The Monster Within

The area around Parzival slowly darkened, the surrounding shadows gathered all around him. The shadows slowly took form and became a suit of incorporeal armor, increasing all his attributes. The armor coated him like it was almost sentient. The shadows constantly swirled inside the armor, ready to be used at any time, providing both offense and defense.


[Parzival Bladeheart (Shadow Form)] [Race: Half Human Half Dark Elf] [Age:19] [3(+2)th Circle – Expert] [Intermediate fighter] [Magic: Shadow, Abyss (currently unsealed)] [Ability: Dark Rage (1th stage)]


“ROARRRRRRRRRRRR,” Parzival let loose a ear-splitting howl.

I was the one closest to him when he changed, so now i had his full attention. As i looked into his eyes, i could not find any sanity in there. His eyes has glazed over and has been taken over by primal rage.

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“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” he growled at me.

“Whoa, hold on there buddy, i’m not the enemy here,” i tried to persuade him but to no avail. He inched closer to me suddenly lengthened his claws and launched a swipe at me. I grabbed his arm, or i tried to, but i was met with some kind of resistance. It felt like i was grabbing at something and nothing at the same time, my hand became sluggish when it touched the armor. Before i even had the chance to counter attack, a gobble of acid spit landed on him.

Instead of dissolving his armor, it slowly sunk into the shadows and disappeared. Distracted by Khepra’s attack, he stopped attacking me and dashed to the boss. He started pounding on it like a barbarian, landing punches at every opportunity he got. But Khepra isn’t going to just let Parzival injure him without retaliation.

With every punch it received, Khepra returned it threefold with its 6 arms. Even thought it had colossal strength, Parzival’s shadow armor reduced the inertia of the blows when it made contact, so it didn’t do major damage, because of this, they seem to be equally matched.

After 2 minutes of fighting, Parzivals suit of armor had become accustomed to fighting with the boss and it had formed 6 shadow arms. The 6 shadow arms then worked in sync with Parzival and deflected all of the Khepra’s attacks. Slowly but surely, he started pushing the boss back. I took this opportunity to snuck up behind Khepra and impaled my sword into its nape. It desperately struggled to throw me off its back, but Parzival had already locked its arms in place, i then superheated the sword and severed its spinal cord.

This caused Khepra to lose all control of its body from the neck down. With the fight now over, Parzival let loose a brutal roar and separated its head from the body with the combined effort of all his hands. Blood and organs flew everywhere, painting the scene in red.

The fight was over, but i did not let my guard down just yet, as Parzival was still in his shadow form. But i didn’t have to worry, as he soon collapsed and the shadow returned to where they came from. After making sure he stayed unconscious, i returned to the decapitated Khepra and said,


As i used the ability, a pale blue light left my hand and entered its body, after a few seconds, it exited the body and reentered my hand.



[Eric Pendragon] [Race: Dragon (weakened)] [Age: 8500] [5th Circle – Expert] [Novice fighter] [Magic: Fire (blue), Earth, Lighting, Magma, ??? (sealed)] [Ability: Eye of Truth, Devour, Colossal Strength, ??? (sealed)] [Word: ??? (sealed)]


I checked my status and a new ability appeared.

<Colossal Strength> Triple the users strength for a period of 5 minutes. Cooldown of 1 hour.

‘Great ability, as expected from a boss.’

I collected the body and we touched the dungeon core, bringing us back to the surface. I looked around and apparently we were not the first one back, there were already a few groups with defeated looks on their faces sitting in a corner. Our teacher approached Anastasia with a concerned look on his face.

“Princess, are you alright? I heard from a few students that there was a big explosion not too long ago, were you affected by it?”

“Yes, but first take Parzival to the medical tent, please check if he’s alright, i’ll talk about it in a moment.”

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After that, Anastasia explained everything to the teacher, his face grew horrified the more she talked about it.

“How dare they try to kill you, i will call the royal guards at once, your father will hear about this.” He stomped off furiously.

Since we came out on the second day, we had a whole day to rest before the rest of the students came back. I went to the monster core exchange shop to trade in the cores. There was no way in hell i would eat a few thousand cores one by one.

I entered the shop and the owner told me to place the cores on the table.

“You’ll need a much bigger table than this,” i told him.

He didn’t seem to believe me, but when he saw my uniform, he complied. I started pouring out the cores and didn’t stop until i filled the entire table and some more. The owner and the surrounding customers jaw dropped, the amount of cores looked like it came from months and months of hunting.

“Ahem,” the owner coughed. “Dear customer, would you like to trade the cores for money or better cores?”

“I would like to convert all to B-ranked cores.”

“Alright, this will be the conversion. 100 D-ranked cores = 1 C-ranked core, 50 C-ranked cores = 1 B-ranked core, 25 B-ranked cores = 1 A-ranked core. Give me a while to calculate all these cores.”

After half an hour, with the help of several workers, they finally manage to sort out all the cores. “Valued customer, after calculations, you will receive a total of 84 B-ranked cores, but since you have provided us with so many cores today, i’ll add in 1 additional B-rank core inside. Please come again!”

After exiting the shop, i returned to where the others were. Just as i was about to settle down, Roland and his gang exited the dungeon.

‘Oh this is gonna be fun,’ i thought.

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