Shopping With Bracha

Chapter 27 : Shopping With Bracha

Agni could feel her heart pounding as hundreds of thick white wisps of energy drew her towards Sprim Row. The lure was so powerful that she had slowly begun to lose herself. Especially, she took notice of an older mature woman standing just inside the gate. Shiny, long black hair which reached down to her waist. She was dressed in see through garments which reminded Agni of a belly dancer.As their eyes met Agni realized that her eyes were an unusual color, magenta. She noticed Agni’s gaze and waved, blowing a kiss in her direction. With that Agni took two steps forward, her body acting on it’s own before she came to.

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The sensation of Katrin’s hands wrapped around her arm and the sound of her voice was enough to bring her back to her senses.

“Agni. Are you okay?” Bracha asked, there was a pleasant smile on her face as she did so.

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“Y-yea..” She replied as she struggled to slow her heartbeat.

*Dangerous.. I almost got swept in..* Agni thought to herself as she looked away from the nearby hostess. After taking a tour of the city, largely by visiting the gate to each at the city central, Bracha decided to treat both of her new pupils to lunch. On the way back they stopped at a store in the center of the city, a well known shop for armor.

“This is one of the best shops for adventurers in the city, Gadsten’s. Since all your gear was stolen, it’s probably a good idea to get you refitted and also cover how gear works.” Bracha said as she walked into the shop.

“Hello Berlin.” Bracha greeted the shopkeeper, presumably before realizing she had the wrong person.

“The master is out. I’m filling in until he gets back.” A young boy’s voice said.

“Oh, the apprentice Berlin.” Bracha said with a smile. The young boy looked up from what he was doing behind the counter, a sneer of annoyance on his face as he did so.

“I have a name. Use it, Rune Witch.” the boy retorted.

Agni could have sworn she saw a vein throb along the side of Bracha’s temple but she dismissed it as her imagination.

“My apologies, Ren. Could you please fit my two pupils here. Basics, I’ll cover the cost.” Bracha said as she walked over to the counter. Now that she was closer Agni could get a good look at the young man. Bronzed skin, grey bowl cut hair, slim frame with boyish features and short in height. Very short. He was dressed in a yellow cloth shirt with leather boots, pants and gloves. What’s more a curious tool hung from his head, useful for inspecting items up close if Agni had to venture a guess.

“Hmph.” The young boy grunted as he motioned for Agni and Katrin to come closer. Standing before him Agni realized the young man was no ordinary person.

[Ren Kaito, Rank 1 Tinkerer]

“Your hand horny lady.”

“Huh?” Agni said, obviously caught off hard by the young man’s directness.

*Horny lady?* Agni could have taken it two ways, she decided that Ren was talking about the horns on her head.

“Your hand. Let’s see it.” Ren said impatiently. Agni glanced over at Bracha for confirmation before placing her left hand into Ren’s palm.

“Never fitted a Succubus before. This should be interesting.” Ren said, his voice low as a display appeared before him — one that only he could see.

“Let’s see. For weapons, it looks like you’re already equipped with a halberd, but it’s really crappy. You can fit light and magic class armor. Weird combination but, eh who am I to judge.” Ren continued speaking aloud to himself while Agni and Katrin looked on, confused but willing to go along with it due to Bracha’s encouragement.

After thirty seconds he then turned to Katrin, performing the same set of actions with different results.

“Light Armor, Crossbows, Guns — been a while since I’ve fitted a gun class.”

Ultimately the assessment took only a couple of minutes before Ren turned to Bracha and ordered her to wait while he went to collect the items. Agni couldn’t help but glance around the shop interior. Adorning the walls were various types of armor of all kinds and just as many weapons. Her eyes were drawn to a display case next to the counter though, within were tons of small trinkets– accessories.

“These are accessories. A type of gear that only adventurers can wear. They tend to impart powerful effects for the wearer. They are also pretty expensive at times.” Bracha said as she scratched gently at her cheek.

Soon Ren returned with what appeared to be two small spheres about the size of a baseball. He placed them unceremoniously on the countertop and then quoted the price.

“3,800 Gols.”

Bracha held out her Systema mark towards Ren and he waved his right hand over his own. The transaction was complete. Bracha then handed Agni the orb on the left and Katrin the other before she added, “Now it’s time for your first adventure.”

So far the day had been spent soaking up explanations and demonstrations, which is why Agni was delighted that Bracha suggested leaving the city in order to get some experience as an adventurer. She was less delighted when she found out where they were going.

“The Lull Forest. The area just outside your spawn area, the Wilderness Tabernacle.”

“But ..why?” Agni whispered in disbelief.

“Because you already have experience dealing with the enemies there, so you know what to expect. Relax, I’m with you. There’s absolutely no way you’ll be in danger.”

Though it made sense logically Agni wasn’t so convinced. When the trio made it to the South Western Gate Bracha stopped at the guard station and waved her left hand over a large crystal near the gate.

“This is the wayfarer’s crystal. As you might have guessed, you can use your Systema for many things. Shopping included. I paid for your gear with my Systema mark, just like I paid the traveler’s fee a moment ago.” Bracha said as she motioned for Katrin and Agni to follow.

“The traveler’s fee is a standard, agreed upon way for the city to finance itself. Since Grenvale is run by adventurers, and most adventurers absolutely hate to be bound or restricted– this city has no taxes. In fact, most don’t. Therefore, in order to leave and return to the city you have to pay a 25 Gol fee. This is the traveler’s fee.”

“So I have to pay 25 Gol everytime I leave and enter? Isn’t that bit of a rip off?” Agni asked.

“Oh, no you’re mistaken. The fee lasts for 24 hours from the moment you pay. And Rank 0 adventurers don’t have to pay the fee at all until they hit level fifty.”

When put that way, it didn’t sound that bad. It was now around three in the afternoon and the trio had finally reached the edge of the forest before she stopped to address them once more.

“As you may have gathered by now, you can grow more quickly by focusing on activities that are compatible with your modifiers. But the reality is every action you take or experience will reward small amounts of experience. Hold up your Systema mark and say ‘XP Display On’.”

After doing as requested both adventurers received an alert.

[XP will now be displayed to the user.]

“This is one of many Systema commands you can use. This will allow you to gauge just how much experience you get from any given action. There’s one other factor to gaining experience that you may not be aware of. Experience gain is relative in the sense that ‘pure’ experiences reward the most XP. As an example, you might gain 250 XP for defeating a new type of Grimlock that you encounter, but if you battle that creature again you will receive significantly less. If you were then to farm that creature you’d progressively notice your XP gains dwindle. It’s the same for all experiences, in short when you’re acquiring XP you need to keep this in mind — do and try things you’ve never considered for the best results.”

Now that Agni thought about it, this made sense. After all, that threesome in the forest was a completely unique experience for her — once she’d never taken part in, even as a man. The thought of lips and hands against her bare skin made Agni quiver slightly. This was in turn replaced by a twinge of anger as she thought back to how Abeni robbed her blind in the end.

Still, she managed to gain six levels in one encounter where she’d experienced several firsts. The first time fingers entered her body, the first time she felt a tongue against her lips, the first time she’d been with two people. The first time she experienced an orgasm as a woman…

Agni caught herself as her Succulust began to run wild, she felt she was beginning to gain better control over it which, in a way, was good. Bracha’s voice pulled her attention back to the moment at hand.

“Now, without further delay. Let’s get going. The Grimlock here are mostly active at night, let’s go set up camp before they begin to stir.”

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