Chapter 110: Two Monsters

“Xinghui, rest for a while.”

Li Xinghui nodded at the Li Clan’s Patriarch’s order and sat down to rest.

However, Heavenly Peak Gathering didn’t stop.

Everyone knew that it was approaching the end, so if they didn’t challenge others now, they would have no chance later.

Therefore, a lot of battles occurred during this period. Unfortunately, all the challenges were limited to the sixth place at most.

For everyone present, these battles were only an appetizer before the showdown between Ling Xiao and Li Xinghui.

After all, before eating a big meal, one had to adjust. 

An hour later, Li Xinghui stood up and looked at Ling Xiao with a burning gaze. “I won’t underestimate you or look down on you, but it’s best for you to use your best moves. Otherwise, you will lose even more miserably than Ling Chen.”

After saying this, Li Xinghui suddenly moved.

His figure flashed and turned into a fierce tiger phantom, instantly appearing within three steps of Ling Xiao.

This was the first time he had taken the initiative to attack.

He probably thought that Ling Xiao relied on <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> and <Duplicate Shadow Sword Technique>.

Therefore, breaking Ling Xiao’s defense would result in his victory.

Li Xinghui’s right hand turned into a claw and swung down, leaving behind afterimages. In addition, his fingertips radiated three-inch long gang qi lights.

His left hand was the same. He simultaneously swung it, and the finger light shrouded Ling Xiao as if to cut him into pieces.


Someone in the audience swallowed their saliva.

Against Ling Xiao, Ling Xinghui actually revealed a new style.

“What a terrifying claw technique! I wonder if Ling Xiao can stop it.”

Ling Xiaotian was also a bit nervous.

Although he was a bit unfair to Ling Xiao in some matters, he still hoped to nurture Ling Xiao.

“Humph, underestimating the opponent like this, he will die!”

Ling Yin coldly snorted.

He completely hated Ling Xiao.

“He is certain to lose!”

Ling Chen who had returned to the pavilion to treat his injuries yelled in excitement.

He had lost to Li Xinghui, so he naturally hoped that Ling Xiao would lose even more miserably. Like that, he wouldn’t be too embarrassed.

However, reality gave him a heavy slap.


Li Xinghui took the initiative to attack and had used a powerful move, but this only aroused Ling Xiao’s fighting spirit.

Since the opponent had used an advanced martial art, Ling Xiao also used an advanced martial art.

All of his advanced martial arts had reached the sublimity realm.

One was an enhanced Fierce Tiger Claw.

The other was a sublimity Meteorite Fist.

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In any case, both were stronger than the original advanced martial art. 

The two fists collided and instantly exchanged six more fists.

Bang, bang, bang!

Bang, bang, bang!

The finger lights and fist lights collided with dazzling sparks.

These sparks flew all around, and clouds of dust flew up, covering these two’s figures.

The audience could only see faint sparks in the cloud of dust..

Even though it was like that, everyone still watched with relish.

Li Xinghui had become famous very early, holding the top in Heavenly Peak City for three consecutive years. Although he usually practiced swordsmanship, his best technique was his beast fists.

These martial arts were selected to complement his incomplete martial soul. 

When he used his full power, naked eyes couldn’t capture his claws.

It truly was like a demon beast hunting in the dark. Only flashing white light appeared once in a while. The demonic beast itself couldn’t be seen.

In contrast, until two months ago, Ling Xiao had been an unknown person.

Even in the Ling Clan, he had been trash that anyone could bully.

However, after awakening his Landscape Martial Soul, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds. 

In a short period of time, he had climbed from the bottom of the Ling Clan to among the top of the younger generation in Heavenly Peak City.

He was definitely a monster!

Although he hadn’t drawn his sword, Ling Xiao’s fists were truly powerful.

The effect of his Meteorite Fist was extremely exaggerated due to its focus on pure power. Moreover in Ling Xiao’s hands, it had new traits. Not only was its power not diminished, but each swing of his fists was like floating clouds and flowing water, powerful and unconstrained, making the opponent unable to capture their trajectory and weaknesses.

Although Li Xinghui was faster, Ling Xiao’s every punch was precisely targeted as if he could see through all of his opponent’s attacks.

One of his punches was often equal to three of his opponent’s attacks.

That was simply bizarre.

The two fought from the middle of the arena to the edges, from the ground to the sky, then once more back to the center.

In these exchanges, although they only used Fierce Tiger Claw and Meteorite Fist, these advanced martial arts had advantages that many Entry-leveled Peak Martial Arts couldn’t compare to.

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These extremely mystical martial skills stunned the young martial artists present. They didn’t even blink their eyes in fear of missing this wonderful battle.

Not only them, the hearts of even the patriarchs and elders of all four major clans trembled.

These two youngsters, as long as they were given a bit of time, would find Heavenly Peak City unable to hold them.

Not only was their strength terrifying, but their latent potential was too.

Before them, at least in Heavenly Peak City, no one had ever used advanced martial arts to such an extent.

Those four young experts that had come from White Cloud Province also took a mouthful of cold air.

“These two fellows are too terrifying in terms of potential. Give them a few years, and I fear they might break into the top ten of White Cloud Province!”

“Yes, they’re indeed freakish. In terms of martial skills, these two fellows are better than many older experts. This is their most terrifying point.”

“However, if two tigers fight, one will get injured. Guess who will win?”

“Li Xinghui. After all, he is a martial artist with a 10% incomplete martial soul, and he is stronger cultivation base wise than Ling Xiao.”

“Perhaps, but how can you be sure that this Ling Xiao doesn’t have an incomplete martial soul?”

The audience couldn’t hear their discussion.

At this moment, the battle had entered a stalemate as it gradually grew more and more intense.

“They have already exchanged nine moves, and Li Xinghui said that he would end the fight in ten. I wonder what will happen next.”

The people in the audience hadn’t forgotten Li Xinghui’s previous words.

They believed that Li Xinghui would definitely use a powerful attack to fulfill his boast.

“Tiger King Strength!”

Sure enough.

Li Xinghui used his peak martial art that had defeated Ling Chen.

With a roar, a huge gang qi tiger phantom formed around Ling Xinghui and pounced toward Ling Xiao.

“This time, Ling Xiao will lose!”

Ling Chen passed the same judgment that he had before.

He didn’t believe that his judgment would be mistaken.

Before, no matter how many moves were exchanged, he had the excuse that Li Xinghui hadn’t used his strongest move, Tiger King Strength, allowing Ling Xiao to persist.

However, if Ling Xiao endured this move, he absolutely wouldn’t have any excuse.

“I was waiting for this move!”

Ling Xiao laughed, and his sword fell out of its sheath and into his hand before piercing forward.

“Release for me!”

Duplicate Shadow Sword Technique’s Second Layer!

A sword thrust turned into three people.

One was the true body while the other two were clones.

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