Dungeon Exploration (4)

The approaching horde of monsters probably looked like the end of the world to Anastasia, to be honest, it does look pretty terrifying from her perspective. As a Princess, she lived a pretty sheltered life, so she hasn’t fought any monsters at all, much less a few thousand.

“It’s gonna be alright,” i reassured her. “I’ll handle the ones in front, you take on the ones that manage to get past me.”

We could see the horde closing in on us quickly, the ground trembled like there was an earthquake. There were hundreds of different insect monsters in the horde, it was almost like the entire species was upon us.

“Eric, ERIC, they are getting closer now, whatever you are gonna do, do it now!”

“Relax, they are just bugs, and what are bugs afraid of? Fire.”

I brought my mini fireball in front of me, and put my hands behind it in a cupped shape, i call this one,” KAMEHAME-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.”

A torrent of pure destruction erupted from the mini fireball, the power was so potent, it tore asunder more than half of the monster wave in an instant. Those hit by the death beam became atomized only leaving their cores behind.

The aftermath of the attack left the cavern looking like a scene straight from hell. The beam super heated the surrounding area and made the rocks molten. This bloomed an idea inside my head.

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“Ana, the monsters will be hesitating to attack for a while, i need you to buy me some time while i figure something out.”

“In the middle of battle? Have you gone nuts?”

“Trust me, it’ll be worth it.”

Settling down behind her, i created earth on my left hand and fire on my right. I then mixed both elements together trying to get the best possible result. After an intense 5 minutes of concentration and calculating magic formulas in my head, i finally accomplished something that all mages have dreamed about, that is, creating a new magic.


My status alerted me of new changes.


[Eric Pendragon] [Race: Dragon (weakened)] [Age: 8500] [5th Circle – Expert] [Novice fighter] [Magic: Fire (blue), Earth, Lighting, Magma, ??? (sealed)] [Ability: Eye of Truth, Devour, ??? (sealed)] [Word: ??? (sealed)]


Anastasia was flabbergasted while looking at the newly create magma ball i had in my hands. “Just how many surprises are you going to throw at me today, what’s that, Magma Manipulation? I swear, one day you might just kill me with all the shock,” she said.

I placed my hands on the ground and tested my newly created magic.

“Magma Transformation.”

I terraformed the ground into magma, cracks started forming, and the area started smoldering in heat. Now that the ground has turned into magma, i rooted all the monsters and slowly encased them, burning them alive with an armor of magma. The small sound of cores dropping to the ground when they died filled me with satisfaction.

The remaining monsters which didn’t die, i swiftly dealt with them with the sword, Anastasia occasionally took care of the ones who tried to sneak up from behind me. After about 20 minutes, we finally finished off every last one.

I was spent from using all my power, laying on the ground i wiped sweat of my forehead.

“Oh look whose awake?” I said.

“What did i miss?” Parzival groaned as he stood up, clutching his head in pain.

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“A party.”

“Man, why do i keep missing out on all the battles, i feel so useless now.”

“Don’t worry, the next fight will be a real hard one, the boss would probably be a few times harder than what we’ve come across, it’ll be your time to shine then.”

We took about an hours rest and Parzival went about collecting all the cores.

The dungeon was very empty as we made our way to the boss room, we probably cleared out the entire floor. The door to the boss room was grander then all others, but what laid behind the doors was terrifying, even before opening it, we could feel the intense bloodlust leaking from the inside. Anastasia and Parzival who were not used to it fell on their asses, quaking in their boots from fear.

“Come on, if you can’t even face it now, how are we gonna defeat it?”

After 10 minutes, they gathered up their courage and entered. From the moment i stepped in the room, i could already see that the boss was not in its right mind, there was dark aura coming out from its body.


[Khepra (enraged)] [Insect King] [B-ranked] [Ability: Acid Spit, Colossal Strength]


“Wow, did the school actually made the decision to allow the students to fight these kind of monsters?” I wondered.

“You guys have to watch out for its acid spit, also try not to get hit by it, its strength is no joke.”

Khepra is a humanoid monster with a head of a beetle, it had 6 arms and the entire body is covered in thick black armor.  Its four eyes were glazed in madness, shining bright red. Standing at 8 feet all, it did not lack in the intimidation factor.

“Watch out!” Anastasia shouted at me.

With no time to react, Khepra suddenly appeared behind me and landed 6 solid blows onto my back. I was smacked far away and crashed into a few rocks.

“Ouch that hurt, that was some fast movement.” I wiped off blood from my mouth. My friends rushed me to me, afraid that i was seriously injured. “Ana use your most powerful spells, Parzival go all out.”

I equipped my armor and infused my sword with fire element.

“Glacial Burst!” Ana shouted, freezing the entire room with ice. Though we were affected by it, it was not as bad as how it affected Khepra. Its movements were noticeably slowed and its skin was tinted with blue. She then activated ‘Ice Queen’ and ‘Shield of Argarth’. As she activated the Ice Queen ability, ice formed around her and turned into a beautiful gown that reached the ground, and above her head, a crown of ice rested, gleaming in all its brilliance. 4 shields of light rotated around her, deflecting attacks from all directions. The air around her even colder than before.

The Insect King turned its attention to the one who affected it with cold and pounced on her, but whenever it tried attacking, the 4 shields blocked all its attacks. Anastasia in her Queen form was now able to freely manipulate ice without a wand. Casting ‘Frigid Wind’ with one hand while simultaneously casting ‘Ice Spear’ with the other she was slowly pushing Khepra back. But cracks were slowly forming on the shields from its colossal strength.

Parzival was dashing around using his twin daggers to damage it, trying to find a weak spot in its armor. After multiple attacks, his daggers finally hit flesh between the armor plates surrounding its neck, but it only left a shallow gash on it.

“I’m still too weak,” Parzival muttered to himself, and backed off.

Using my superheated blade, i tried to slice its neck only to met with a hand blocking it. After the first attempt at its neck, Khepra placed a hand behind him to cover its weakness. It then turned to me and spat out thick acid, i quickly evaded it. When i tried to reengage 4 for its arms locked me in place and the remaining one smacked my sword away. It then followed up with a spit right to my face.

I immediately raised my leg to kick it right in the balls, squealing in pain, it let go of my arms and clutched it manhood. With it now bend down, I wrapped my hand in magma and covered its mouth, sealing it.

“Phew, that acid was getting annoying, Parzival you’re up, i can’t handle this alone, i know you have some tricks left.”

“I-I can’t use that, i’m afraid it’ll hurt you guys, i swore to myself i would never use it again.”

“Goddamn it Parzival, now is not the time, we need you to win this, trust in yourself.”

“Fine then, i hope you will be able to stop me if you have to.”

I gave him a thumbs up in acknowledgement.

“Here goes nothing,” he said in a small voice.

“Dark Rage.”

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