Chapter 72: The Handkerchief Has Returned

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Title:Blacksmith In High School | Tags: Time Skip
Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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Young Master Zhou was having contradicting thoughts, he was hesitating whether to go meet Lu Xiao Shu or not.

He didn’t get the handkerchief, and it was clearly his mother’s fault. He was guilty, but he was more terrified. He knew how fiery and brutal the little girl was.

Young Master Zhou hesitated for a long time, and finally forced himself to go to the forest.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiao Shu couldn’t be found when he reached the forest. Young Master Zhou secretly sighed and muttered, “She isn’t here anymore, luckily she left……”

“Hey!” A hand patted him on the shoulder and a crisp but low voice came from behind out of a sudden. “Ah!” He cried in surprise.

As soon as he turned his head, Young Master Zhou noticed Lu Xiao Shu was standing behind him calmly. He patted his chest and breathed heavily, “You scared me to death!”

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Lu Xiao Shu glared at his pale face and scoffed, “Coward! Where’s the handkerchief? Hand it over!” She extended her small hand.

Young Master Zhou forced a wry smile. He knew this little girl would definitely question him.

“I, I……”

Young Master Zhou smiled apologetically. Lu Xiao Shu raised her eyebrows in anger before he could finish his sentence. She frowned and grumbled, “What’s the matter? Are you making a joke of me?”

“No, no!” Young Master Zhou hastily shook his hands and said, “If I had this idea, I wouldn’t have come! It’s just, just……”

“Just what?” Lu Xiao Shu suddenly yelled and her face turned pale, “You didn’t lose it, did you?” It’s all over if the handkerchief is lost again!

“No, it’s not lost!” Young Master Zhou was startled by her response.

Lu Xiao Shu had never been patient. She didn’t want to look at his face any longer, so she questioned angrily, “Then what? You’d better make it clear right now! You’re a man but you stutter like a girl! Hmph, is a man like you still considered a man? Which lady will set eyes on you! You’d be single your whole life if you can’t be reincarnated!”

Or unless you turn homosexual. However, that statement would definitely wound his pride. Lu Xiao Shu secretly chastised and rolled her eyes.

Young Master Zhou suddenly felt sad, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Was this why Miss Lu did not admire me? I wonder what kind of person she likes…”

“Where’s the handkerchief!” Lu Xiao Shu howled and glared at him.

Lu Xiao Shu was so angry and amused at the same time. She thought to herself: Did she see you in this state before? All she met was a pervert who stopped her to dally with her on the streets! What a joke! Which modest girl would like a man who dallied with her? 

Young Master Zhou’s ears were ringing when she howled. He involuntarily frowned. He didn’t even have the courage to raise his hands to rub his ears.

He couldn’t avoid answering when she pressed him hard with questions.  He had no choice but to tell her his mother’s intentions.

“Gosh, for crying out loud! No wonder you did such a thing, you inherited her traits! Both of you do come from the same family!” Lu Xiao Shu was even more annoyed after listening to him. She suddenly glared at him, “You didn’t make random excuses to fool me, did you?”

“I wouldn’t have come if I had the intention to!” Young Master Zhou shrugged.

Lu Xiao Shu pondered and scoffed, “Actually, there’s a better way to solve this. Why don’t you find Li Hua and get the handkerchief back from her?” Lu Xiao Shu was going to find Li Hua herself, however, the less trouble the better. Matchmakers were the most cunning, this fatso would be a much better representative than her.

Young Master Zhou’s eyes twinkled, he was enlightened, “Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that!”

He’s so dumb! Lu Xiao Shu rolled her eyes at him.

“But……” Young Master Zhou couldn’t help but feel embarrassed again, he hesitantly asked, “But if that’s the case, my mother will be very angry when she finds out. Isn’t this lying to my mother? My mother did everything wholeheartedly for my own good……”

Moreover, he had never lied to his mother since he was a child, he was having a hard time going against his will.

Lu Xiao Shu was utterly speechless, she had never seen a person as scrupulous as him! What a mummy’s boy! She said, “Oh, if you listen to whatever your mother says, then you’ll murder someone if she asks you to do so? Why do you insist on doing it when you know it is wrong? Do you know that this will ruin my… both of Xiao Xue and my lives?”

Young Master Zhou was even more upset when he heard what she said. She said this will ruin Miss Lu’s life. It turns out that Miss Lu really dislikes me……

“Alright!” Young Master Zhou had finally made up his mind, he nodded and said, “I’ll go! I’ll bring the handkerchief back tomorrow, I’ll bring it to you. By the way, where can I find you?”

Young Master Zhou originally planned to ask her to take it from him herself. However, on second thought, he thought it was a better idea to send it himself.

I haven’t been to Feng Ye Village before. Maybe I can meet Miss Lu! Maybe, if Miss Lu was moved by my actions, she’ll change her mind…

The more Young Master Zhou thought about it, the more he thought it was a good idea. He regained his spirits and he couldn’t wait for that day to come. He chuckled, “How can I find you tomorrow?”

Lu Xiao Shu glared at his sudden and strange smile, and said, “Wait for me in the forest at the east end of our village at noon tomorrow. Hey, I will not wait for you if you’re late! Hmph, if you have the guts to lie to me, I will not go easy on you anymore!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I will definitely be there!” Young Master Zhou promised without hesitating.

Lu Xiao Shu thought to herself: This guy must be out of his mind. Why is he suddenly so happy for no reason…

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She stopped wasting her time talking to him when the plan had settled, and she hastily left.

The reason why she chose to believe him was that he did not break his promise to return and look for her. He also did not bring along his servants to attempt to bring her down. With this, Lu Xiao Shu felt that he could be trusted for once.

The more she thought about him, the harder it got for her to contain her laughter when she was going back home. The word “goofy goose” suddenly popped up in her mind, she couldn’t stop laughing. It really suits him!

Miao Cui Lan and Lu Zhong had also secretly inquired about the Zhou Family. They acted as if nothing had happened without telling Lu Xiao Xue anything.

Lu Xiao Xue was too embarrassed to ask her parents. Miao Cui Lan felt distressed and sorry every time when Xiao Xue looked at them with a miserable gaze. She secretly thought: What if the Zhou Family is evil? What if the Zhou Family threatens us for the marriage?

The more she thought about it, the more apologetic she felt for her daughter. She pitied her daughter and she was especially good to her.

Xiao Xue felt even sadder when noticed her mother’s guilt and intention for compensation. Fortunately, she had Xiao Shu by her side to exchange secrets, which made her feel better.

Little did Miao Cui Lan know that the dilemma would be solved the next day!

The next day, Lu Xiao Shu came to the forest as promised. She secretly giggled when she saw Young Master Zhou already there waiting. “Hey!” She walked towards him.

Young Master Zhou nodded and smiled at her, he said, “You’re here!”

“Did you bring it?” Lu Xiao Shu smiled and asked.

Young Master Zhou smiled apologetically, “Can you hear me out first? Well, I didn’t bring the handkerchief. I don’t think this is a good idea! But I have already told Li Hua, my people will follow her to Miss Lu’s house to send the handkerchief. I had also prepared an excuse for them. You can ask Miss Lu later if you don’t believe me! You’ll know I’m not lying!”

Lu Xiao Shu was amused by his panicky explanation. He clearly didn’t want to be beaten up by her. She thought for a while before nodding, “Alright! I’ll believe you this once!”

Lu Xiao Shu thought to herself: It’s better this way, this will save me some trouble. Or else I will have to find some reasonable excuse to explain to Mother…

Lu Xiao Shu was planning to leave when there was nothing else from him. She couldn’t wait to see if that annoying Li Hua had returned the handkerchief. However, Young Master Zhou stopped her once again.

Lu Xiao Shu looked at him, puzzled. Young Master Zhou grinned and attempted to ask, “Erm, Miss, I don’t know your name yet. Oh, I am Zhou Yuan.”

Zhou Yuan (Round)? Lu Xiao Shu glanced at him and cracked a smile. He is indeed round!

“Why do you want to ask for my name? Are you going to seek revenge?” Lu Xiao Shu rolled her eyes at him.

“No, no!” Zhou Yuan smiled, “Miss Lu and you are good sisters, why would I seek revenge on you? I, uh, is Miss Lu alright?”

Turns out he’s still thinking about Xiao Xue! He improved, he learned how to indirectly ask a question.

Lu Xiao Shu replied, “Miss Lu is a girl who was forced to marry someone, do you think she’s alright after encountering this? Her mother nearly beat her up with a cane for not knowing restraint!”

Zhou Yuan faked an apologetic look on his face as he blamed himself, “It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have let my mother know about the handkerchief in the first place, not to mention letting her take it away…”

“But now the handkerchief is back, so everything’s fine now. Just keep your mouth shut and don’t ever talk about it!” Lu Xiao Shu added.

“I certainly won’t, don’t worry!” Zhou Yuan replied and smiled, “Well, uh, can I meet Miss Lu? I want to apologize to her…”

What a cliche! You’re definitely up to no good!

How could Lu Xiao Shu promise him? She bluntly said, “Of course you can’t! Miss Lu will be doomed if she still has anything to do with your family now!” Her mother would definitely beat her up!

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help being disappointed, he said again, “N, not now. I’ll come again if there’s a chance in the future. Look……”

How can this person blather so much and be so difficult to deal with! Lu Xiao Shu was irritated by him all of a sudden, she was about to talk him down when she heard a voice calling “Xiao Shu! Xiao Shu!”. The voice came not far behind them and the person was running towards them.

Lu Xiao Shu turned and she saw the person was wearing a turquoise round-neck robe, with a high ponytail. The person turned out to be the long lost Lin Fang.

Lu Xiao Shu’s expression hardened, she turned away and ignored him.

“Xiao Shu!” Lin Fang was already in front of her, he grinned, “I didn’t see you when I went to your house, so I knew you would be here!”

“I’m leaving now if there’s nothing else to discuss!” She said to Zhou Yuan as she ignored him.

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