Chapter 24: School Festival (Part 1)

Finally, Yuri Academy’s semi-annual school festival was here!!

The gates of the academy were decorated with colorful balloons and a large banner that read, “Welcome to Yuri Academy’s school festival!”

People started to arrive. Students and members of the clubs stood at their stalls and booths, welcoming guests.

“Are you all ready?” asked Yukisaku. 

Everyone put on their uniforms and said, “Yes!”

“Good! Let’s get started then!” Class X welcomed the guests at the door. Haruyama took out a small blackboard and wrote down the menu, while Akino went to a crowded area to hand out leaflets.

“What should I call you now, Takamaru?” asked Yuu.

“Chiko.” Takamaru said as she wiped the table.

“Yuu, Akamatsu, could you come over here for a second?” called Yukisaku.

“What is it, Nishihara?” Yuu asked.

“Can any of you make coffee?” Yukisaku scratched his head.

“Ah, I can’t.” Akamatsu said somewhat helplessly. They both turned to Yuu.

“Fine, I’ll do it.” Yuu smiled and went to prepare the coffee beans and the cups.

“I’ll leave it to you then.” Yukisaku patted Yuu on the shoulder.

Soon, they had a guest–a girl. Yukisaku was just about to greet her when he was stopped by Yuu.

“Nishihara, watch how Akamatsu serves the guest.” The others did as Yuu asked.

“Hello, table for one?” Akamatsu greeted her with a smile.

“Mmm, yes…” The girl spoke with a shy and nervous tone.

“Would you like to sit outdoors or indoors?” He asked.

“Um… outdoors then.” 

“Sure, this way, please.” Akamatsu smiled and led the girl outside, choosing a spot that overlooked nice scenery. He reached out a hand and gestured, “Please sit.” At the same time, he pulled out a chair. The girl slowly sat down and took the menu from Akamatsu.

“When you’re ready to order, just press the button.” Then, Akamatsu left, heading in their direction.

“How did I do?” asked Akamatsu.

“Very gentlemanly!” They all cried, except for Takamaru.

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“Takamaru, what do you think?” Yuu asked.

“…Not bad.” She replied.

“Yuu should serve the guest next.” Yuu was fine with that.

Ding! The table bell rang. Yuu immediately walked over.

“What would you like?” Yuu asked with a menu in hand.

“Um… can I have a cappuccino?” 

He took the back menu from her and said, “Sure thing, right away.”

Yuu walked to the bar, skillfully put the coffee beans into the grinder, poured the ground coffee beans into a small coffee scoop, poured it into the coffee maker, and pressed a button to start. When the cup was three quarters full, Yuu turned off the machine, picked up the freshly heated milk, and began making latte art.

“Here’s your cappuccino.” Yuu placed the cappuccino with a teddy bear latte art on the table in front of the girl.

“Thank you. The teddy bear design is so cute!”

“Thank you for your compliment.” Yuu gave a forty-five degree bow.

“Alright then, the coffee bar will be handed over to Yuu!” said Akino. Everyone else agreed.

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