Chapter 16: Mansion

It took half an hour before Karas managed to make his way to the location Zaran gave him, and he couldn’t help but sigh. It’s at the 2nd level of the city, this is a place where greatly established people gather.

Also, to his shock, Roan is in front of him with a wry smile and a single piece of paper.

Karas glanced at it and immediately knows what it is.

Adopting papers…

Roan is one of the few people that are recognized as a great novel, he’s also in the rankings of the 100 wealthiest people in the country.

Roan seeing Karas’s speechlessness fell into an awkward position: “No worries, you can just consider this as mere paper to remove you from being an orphan.”

“Based on what you’ve been asking, I presume it that you’re trying to remove yourself from being an orphan, right?” Roan smiled.

“Just consider this as me giving a helping hand, and not be worried that I’ll take advantage of you.” Roan then handed a piece of paper again: “This is also a contract, the time you wished to remove yourself from the family, you won’t even need approval from me and you can directly do so yourself.”

Truthfully, he had done some investigation on Roan’s background, and he found nothing bad about him, also, 10% of his company’s earnings are going to the orphanages and some charity works, this was supposed to be secret, but some of the nosy individuals that saw his work felt that the news should be spread so they posted it online.

Karas smiled, he took the adaptation paper and signed it: “No worries, if I feel that I’m being taken advantage of, I have my ways to remove myself.”

Truthfully, he felt quite nice to have a family, he didn’t have any from his previous life, hence, it’s quite a new feeling for him, and this feeling, he didn’t hate it at the least.

Roan smiled: “Don’t worry, you won’t feel anything like that.”

Karas smiled, before he could even speak, a hand grabbed around his neck: “Then, I guess I have myself a younger brother!”

Zaran smiled as he wrapped his arms around Karas’s neck: “You should call me Hyung from now on!”

Karas rolled his eyes: “I’m older than you by a month, call me Hyung instead!”

Zaran felt speechless before asking in a weird manner: “You sure?” He looked at Karas for a while before shaking his head: “No, definitely not, you’re so cute.”

“…………..” Karas felt speechless: “Just call me Hyung, I have more experience than a playboy.”

“Ha?! Haaa!” Zaran pretended to be shocked before replying playfully: “To think that the younger brother dare teases his old brother?”

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Karas laughed: “Just call me Hyung, I’ll take care of you so long as you remain a good boy.”

The two of them traded some more banters before setting Karas as the older brother, truthfully, Karas thought of Zaran as his benefactor from his previous life, without the latter, he would’ve long died from his previous life due to hunger and wouldn’t be able to last longer outside as well.

Zaran was the only person that accepted him to a survivor’s camp, all of the survivor camps that Karas went all rejected him, who would even risk accepting a fat person then? Other than being useless, he’d be another mouth to feed.

As the two chatters were about to end, Roan smiled mildly at them: “Then, shall we check the mansion?”
Karas nodded his head: “Sure.”

Roan led and introduced Karas to the facilities, there are even maids and servants included as they were recently hired by the former himself, of course, they were already paid two years in advance in their agency.

The mansion has eight guest rooms, a master’s bedroom, and a few house facilities, it’s to Karas’s liking. Also, there is a separate house for the maids as well as three pools in the yard, also, there is a private pool on the roof, it’s specially made for relaxation as well.

He had slept in many luxurious mansions before, of course, those mansions were abandoned and in ruins. Whenever he’s looking for a place to stay, he’d always find a house, and would usually stumble upon abandoned mansions, he’ll need to clean up beasts though before he could live there for a few days.

Clearly, this mansion is going to be like that as well.

But it’s also one of his dreams to live comfortably like this, it’s the fantasy of every survivor, to live comfortably like what they’ve been doing before. A mansion is more of a front for Karas, he’d need something like a front operation while he conducts his private matters in the mountain.

After roaming the mansion, it took about an hour to finish, Roan introduced the last few things to Karas before being accompanied by the latter to the gates.

Roan gave Karas the papers for the mansion and made their way out to bid their farewell.

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With such pace, Karas didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, still, he couldn’t help but be thankful as he received the mansion whole-heartedly.

The only thing left is for the mountain, he needed it… for what?

For his grand fortress!

As those creatures evolve, they will grow stronger… and stronger, the least he could do is match up to their growth by then.

Karas couldn’t help but smile wryly, he needed to make it work, else, he’ll really suffer again, he needs to prepare, to make a safe haven for himself to survive.

As he thought of this, he knew that many other insects, animals, and other things are already evolving as he speaks, in four years’ time, the world will be overrun by them. Humanity will be dragged down from the food pyramid.

Humanity will grow along, but they didn’t figure out how those creatures became much stronger due to their fear.

Then, they, the humans as well evolved, but it was too late, the majority of the surviving groups used their strength to survive, only a few dozens managed to use their strength for their group’s prosperity.

There are already creatures strong enough to devour them whole, destroy them with a flick of its tail, send them crying with a flap of its wings.

Karas sighed, that’s a little over a dozen years from now, but it’s not entirely far as well.

Seeing the father and son duo already long gone, Karas returned to the mansion.

Karas bit his finger: “I need to prune the mountain after it had been bought, from the biggest animals to the tiniest of ants, I need it done as fast as possible.”

“No threats should remain under that mountain, else, it’ll come biting at me after a few years of laying low.”

He uttered silently as he continued walking his way back to the master’s bedroom.

As he was almost to his room, he noticed a person standing outside of his room, she’s a 60~70-year-old maid, mostly the head maid, beside her is an old man of almost the same age, he’s really astute and well mannered, hence, he’s definitely the butler.

The two of them bowed and asked: “Master, do you have things you wish to be done?”

“I am Katul, I am the butler that was hired and will start to serve you today.” The old man spoke grandly yet gently, completely trained like a butler, most probably, he had been doing so since he was young.

“Master, I am the head maid, my name is Qoni.” The head maid Qoni bowed gracefully and gently.

Karas smiled at the two of them: “Then, the two of you can just casually call me Karas, truth be told, since this mansion had only started now, I need the two of you to do a couple of things.”

“Ah, wait for a bit.” Karas remembered that he had no money right now.

He opened his watch and connected it to his ears and dialed someone’s number.

Soon, the call connected.

“Oh, Karas, is there a problem in the mansion?” The one on the other line was Roan.

“This…” Karas didn’t know how to start, but he remembered something and a smile formed on his lips: “I have something to sell to you, all raw materials that I’ve made myself, are you interested?”

“Raw materials?” Roan couldn’t help but be curious: “Are they the same as the ones you used to create those armors?”

Karas immediately replied with a shook of his head: “No, but it’s almost the same, you can do some things about it, but I can assure you, you won’t find any of these in the near future other than from me.”

Roan’s curiosity piqued as he nodded: “Sure, how much are they worth?”

Karas is having trouble this time, after all, he didn’t know how much he should sell it for, but after a while, he gave his answer: “How about I give you all of the raw materials for a total of onee million?”

“One million? For raw materials?” Roan couldn’t help but be shocked.

Karas nodded his head: “Yes, no worries, I know their current worth, and I sure know that I’m on the losing side as well.”

Roan hearing this pondered for a bit before nodding his head: “Sure.”

Karas heaved a sigh of relief: “Then, I’ll bring materials to you later, I may arrive tomorrow.”

Roan nodded and closed the call.

Karas was about to go to the payment method but before he could utter a word of it, the call got canceled immediately: ‘I guess I can only get it tomorrow…’

He couldn’t even finish his thought as his ring vibrated immediately.

Karas looked at it and couldn’t help but sigh.

[2,000,000 Gis had been deposited to your account.]

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