Chapter 2-14

After that, I was promptly returned to the usual Leon-sama’s residential area, in other words, the living room bestowed to me.

According to today’s resume was created with trouble, the horse-riding ground and the training ground was put in an arbitrary order, so if we went to the training ground first, we could go to the horse-riding ground after that, to look at the horse-riding practice, going to the stall in the stable, and if I were to find a horse I liked, I could ride it—such was the arrangement, but Orgueil quietly cancelled the arrangement that came after my visit to the training ground.

The road we walked after we visited the training ground was a different route from when we came to the training ground, and since there was still plenty of time left in the noon, I thought that I would be taken to the horse-riding ground, but we were gradually getting farther away from the basement, and the scenery that I saw from the window changed into that of a high area, and at that time, I thought that we were getting more distant from the horse-riding ground. Finally, we returned to the usual place.

Orgueil indifferently explained the return route. He wasn’t negligent in his explanation, but his mood seemed to be very bad.

Even if I didn’t mind his expressionless face that I became familiar with, even his beautiful eyes also turned expressionless, and it was an atmosphere that wouldn’t allow any frivolous talk at all. To put it bluntly, it was scary.

As expected, was it because how I suddenly jumped in to participate in a betting match?

The only reason that came up in my mind was only that.

However, though it was unplanned, it might be my hindsight-based opinion, but it wasn’t like I was putting my life in danger, and the soldiers although they were [mercenaries], I considered them adorable. They also didn’t neglect their training and did it diligently just like that. In my original world, I knew lots of soldiers with such kind of social position other than the military officers were self-indulgent people that would only care about getting money.

Besides, the black-haired man. The one called Alph. I only had the chance to do a match with him, but I thought that it was a shame for his skills to go unnoticed. If there was no criminal record or any unfavorable situation, although I wasn’t in any position to say this, but I thought it would be great for him to be promoted and used. The Gladius house seemed to be a merit-based house, after all.

As I somehow managed to look at Orgueil’s face from the side in this atmosphere that wouldn’t tolerate any frivolous talk, I came back to the living room I became used to seeing, and I personally made some tea for Orgueil.

Obviously, the maids offered to make the tea in the beginning, but I immediately refused and ordered them to leave.

You could call this a ‘scolding time’. I wanted to do something about that face. Should I apologize first? It was unreasonable to apologize without understanding the reason, and so I hesitated, but in the end, I decided to quickly apologize. –Apologizing is free of charge. Let’s do that.

“…Uhm, Orgueil.”

I didn’t even taste the tea cup that I took, I temporarily placed it aside, and for the time being, I bowed my head.

I could feel his presence as he was only looking at me silently. Scary, scary…

“Thank you for guiding me here and there today. And then, I apologize for being slightly reckless and participate in the match on the spur of the moment even though there was already an arranged schedule. I’m truly sorry.”

I firmly bowed my head.

Would this suffice–?

–Instead of an answer, I felt my head being patted.


“There is nothing you need to apologize for, Riviere-sama.”

When I timidly looked up, there was the usual Orgueil with one of his hands put on the desk, while his other hand was patting my head as he was looking at me.

“…But you were really scary.”

When I reflexively told the truth, he slightly narrowed his eyes.

“I also apologize. I was having some thoughts. Did it show in my face?”

“It shows very much that it’s scary.”

“Is that so? I have to be careful.”

He said in a seemingly an insincere tone.

Speaking of which, he was still patting my head all this time.

What is it?’ I pondered, but since his warm and large hand felt so good, I thought that there was no need to reject this, so I let it be.

“—That man. Is there something about him that you’re thinking about, Riviere-sama?”

Although the hand that patted my head was gentle, Orgueil began to talk in a very straight-forward way.

His somewhat dangerous eyes, as expected, it was a little scary that I diverted my attention by counting his silver eyelashes. I answered while still being distracted.

“Alph, was it? That’s right, what I’m thinking about if, perhaps if he’s zealous enough, I think that he’s certainly going to be vehemently strong.”

“Vehemently, huh?”

“If he has an interest in undergoing proper training, I think he will be able to exceed me. That man only amounts that much right now because he just doesn’t know how to use his own talent.”

“That, do you want to teach and guide him?”

“…How can I? I don’t feel like doing that before my foothold here is firm. It’s just, I think it’s a waste.”

“Promotion? If it’s the Gladius house with the merit system?”

Again, Orgueil quickly interpreted. But still, it was always correct, so there was no helping it, though.

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“I didn’t say anything about promoting him. If he were to improve, that might be possible, though. But getting promoted is quite impossible for the current him, right?”

“It’s as you said. …As expected of Riviere-sama, you’re so sharp.”

Orgueil slightly loosened his eyes’ expression.

He’s been patting my head with his body bent, doesn’t it hurt for him?’ I thought, but since it was preferable to have him in a good mood, I decided not to say anything unnecessary.

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“…That man. Certainly, he’s skilled, but there are reasons that he’s lumped with the other mercenary soldiers. He’s a bit famous.”

Reasons? Famous?

“…He has that kind of appearance, doesn’t he? And an uncouth aura. He’s considerably popular among town girls and the women within the castle.”

For some reason, it turned into a seemingly vulgar talk.

It was interesting, so I silently listened carefully.

“There was a bloodshed involving a woman that concerned him. There was also the woman’s fault in raising the matter, but he also fanned it as he seemed to think that it was amusing, and he was relieved of his military post, and he was treated the same as a general or mercenary soldier. It was a popular talk, and since the woman involved in the bloodshed was a woman of a significant social status, it became something that couldn’t be overlooked.”

It was a common story that I couldn’t even laugh at.

“—I see, that person has a loose lower half, huh?”

“Riviere-sama, please refrain from making that kind of statement.”

“I will pay attention to it. I’m sorry.”

Dangerous, dangerous. It would be bad to have him change into yet another ice-cold expressionless mode.

“Whether or not to give him a regular training, let’s try it out while observing the intention of the person himself. Certainly, there are a lot of military officers, soldiers, who are in love affairs, and I also think just how long will the beneficial talented people be kept hidden? –However.”

The hand that was patting my head stopped. Then, he gazed at me in a point-blank range.

The long and thick silver eyelashes were bordering his amethyst eyes. It felt as if I was being sucked up.

“…However, what? …”

For some reason, I was encouraged by my head which was in a trance, and I ended up asking that.

Instead of an answer, Orgueil blocked my lips with his own.

“?! U, nn…!!”

The hand which was patting my head up until just now, was pressing the back of my head firmly, that I wasn’t able to turn my face away or draw my head away from him. His hand which was put on top of the desk, before I even noticed, it was already circling my shoulders, as he firmly hugged me.

At the same time as our lips met, Orgueil’s tongue was licking the gap between my upper and lower lips, tracing it, and invading my half-opened lips full of vigor. I couldn’t withstand it and ended up letting his tongue invading the inside of my mouth. Even if I tried to twist my body to show my unwillingness, my body couldn’t move at all, and in the end, I could only be exposed to his kiss. His tongue was licking the palate inside my mouth, chasing after my escaping tongue, entwining it, licking and turning it around, taking the overflowing saliva that I couldn’t even tell whose was it, and he snuffled as if he was coveting for it. It was such an intense kiss that wouldn’t allow me to take a breather.

I was supposed to have the title of being under Leon-sama’s protection.

Today, Orgueil had also said that I [would eventually become his Excellency’s wife].

I wasn’t in a position to complain even if I was to be a wife or a lover or being cast away. I didn’t have any spirit to say anything. But, this?

Isn’t it wrong to allow Orgueil to do this kind of a thing?

With my last thread of reasoning, I concluded that [this isn’t allowed], but the arms embracing me was too strong like a steel, not allowing any resistance, and in the end, the intense kiss continued until I fainted.

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