Chapter 30 : Rematch
Before sending them out into the nearby forest to face their Grimlock foes, Bracha made a point to offer up some final advice.

“Potential points should be spent if possible. Unless you’re saving up for something specific I recommend using the remaining 20 you possess Agni.”

Agni had mixed feelings about this, partially because all of her Succubus abilities seemed rather lame to her.

“Lame? On the contrary. Did you know that each time you rank up you acquire more potential points and skills to choose from? The first rank, reaching Rank 1 is the easiest to obtain. Many manage to do this in their first three months if they are serious about growing. Many others also make that their first goal, specifically so that they can unlock more potential points.”

“I had no clue.” It was true after all, Agni assumed that she would only have 50 points to play with. According to Bracha, Agni and Katrin would both gain another 50 points upon reaching Rank 1. Rank 2 rewarded an additional 25 potential points. She had no clue regarding the other ranks as Bracha had yet to reach them herself.

With this in mind, Agni decided not to be so stingy and reexamine her options, even taking on suggestions from Bracha.

“Did you know that some general skills allow you to use weapons, items or gear that might normally be specific to other adventurer classes? From what I can see, your focus tends to be mid range combat. Even some of your Succubus abilities point to this, for example the ability to extend your limbs, even your weaponry selection. With that in mind, have you considered a whip? A while has great potential for high damage, it’s also very imposing.”

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Katrin received similar tutelage as well.

“Because your speed is rather low, as is your agility you should focus on increasing your mana reserves and learning skills that will allow you to first defend yourself during battle. Then work on improving your ability to script offensively.”

Armed with a general idea of the direction they wanted to go, Bracha then sent them out to do battle.

“Three hours, everyday for the next week. The best thing you can gain is combat experience and a feel for using your adventurer class effectively.” These were Bracha’s final directions as she sent the pair off. Now they were roaming through the woods, Katrin at Agni’s side with her newly learned ability, ‘Mana Shield’ primed and ready.

It wasn’t long before they spotted a Grimlock, the same sort in their first encounter. Agni’s mind began to race as she thought back to a litany of suggestions Bracha had given her earlier in the day.

*Constantly use my Vision. Make use of my skills that play to my modifiers.* Agni repeated mentally as the Stag’s horns began to illuminate the darkness. She grimaced slightly as a sense of pins and needles pierced her hands, nervousness was now setting in as Agni awaited the right moment to strike.

[Fulger Stag Level 6
A grimlock that can channel lightning in its horns. Can discharge it’s attacks in an area of effect or single target manner. Seems to require significant time to perform it’s elemental strikes.]

Agni eyed the description of the creature noting that new information had been added, no doubt due to the earlier encounter.

The Stag’s horns began to surge with luminous blue energy as an arcing bolt of lightning formed, bouncing between both sides of the horns before shooting forth. Agni braced herself for what was to come next as Katrin stepped to the forefront and lifted her left hand.

“Mana Shield!” She exclaimed decisively as a round energy construct came into being, it grew into a radius of 3 meters and easily absorbed the lightning. The resulting impact sounded like the crack of a whip but Katrin easily endured the attack before she called for her party mate.

“Agni!” Katrin shouted as she then stepped aside, allowing the Succubus to dash forth.

Because Agni couldn’t quite control her magic to project, she decided on the next best thing. By coating herself in a film of lightning energy she could decrease the effectiveness of the Stag’s attacks against her. She rushed forward, beginning the swing of her Halberd before even calling forth her weapon.

“Weapon Call!” The halberd appeared mid swing as she aimed at the Stag’s neck. As Agni expected the creature was agile but not good at moving backwards. It attempted to leap diagonally which only delayed the battle. Her halberd cut deep into the Stag’s side, causing the creature to fall down on one knee.

With her free hand Agni conjured a fireball, flowing half of her mana into it to further strengthen it. She then thrust the fireball directly into the creature’s face as she recalled her weapon and lunged forth. The flaming attack both ignited the creature’s fur and also caused it to lurch backwards.

[-3 HP][-1 HP]

Some of the flames sparked up and burned Agni’s palm, but the damage was minimal. While the beast struggled to breathe , it’s entire head aflame Agni called forth her weapon once more and pierced the creature in the chest several times. Her intent was to puncture it’s heart, but her aim was off thus after several piercing strikes the creature finally succumbed to it’s injuries.

Katrin watched the entire battle play out, her hands clenched as she watched on in consternation.

[64 XP gained.]

As the party watched the XP alerts roll by a second alert appeared.

[Monster Drop Skill {Katrin} : Fulger Stag Dropped ‘Crystal Horn’.] [10 XP gained.]

“Crystal Horn? That sounds interesting.” Agni and Katrin both watched in awe as the creature’s body began to fade away into thick black particles. All that remained was a blue orb about the size of a basketball. Slowly the orb lost its transparency until finally their drop item was revealed, the Crystal Horn.

[Crystal Horn – Quality 65
A material from a Fulger Stag Grimlock. Often used to make knife handles, or accessories. Sellable.]

Katrin gazed at Agni, a huge smile on her face as she rushed over to hug her.

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“We did it!” Katrin said as she felt overcome with joy. Agni felt the same way honestly, at first she was afraid but the rush of easily defeating a foe that had nearly killed them both was exhilarating. As Agni gazed down at her singed hand a sense of determination overcame her.

*I can do this. I can survive in this world.*

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