Chapter 113: Going To Ming Huo City?

Qi Huan slept comfortably and soundly in the big bed.

Little Yin didn’t dare to sleep in Qi Huan’s bed in his human form, so he had to change back to a small snake and sleep in a corner with Little Fox.

The carved window opened silently with a gust of wind. The moonlight outside the window was like mercury flowing in the room. The sound of the rustling wind blowing over the leaves did not disturb the person and the two animals that were sleeping in the room.

A scarlet fireball silently sneaked into the room from the window, and as the fireball slowly approached, Ming Huo’s figure became clearer and clearer. His long red hair was scattered around behind him like a burning flame, and his flame-burning eyes narrowed as he stared at Qi Huan who was sleeping soundly. He didn’t even dare to blink, for fear that she would disappear if he closed his eyes.

Ming Huo crawled into Qi Huan’s bed quietly, with his arms on the side of her head, looking down at her peaceful sleeping face. His long hair slid from his shoulders to her face, Qi Huan stretched out her hand dissatisfied, grabbed the hair subconsciously, and yanked it away fiercely.

Ming Huo was in pain. He could only bend his arms and lower his body. The distance between the two was close, he could even smell the faint fragrance from her body.

“Qi Huan…” His soft whisper didn’t wake Qi Huan up. She hugged her blanket tightly, rolled over and crossed the blanket with her thighs. Her long hair behind her head was draped on the pillow like fine black silk, and the red mark on her neck was also exposed.

When Ming Huo’s eyes landed on the red mark, a faint light flashed in his eyes, and a cold smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, “Interesting…so someone has already marked her before me.”

Ming Huo, who had lived for several years, surely knew what that red mark was. The only thing that puzzled him was who the person that left the hickey on Qi Huan’s neck was. He had obviously not seen her with any men.

He stretched out his finger and touched gently on the hickey. The red mark disappeared in no time. He lowered his head and kissed Qi Huan’s neck.

“Um…Mo…Don’t…” Qi Huan’s vague voice didn’t stop Ming Huo’s presumptuous movements. The clear itch on her neck made the extremely sleepy Qi Huan upset. Without opening her eyes, she turned over, raised her leg, and kicked Ming Huo out of the bed fiercely.

Ming Huo sat on the ground in amazement, watching Qi Huan roll over, and then continued snoring rhythmically.

Early the next morning, Qi Huan held her blanket very painfully and sat up from her bed. The light outside the window indicated that it should have been afternoon…

“The sunlight is so bright!” With a long sigh, she hugged the blanket and fell into her arms again. She was going to get back to sleep again. It would be perfect if she could sleep until tomorrow.

“Huan Zi, are you awake?” Xu Kong Zi’s voice which sounded like he was tens of years younger, came from outside.

“No, I’m still sleeping.”

“That’s really a shame. I have some good quality immortal dragon-beard meat, the meat is so delicious, so tender…”

“Shifu, I awake!” The bedroom was knocked open by a woman and a fox. Little Fox squatted on Qi Huan’s head, and the two of them drooled at Xu Kong Zi.

…This is the apprentice I have taught for more than 20 years…sighs…

“This meat is a bit old.” Qi Huan, her shifu and both her Senior Uncles sat in a corner of Shui Mansion, each holding a roasted golden thigh of an unknown creature with bursts of aroma, eating happily.

Little Fox was sitting in Qi Huan’s arms, holding a large piece of cooked meat with his two paws, his mouth was full of grease.

“Oh, Junior Brother, your technique is really not as good as Huan Zi.”

Xu Ling Zi took two bites of meat and shook his head to comment.

“Hey, at least I caught the dragon-beard beast. If you think you’re so good, why don’t you roast it yourself.” Xu Yang Zi glared at his senior in dissatisfaction.

Seeing the two bickering, Xu Kong Zi approached Qi Huan and asked mysteriously, “Apprentice, what is your relationship with that Ming Huo?”

“Hm? No relationship, I barely know him, what’s the matter?” Qi Huan looked at Xu Kong Zi puzzledly, why everyone thought she had some kind of relationship with Ming Huo, they just met once.

“I heard from our ancestor today that he invited us Qing Yun Sect to stay in Ming Huo City.” 

“What does this have to do with me?” Qi Huan was taken aback, not understanding what Xu Kong Zi said. It was not like Qing Yun Sect had never been invited by other people before?

“To be precise, he wants to invite you and us Qing Yun Sect to stay in Ming Huo City.”

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Although the position of the Nine Great Respected Immortals had changed, and Duan Sui 12Duan Sui Founder of Qing Yun Sect still ranked among them, he had not been to the Lishan Gate of the Immortal World before. This time, even with his qualification, the location selection was quite a serious problem.

Not all city owners wanted a Respected Immortal in their territory, plus one some people were selfish, it was very difficult to establish a school in the deity world. Ming Huo’s invitation easily solved all Duan Sui’s troubles, but Ming Huo’s words clearly pointed out that he only allowed Qing Yun Sect to be built in his city entirely because of Qi Huan.

Therefore, it made Xu Kong Zi very curious, that he ran over to ask Qi Huan about it but who knew she didn’t know anything at all.

“I think Ming Huo likes Huan Zi.” Xu Yang Zi wiped his mouth that was full of grease, said while glancing at the greasiness in his hand. While Xu Ling Zi was not paying attention, he secretly wiped his hand on Xu Ling Zi. Qi Huan and Xu Kong Zi turned their heads away, pretended as if nothing happened. 

“You must be joking. Do you know how many years Ming Huo has lived? That old man actually likes Huan Zi?!” Xu Ling Zi slammed the bone that he had gnawed clean on his Junior Brother’s head.

“Hey… Respected Immortal Ming Huo’s lust is well-known in the deity world. None of the female deities he admires can escape, but our old ancestor said that he seems to be very sincere this time.” Xu Kong Zi looked at Qi Huan who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, eating like nobody’s business, shook his head, feeling very puzzled. Ming Huo had always had good taste in women, was he blind this time?

“What are all you guys looking at me for?” Qi Huan finally noticed that her shifu and the others were all staring at her, which made her lose her appetite. She threw the bone aside and saw that Little Fox was still holding a large piece of meat with his paws. Qi Huan wanted to reach out to take the meat from him but as a result, Little Fox bit on his meat and teleported directly to Xu Kong Zi’s head.

Then he flicked his nine big furry tails proudly, and stuck out his tongue at Qi Huan and made a face.

“Can you be a little serious about this matter!” The three said in unison. She was the main character in this matter, how could she not feel anxious when they were already so nervous!

“Do you know how many sons he has?”

The three shook their heads and listened respectfully.

“Eighteen, not counting those illegitimate children, you think he expects me to foster his sons as their stepmother? Impossible! Don’t think too much you guys.” She was a beautiful young woman, how could she be the wife of such an old man. Well, okay, he looked very young and very seductive, but she was not interested in a man who had so many women. She was definitely not going to be the kind of woman who obeyed her man with all her blood and tears.

Besides, she didn’t like Ming Huo, she just appreciated his beauty subconsciously. Plus, although Mo Ye wasn’t as enchanting as him, Mo Ye was still quite stunning overall, and she would rather see Mo Ye’s face every day, and feel his teeth on her skin…

“This matter is up to our ancestor to decide. Although he most probably wouldn’t refuse Ming Huo, it is absolutely impossible for him to use you as an exchange.” Duan Sui wouldn’t do such a thing, otherwise he wouldn’t be the founder of Qing Yun Sect. It was precisely because of Duan Sui that all disciples of Qing Yun Sect would always stick together and become one strong and unpredictable force in the deity world.

“I don’t really care. Even if our ancestor sells me to Ming Huo, I don’t think he will dare to do anything to me.” She didn’t believe that Ming Huo was that kind of hostile person, she had confidence in her judgement. If Ming Huo dared to touch her, she would use her thundernet to catch and kill him. However, she really didn’t believe that Ming Huo was that kind of person.

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“True.” Throwing the long white beard behind him, Duan Sui suddenly appeared next to Qi Huan, and directly took the dragon-beard meat that was roasting on the fire, broke off its two legs and handed one piece to Qi Huan. “However, when we go to Ming Huo City, you should be careful, that person is not very easy to deal with.”

“Eww, this roasted meat is too unpalatable. The meat is old and the tendons have not been shaved. “After eating two bites, Duan Sui started complaining non stop, but he continued eating until half of the beast was eaten by him alone. Well, if you don’t like it, then don’t eat it, why do you have to finish almost the whole thing! 

“Old ancestor, I think you’ll have a heart disease like this.” Xu Kong Zi stared at Duan Sui, frowning.

“Hey, I see you guys gossiping so I was just curious~ Besides, how would I know if you guys were talking behind my back eh?”

“…Old ancestor, you agreed that we are going to Ming Huo City?” Qi Huan asked. She knew that going to Ming Huo City was indeed a good choice, besides, Ming Huo was newly promoted Respected Immortal. He was one of the Nine Respected Immortals. It wasn’t really good to refuse him.

“Can I disagree? Just now Respected Immortal Shui Ling came to persuade me in person, and Thunder God, he also spoke to me secretly.” Duan Sui sighed and looked at Qi Huan apologetically. He didn’t want to get her involved in this matter, but at the moment, Ming Huo seemed to be very determined to get Qi Huan. If he had a choice, Duan Sui would rather refuse Ming Huo, he would never sell his disciple. Although he did not agree to “sell his disciple” to Ming Huo, if they really moved there, they were basically in his territory, which was almost the same thing.

“Uncle Lei?” Qi Huan was taken aback for a moment. Her expression became a little cold, how did Thunder God even get involved in this matter? If the owners of the four major cities all had a good relationship, it made sense if Shui Ling was the one to persuade, but it was too strange that Thunder God was also involved in the matter. Why did he want her to be with Ming Huo? What is he thinking!

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