters five days ago. I sense a crack already. I need to fight back and get rid of them as quickly as possible. To do so I need to free myself from chanting the protective spell. After much deliberation, I take out another protective spell from my bag and activate it. It’s one of my last reserve. I need to draw some more spells after getting rid of the two deep sea monsters in front of me. 

This time the two monsters attack at the same time. Like last time, they open their monstrous mouth, but unlike last time, this time they spit something at me. I nearly yelp in disgust. When the ‘spit’ comes into contact of my protective shield, my shield starts to erode away. The monsters I met earlier on definitely did not have such skills. So that’s what Lord Valentine said. The deeper into the realm, the stronger the monsters. And also the closer I am to my target. The plant blooms in the centre of the realm. 

I have no time to activate another protective spell. I have to gamble. I quickly throw the two lightning spells in their direction and chant to activate them. Lightning strikes them just before they cross my already eroded protective shield. This spell was strong enough to kill the monsters I encountered these past few days, but I am not sure about these two monsters who are surely at a more advanced level.

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Without thinking too much, I throw in another round of spells and chant. The struggling monsters receive another round of electricity. They finally drop dead on the ground. 

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I heave a sigh of relief. Then I realize both of my hands are shaking uncontrollably. If you ask me if I am scared or not. Of course I am. Back when I was still a normal university student, I have never killed anything, not even a cockroach. Suddenly I am being thrown into this realm where it is normal to duel, to use magic to attack others. I am not used to it and am still getting used to it. When I first enter the realm, I nearly screamed when I first met the monster. I was indecisive when I had to give the monster a killing blow. 

It seems like I have grown a lot in these five days.

You’re just protecting yourself. You’re just protecting yourself. You’re just protecting yourself…

I have to find somewhere to replenish my dwindling supply of spells. I need somewhere more quiet and safe. Who am I kidding, there is no where in this realm that is safe. 

“Dolphin, can you find somewhere where I can sit down and draw some spells?”

Dolphin swims in circle around me and guides me to a place behind a huge rock. 

“Thanks Dolphin, you’re the best.” I rub Dolphin on its head and Dolphin flicks its tail excitedly in return. “Notify me when anything is coming too closely, alright?”

Then I get to work. 

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