Chapter 15: Mission Success!

With Karas’s planning, he weakly glanced at the beasts fighting just below him.

“Fifteen seconds left…”

The frozen hound still has five HP remaining, he couldn’t believe that the cockroaches were only able to deal 1 damage, and sometimes, they couldn’t do anything even with a bite.

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There are already more than twenty corpses of cockroaches, but the tides of them never cease as they continuously pounced at the weakened frozen hound.

“Ten seconds…”

Karas counted as his gaze didn’t leave the frozen hound.

Then, when its HP turned to 2, his eyes grew fierce: “Five seconds!”

He jumped down from the vent and using his other sword, he aimed his attack at the dog’s head.

Bam! -43 HP!!!

He needed to wait, why? Not because he couldn’t deal a great amount of damage nor was it because of his hesitation.

But because he needed the system to accomplish his goal!

“Grawuuuuuuuu!” The frozen hound bellowed its last howl as it laid on the ground lifelessly.

The cockroaches surged and started to attack Karas, he merely has 4 HP after being self-damaged by the fall.

“Insert! Insert! Insert…”

He repeatedly shouted as he kept touching at the cockroaches’ and the frozen hound’s corpses.

[Mission Complete!]

As the maw of one of the cockroaches neared his throat, a voice that felt like a Goddess’ to Karas’s ears sounded, he smiled: “Goodbye useless things!”

His body vanished completely taking seven cockroach corpses and the frozen hound with him!

The cockroaches not knowing what happened searched for the frozen hound’s corpse, when they couldn’t find it, they started to eat their brethren’s corpses and also started to fight.

Karas came back to the present time, his condition as healthy as before, no, actually, he felt quite stronger. “Mission!”

He was excited as he checked the information about the mission, but he still couldn’t help but feel rather disappointed at the result.

[Tutorial Mission;
Lvl 1- Haunted Zoan Building|
Objective: Stay alive for 12 hours or finish bonus objective
Bonus Objective:
Kill Rock Spiders (39/100) -Beginner’s box lvl 1 (Fail)
Kill Poison Rats (14/15) – Beginner’s Box lvl 1 (Fail)
Kill Rabid Cockroaches (53/100) -Beginner’s Box lvl 1 (Fail)
Kill Frost Hound (1/1) – Mystery Box (Complete)

Completion reward 60%:

Mystery box
+0.3 strength.
EXP: 128

“Status.” With a sigh, he spoke.

[Name: Karas Sliv
Class: Shut-in
Level: 6
HP: 125/125
MP: 100/100
SP: 100/100
Lvl: 1 (0/104)
Str: 2.2 (5.9)
Agi: 1.1 (9.1)
Int: 21 [124]–
Atk: 13 ~ 21
Def: 1 (32)

Point(s): 1.5]

Karas’s eyes grew bigger due to the changes.

Only allowed on

Other than HP and str, nothing happened!

“One level is five HP and 0.3 points?” Karas mused: “Then, there will be no bonus attributes for leveling up?”

Karas find it quite disappointing, but thinking about it, if he really gets attributes for leveling, he’d be stronger than superman when he reaches level 100!

“System, this is my final question for the month, what are the ways to increase one’s attributes?”

[Attributes can be increased through: (early phase)
1. Eating evolved beast meat. (depends on the beast)
2. Exercising/training/training. (str/agi)

3. Learning new things. (Int)
4. Elixirs. 


Karas felt that training for a day wouldn’t yield as many points as completing a tutorial. After all, just by completing a mission, he already received 0.3 strength, if he could finish three missions a day, he’ll get almost a full point!

He then checked his inventory, he’s not that much desperate to eat the cockroach meat yet, but for the frozen hound, it’s quite possible.

“But I’m not strong enough to do it… alone…?” Karas then remembered that he can bring along people as well to enter, to help him with his goal, but who? For a person like him who’s always alone, he has no friends nor does he have a family.

Not only that, he needs to pick the people wisely, after all, if he helped someone and in the end, it stabs him in the back, it’s basically pointless.

Zaran is one of the few people he knows that wouldn’t stab him in the back, but he met the person when the era of extinction started.

This means, his personality then might have been developed from the chaos that happened.

“But…” Karas is stuck, if it really comes to this, he’ll definitely need to find companions later on as well.

After all, surviving alone is not only lonely but tiresome as well.

Karas doesn’t really know what to do, but thinking further about it will change nothing: “I still have four years, let’s go on slowly with it.”

Karas checked his inventory and found the mystery box.

[Mystery Box
Grade: Rare
Description: Contains one random from the low-tier category.]

Karas opened it and immediately, an item appeared in his inventory, he checked it up.

[Empyrean Tea collection box
Grade: Rare
Contains three sacks of three different Empyrean Teas drank by Emperors.
Empyrean Cold Tea
Empyrean Hot Tea
Empyrean Warm Tea]

“……………………..” Karas became speechless for a few minutes as he looked at it before speaking: “What the heck will I do with these?”

He sighed and shook his head, of all the things that could be drunk, tea is the one thing he didn’t want the most!

The description of the teas is causing Karas to almost faint, he felt annoyed: “That’s what I get for almost failing the mission?!”

“It’s calming, my foot! It’s soothing, my foot! It’s calming, my foot!”

[Empyrean Cold Tea
Grade: Rare
Description: Soothing one’s body, providing great pleasure to tea lovers. It’s especially rare as the trees that it came from had already been extinct for five hundred years.
Price: 11,950 points.] [Empyrean Hot Tea
Grade: Rare
Description: Calming one’s body…]

Karas frowned: “I’m not even a tea lover…”

He looked at the three sacks, each the size of an adult human’s body: “Should I just sell it?”

After thinking for a while, he shook his head: “Nevermind, since I’m not in need of points, I should keep it, maybe I’ll get a use for it someday?”

He couldn’t help but sigh and went to bed, he really got exhausted today, and as soon as he laid on his bed, he immediately fell asleep.

Three days quickly passed by, he had kept his attribute points as he didn’t really know what he really needed at the moment.

A call came in as he was jogging: “Karas, we’ve found a mansion, my father is negotiating with the person right now, do you want to check it out yourself?”

Zaran’s face showed in front of him.

Karas hearing this wiped the sweat from his forehead: “Got it, will go there, just send me the coordinates.”

Zaran nodded his head: “Sure, we’ll wait for you then.”

Karas nodded his head as well: “Yeah, I’ll just take a bath and head there immediately.”

“Alrighty.” Zaran smiled and ended the call.

Karas smiled: “At the very least, I at least need to remove my orphan status, the sooner, the better.”

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