Chapter 14 – Bonds Between Worlds – Part 2

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“Have you guys ever watched Lord of the Rings?” Gio asked as they ventured into the cave. Ashner and Gio wore their NODs.

“How would that be possible?” Ashner questioned.

“Oh right, lately I’ve forgotten we’re in another world… When something becomes an everyday occurrence, you start to forget it’s extraordinary.”

“Can you focus? We’re in the middle of a mission. Consider this a Key Leader Engagement. Or a KLE…”

Ashner sipped on his drink.

“You got it… By the way, why is this cave called Echo?”

As soon as he asked, his voice boomed across the cave. Rumbling in the distance. “Oh, that’s why.”

The cave turned into a catacomb of rooms, each abandoned with random oddities like buckets and rusted weapons.

In the distance, voices screamed to one another.

“Every dwarf in this cave now knows we’re here…” Ashner groaned. “Actually, that’s an impressive alarm system.”

“What is it with demi’s and living underground?” Gio scratched his shoulder. “It just seems unhealthy.”

“Master?” Alex’s voice was heavy with concern. “What do we do?”

Footsteps rushed towards the group. Ashner readied his assault rifle, and Gio readied his SAW. “If things get bad, then everyone retreats… Alex, you’re in charge of driving the Stryker. Elana, you’re more than qualified to protect my slaves… But under no circumstances, are any of you allowed to die.”

The footsteps continued. Hundreds of them. Until they all suddenly stopped.

Where are they?

Footsteps surrounded them, and from all directions, the dwarfs circled them from the empty catacombs.

They’re dwarfs… If they specialize in mining… Then I should’ve planned for them to have a way to surround their intruders… I f***** up.

The tallest of them was about four feet tall, all heavily armored with battle axes and war-hammers. With heavy steel as their battle-armor.

We won’t survive this fight…

“Who goes yonder?” One of them spoke. His voice echoed, and oddly enough, he had a thick accent.

“Weapons down.” Ashner gave his order. Gio complied immediately. Alex, Risa, and the elves took a few seconds then they lowered their weapons. They were heavily outmatched.

“Smart move there long legs.” The same voice spoke. “Had you attacked, we would’ve mistaken you for a monster.”

The dwarfs made way for the one who spoke. He carried a battleaxe and had a thick red beard, and it was well-groomed.

“What brings you to our domain?” He asked while he lowered his weapon.

“We’re searching for people to join our kingdom,” Elana spoke. She bowed quickly. “I’m Elana, queen of the wood elves.”

“Pointy ears!” He raised his eyebrows. “Your kin are still alive? I’m impressed since your race was always on the softer side.”

“And yours was always known as violent, sturdy, and loyal to their allies… And you, you’re the striking image of a Lord I knew… His name was Kabitsu…”

“Ah, that was my grandfather.” He raised his hand. “He spoke fondly of the wood elves king… And his daughter, Elana.”

All dwarven weapons were lowered. Ashner released a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding.

We got lucky.

“My name is Kabu. I’m the Lord of the dwarfs…” He studied Ashner and Gio. “Is the war over?”

“Far from it.” Elana sighed. She was scared. “These two humans are my friends, and without them, the wood elves would’ve met their end.”

“Ah, from what I’ve heard, the sand elves, ice dwarfs, and demi-panthers were all eradicated…” His eyes focused on Wilson, and his pupils dilated. “A demi-bat?”

“Yes.” Elana raised her hand. “But not the king that doomed us all… Just his ancestor, they’re helping us.”

Kabu studied the group then sighed.

“Follow me… Long has it been since Echo has received guests… As tradition holds, we need to have a feast…”

“We’re in a hurry, good Lord.” Elana bowed.

“Nonsense… You’re in our home… And you must honor our traditions…”


The group followed the dwarfs, the tension had died down, but they were still on guard.

“So why did you seek us out?” Kabu focused on Ashner and perceived he was leading the group. “Human, what is your name?”

“Ashner… We’re seeking out demi’s to join our kingdom… Your people’s skills are essential for our survival.”

“Living on the outside? It’s a delightful delusion… But against mankind, we don’t stand a chance…”

Ashner took a sip of his Camelbak.

The inside of the mine was lived in. Cold, but the air was easy to breathe. Ashner studied the residents. They were all pale, short, and some were slim and lacked muscle.

How much food can they gather this deep inside a cave? But metal is easy to acquire. That’s why they all have weapons.

They were ridiculously short, and their women were no different, minus the beards. Some were plump, and others were slim. But they were all short.

“It’s a legal loli paradise.” Gio snickered.

“Please don’t go there.” Ashner sighed.

“Each man worships their favorite body type… But thick is my religion.”

“Sometimes I question why we’re friends.”

“Because I’m the best you’ll ever find… I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned who your waifu is…”

Ashner sighed and sipped on his Camelbak once more.

The cave widened into a large cavern, with a light running river curving across the cave.


A few homes were scattered near the river, and they had even managed to harvest and grow some type of glowing mushrooms.

Locals eyed the group and even whispered among each other.

Kabu led the group into a section of the cave that was obviously carved into. It had a round table with seats carved from the very stone of the cave.

Kabu sat down first. He whispered to his men, and they paced off to follow his orders.

Elana sat down to his left and Wilson to his right. Even if Kabu didn’t mention it, the demi-bat’s presence bothered him.

“Elana for the wood elves, Wilson for the demi-bats, who represents humans?”

Gio shoved Ashner forward towards the three sitting on the table.

“I’ll do it.” Ashner sat two seats away from Elana. “I’m not royalty, but I have the power to influence the kingdom we’re creating.”

The rest of the group stayed standing behind their leaders.

“I have one question for you, Ashner. Why stray away from the war your people are winning and instead side with demi’s?”

“I’m from another world.”

“That’s preposterous.” The Lord scoffed. “Take this conversation seriously.”

“Lord Kabu.” Elana ran her finger against the table. It was a little dusty and obviously hadn’t been used in some time. “Ashner speaks the truth, four humans from another world entered ours… Don’t degrade his status either… He may not have royal blood, but he has earned his merits.”

“What has he done?”

“He saved the wood elves from certain death, brought my people food and medicine, and he’s currently purifying the salted land around our kingdom.”

The dwarf ruffled his beard.

“He also saved the souls of the last black neku tribe.” Risa interrupted, speaking with her hands clasped against her back. “He insured the Dead God didn’t devour them… Even if I am the last of my kind, he took me in and has given me a purpose to continue living.”

“Has he now?” Kabu evaluated Ashner with curiosity.

“Ashner also took in the demi-bats, even though resentment from other races has kept us in hiding… Now my people will work alongside him, and together we will create a new world.” Wilson’s voice rumbled with every word. “I also witnessed firsthand how he negotiated with the demi-bunnies. As we speak, my people are transporting them into our kingdom…”

“Ashner, it’s rare for demi’s to praise humans in this age… Very well, what are you proposing?”

“Come with us, help us rebuild the remnants of a kingdom long destroyed.” Ashner hadn’t digested everything he had done up until now. Alex smiled proudly behind him. “We’re going to have crops, plenty of food for the population.”

“The soil is tainted. It’s tainted everywhere. I can sense it in the earth and stone.” Wilson gritted his teeth. “In due time, all vegetation will die out.”

“We’re using our world’s vegetables, believe it or not, the Dead God can’t influence them… So the food will be different, but it’s edible, and your people will have more variety than just mushrooms…”

“Humm.” The Lord pulled his beard. “Can you provide us meat?”

“Meat? Why meat?”

“It’s a rarity, but it’s delicious… Can you bring animals from your world that we can raise?”

Elana raised her eyebrow. She desired that too.

“It’s possible, chickens, cows, goats, pigs… Animals that don’t exist in your world… It would be relatively easy to bring them here…”

Kabu’s lips parted, and he gave a happy cheer. “That is tempting… But I won’t risk the lives of my people where humans hunt and capture demi’s… It’s better to live half a life underground than to be enslaved…”

Ashner grazed his sidearm. “What if I can offer you a new type of weapon… One that doesn’t require magic. One that can eradicate a target from a distance, with more accuracy than a bow, and more penetrating damage than a sword.”

“You’re speaking about that odd metal you’re carrying.” Kabu was certainly curious. “Show me what it can do.”

He tossed him a metal goblet.

Ashner caught it, then handed it to Risa and quickly gave her instructions.

She dashed deeper into the cave with her power, dropped the cup, and dashed right back. Where she placed it was far away from any dwarfs and crops.

Ashner used the stone chair to brace his weapon, he controlled his breathing, in between his breaths, as he exhaled, and right before he inhaled, that’s when he pulled the trigger of his carbine.

The goblet flew into the sky, and the blast echoed across the cave.

Kabu stood up, marveled with the weapon in Ashner’s hands.

Risa returned, holding the metal goblet. The bullet had gone clean through it.

The Lord of the dwarfs studied it, grazing it even if it was still hot from the impact.

“How is this possible?” He questioned Ashner.

“That was one bullet.” Ashner tossed him a spare round. Kabu studied it, in awe at how small it was.

“Swords, bows, axes… My world, at one time, waged wars with them… But they became absolute,” He held his weapon up, so everyone studied it. “This is my world’s modern weapon… And a piece of technology your world doesn’t have… Imagine if every one of your people held one of these… Even if a legion of human slavers rushed you at full speed. One bullet can go through multiple targets… Imagine what hundreds can do at once… Thousands… This is the protection I offer you… Will you join us?”

The echo had inadvertently brought more attention towards the group.

Kabu smirked. “Why not? We’re all going to die one day… I’d rather die under the sun than rot away inside a cave… The red-beard tribe will join you… And your kingdom… What is your kingdom’s name?”

Ashner raised his eyebrow. He glanced at Elana, who simply shrugged.

“We should give it a name.” Ashner slung his weapon around his shoulder.

“Not we.” The elven queen leaned back on her stone seat. “You… Ashner, out of all of us here. You’ve just about single-handedly gave us all a new home… Naming it should fall to you…”

“… I don’t know…”

“I’ll name it.” Gio interrupted with a huge smile. “How about Steins Oppai… Deus Ex Machina?”

Everyone gave Gio a conflicted glance. He just returned a smile.

“On second thought, I will name it.” Ashner sighed. “It’s a place where the lost can be found… A second chance away from war and slavery… A haven… Sanctuary… Let’s call the kingdom Sanctuary.”

Gio pouted and mumbled something along the lines of. “We could’ve just called it Oppai.”

“Then the red-beards shall join Sanctuary.” Kabu smiled and called for his servants to grab something for the group.

That’s two more groups… This was easier than I expected… But people are desperate, so I shouldn’t be surprised they want a change.

Ashner sipped on his Camelbak, savoring its flavor.

“Last but certainly not least…” Kabu’s servants dropped a barrel on top of the table. “We must uphold our traditions… So choose your warriors…”

I spoke too soon… He wants us to fight? But why?

“Is this necessary?” Ashner asked while he fiddled with the table. “We came to an arrangement.”

“Traditions must always be upheld… If you refuse, then we won’t join Sanctuary.”


“What is your tradition? I don’t want bloodshed…”

“Blood?” Kabu raised his eyebrow. “We’re not savages… We just need to discuss our conditions again… But this time.”

His servant opened the barrel, and the aroma of mead filled the air.

“We do it while we’re drunk… So choose your best warriors… It takes courage to take on a dwarf!”

Oh, thank God.

Drinks were handed to the entire group. Kabu raised his glass first. “To the future!”

“To the future!” The group echoed.

Ashner sipped on the drink.

This isn’t half bad.

“Dwarven mead.” Wilson savored the drink. “I only heard rumors of its flavor… It’s an honor to taste it.”

Elana exhaled slowly, and Risa struggled to drink hers.

“Down it quickly!” Kabu ordered.

Everyone obeyed and drank at a faster pace. Alex ended up coughing, which earned him some laughter from the group.

Then came the second cup.

And the third.

Wilson’s face fell limp on the table. He slid off his chair and landed on his side.

“The first warrior has fallen!” Kabu exclaimed.


Ashner sipped on his Camelbak while Risa sat next to him.

Without the sun, nobody grasped how much time passed, but they enjoyed themselves.

Elana fell asleep with her head on the table and her two guards with their backs against each other.

“Elves have no tolerance.” Kabu slurred his words then focused on Ashner. “Does your world have alcohol?”

Ashner stood up. As he did, the world spun a little.

I’m feeling it.

He made his way towards Kabu and grabbed the rubber hose. Squeezing its head, he pressed his hand against the bladder. Dark liquid poured into the dwarf’s cup.

Gio raised his eyebrow.

“What is this?” He lifted his cup and whiffed it.

“It’s called Hennessy. Consider it one of many options of alcohol my world has.”

Kabu took a sip and smiled. “That’s delightful!”

Gio’s hands became fists. He marched towards Ashner and guided him away from the party.

“What are you doing? You’re drinking mid-mission?” Gio bit his lip. “That’s why you made a bad call earlier when we entered the cave. Ashner you’re not combat effective if you’re drunk.”

“Lay off.” Ashner shrugged Gio’s hand away from him. When he did, Risa, Melissa, and Alex got closer to them. “We’re not in the military anymore… I don’t have to follow the rules.”

“Ashner… We’re still in a dangerous place… I need you to keep your mind sharp.”

Ashner pouted.

“Is this because of Iris?”

“Yes… You don’t understand what it’s like to care for something so deeply… And suddenly it’s stolen…”

Gio stayed silent. Ashner was right. He didn’t understand.

“I do,” Melissa spoke up, timidly glancing away from the two.

Damn it… I’m being an ass…

Gio studied them both, then used his left arm to grab Melissa and his right to grab Ashner. He hugged them both tightly, but with his strength, the two gasped for air.

As soon as he released them, they both inhaled deeply.

“I’m so sorry… I wasn’t there when you needed me, Ashner… And I wasn’t there to save you, Melissa.” Gio exhaled. He was holding his liquor better than everyone. Even better than the dwarfs. “Wong respected your decision to stay away, but had I been awake, I would’ve found you… Even if you didn’t want to see me… I’m not Wong. I don’t use my head like he does. Instead, I let my heart steer my life… I lost my dad… And then I lost two years of my life… But I refuse to lose either of you… You’re my family…”

“What about me?” Alex asked meekly, with Risa next to him.

Ashner walked towards them. Both of them became stiff, then his arms wrapped around both of them. He brought them closer and held them against his chest. He had taken his armor off, Risa’s face dug into his chest. Alex giggled when he hugged him.

“You two… And Lina… Consider yourselves part of my family…”

“So you can be a nice guy,” Melissa added.

“Shut up…”

Alex broke away, but Risa clung on a few seconds longer. She glanced up. “I want to hug you like this more… But I know you hate hugs.”

“… Just let me know when you want a hug… I’ll allow it from time to time…”

Risa smiled and nudged her head on his chest, purring.

Why can I only express my true feelings when I’m drunk? I’m pathetic.

“I’ve had enough to drink…” Ashner spoke to the dwarf that had brought them alcohol. “Where can we sleep?”

The short dwarf paced ahead of the group and showed them to their rooms. As Ashner expected, it was just a blanket over a stone foundation. At least the stone was swept and not covered in dust.

Ashner lay on top of it, with his body warm from the alcohol. Then Risa lay to his left and Melissa to his right.

“What are you two doing?”

“Master.” Risa dug her head on Ashner’s rib. “Can I stay with you tonight?”

She’s drunk.

“That’s a bad idea. I’m drunk, and if you’re sleeping next to me… Something might happen.”

Risa smirked proudly. “Any order you give me… I will follow.” She cuddled him tightly then glared at Melissa, who was enjoying the show.

“I won’t lose to you.” Risa declared to the blonde.

Lose what?

Melissa leaned over Ashner and got face to face with Risa. The demi-cat stood her ground. “Risa… This shouldn’t be a competition…”

Melissa jerked forward, grabbing Risa’s chin and forcing a kiss right on top of Ashner.

To Ashner’s surprise, Risa submitted and let Melissa have her way… After the kiss, Melissa pulled back slowly, leaving a spit line connecting both their tongues.

That was sexy.

Risa’s body grew hot, and her lower parts became wetter.

She glared at Melissa, who had dominated Risa so easily. “If you need more proof.” Melissa leaned back and pointed at Ashner’s pants. To his left side, his erection was clearly visible.


Risa shook. She studied Ashner and Risa. Conflicted with the development that unfolded, and confused with her body and why she was so turned on. “I… I…” She used her power and in a second vanished out of the room.

Melissa laughed loudly. “She only acts tough. That girl needs to be told what to do…”

“That was cruel.”

“Was it?” She straddled Ashner and rubbed his dick over his pants. “Then this is cruel too?”

“You can dominate her… But if you try that with me… You won’t be in control for long…”

She smiled. “Then put me in my place.” Melissa forced a kiss.

An odd aftertaste, from the sweet saliva of two women, that mixed with the bitterness of alcohol.

Ashner’s heart raced, and he sensed his lower half tingling while she caressed him, then his mind returned to a day he despised. The day he failed her. As she helped herself to his lips, Ashner’s heart sank into his stomach.

He pushed her away.

“I’m sorry… I can’t… Not after what happened…”

“Ashner…” Melissa’s eyes saddened… “How was that my fault?”

“It wasn’t… I’m sorry…”

Melissa breathed in and out slowly. Teardrops were forming in her eyes. Even drunk, she had never had a man deny her. A different type of pain inflicted her. “You’re an idiot…” She stood up, still drunk, and stumbled out of the room.

Yes… I am…


The following day neither Risa nor Melissa mentioned a word of what happened. But they did keep their distance from Ashner.

The drive back was filled with silence due to the fact they were all hungover or hurt. But in time, they returned to Sanctuary.

Ashner returned to removing the salt from the earth, and demi-bunnies soothed their power into the seeds helping them grow quickly.

Dwarfs started cutting down trees and restoring the closest homes from the castle. Demi-bats served as the eyes for the kingdom. They were stalking human settlements, monsters, and even wild animals.

After a week, Ashner found himself in a room inside the castle. It overlooked the kingdom that had slowly but surely started developing. Elana had given him the room as a way to represent his status.

The room had a balcony. Ashner had brought a few things from his world here. Patio chairs and a table, he typed on his computer and had several spare laptop batteries. It was getting dark, so the only light came from his computer and an oil-lit lamp.

He glanced into the sky. Billions of stars illuminated it.

You never see that in my world.

“They got a lot done in a week.” Melissa helped herself into his room which annoyed the soldier.

“Don’t you knock?”

“Peace treaty?” Melissa offered him some chocolates that she had snuck into the world. Ashner complied and ate one.

“The pressure to survive has settled down… This kingdom is officially self-sufficient.”

Ashner smiled.

“Oh wow…” Melissa leaned closer to him. “Are you actually smiling?”

Ashner frisked his lips.

I am.

“I’ve seen your fake smiles but that one…” She smiled right back. “I love it.”

“… Is it wrong if I’m a little proud of myself?” Ashner asked.

“Not at all…” She stood up and skipped towards the door. “Leave your door unlocked… I have more delicious delicacies for you.”

“Alright.” Ashner returned to his laptop as Melissa left. He was reviewing the last of his reports. He sighed. “This is turning into a lot more work than I hoped for… And the gold is due in a few days…”

Ashner changed into his sleepwear. Just a top and pajama pants. He drank some water and let himself fall on top of his massive bed.

Another item he brought from his world. He glanced at a mirror and focused his view on himself. His hair was well-trimmed, and he kept himself clean-shaven. But there was more. A light emerged from his eyes.

The door opened.

“You took your time.” Ashner turned his head to find Lina, Melissa, and Risa entering his room.

They were each in their pajamas, but one glance was enough to grasp that they wore underwear underneath it.

“What are you plotting, Melissa?” Ashner wasn’t in the mood for the blonde’s pranks. He was just about ready for bed.

“Well, the three of us found ourselves in a dilemma… You just happen to be a thief. And stole the same thing from all of us.”

What is she babbling on about?

“One after another,” she continued. “The three of us had our own little competitions between each other. But you didn’t take the bait for any of us. So we decided to stop fighting each other… And just embrace what we have… Together.”

Ashner raised his eyebrow.

Are they suggesting what I think they’re suggesting?

“You don’t have to date any of us if you don’t want to… And if you hate what happens tonight, then we never have to do it again… But we want you… We all want you…”

This is what I always wanted…This better not be a prank.

Lina was anxious and excited while Risa trembled.

The three girls grabbed Ashner’s shirt and pulled it off him. His body was hard, and his muscles popped. The two demi’s pampered his abs, and Melissa undid his pants.

“Master.” Risa was shaking. Ashner put his hand on her shoulder. At that second, her trembles stopped. Her eyes gazed deep into his. They were catlike, and her body was the smallest of the three. She started purring and rubbed her head against Ashner’s arm.

Luna kissed Ashner’s shoulder, then started going up towards his neck.

Melissa pulled Ashner’s pants down. He was hard. With three women pampering him, who wouldn’t be?

Lina was the first to take her shirt off. She wore a bright green bra, and her robust chest stood out. Ashner had sighted her naked several times, but this was the first time she undressed with the sole purpose of exciting him. Her seductive eyes peered into his.

Lina then took her pajama pants off. Her panties were the same color as her bra, with little black bows knotted to her hips. Something not practical for sleeping in.

His heart started racing.

“Touch me.” She grabbed Ashner’s hand and slid it under her panties. His fingers grasped that she didn’t have any hairs as he found his way… And another thing… She was wet.

Ashner’s finger grazed the tip of her p****. Lina moaned softly. Her body glided down on his hand. She was begging for him to do more.

He did.

Ashner’s middle finger went inside her, as he did, Lina’s moans became a little louder.

“Me too.” A meek voice spoke. Ashner’s head tilted down and to his right.

Risa pressed her body against him. Her eyes were submissive, but she didn’t have the courage to act on her own. The girl needed her master to lead.

Ashner leaned down and kissed her lips. Once he did, she rubbed against him harder, humping her p**** against his leg. When he did, Lina moaned louder.

“I thought I would be jealous,” Lina admitted as she grabbed Ashner’s hand and pressed it deeper into her p****. Then his other hand grabbed her chest, squeezing her tightly. She was soft, and his fingers just about melted against her skin. “But watching you with another woman… It makes me want you more.”

Melissa removed Ashner’s pants and leaned over him, letting some of her saliva drip on his dick. The heat made him twitch. Satisfied, she started stroking him. The blonde was getting wet with so many beautiful girls moaning around her… And of course, Ashner, to Melissa, was a king receiving his righteous reward.

Lina studied Ashner as his gaze went away from hers and down towards Melissa, who smiled happily as she jerked him off faster. And then Risa, who kept kissing his neck, then his lips. He had his full attention on other women. That annoyed Lina. She sensed herself getting angry, then her lust skyrocketed.

He was a man who only viewed her as an option among many. It’s not that he didn’t care. He was just too popular… Throughout Lina’s life, men flocked towards her, begging for her hand in marriage or for her attention. Ashner never did… She hated and loved it. Her body wrenched with his fingers, her nipples became hard. The ecstasy was too much. It was building up inside her body like an inferno that just got relished by fresh oxygen.

She came loudly.

Ashner’s fingers were drenched in her juices, along with her panties. She fell side first on the bed, breathing heavily. Her body was trying desperately to recover. A moment of weakness that Melissa took full advantage of.

“These have to come off.” Melissa used her free hand and took Lina’s panties off. This made the elf blush. Lina’s legs were still shaking, so the blonde got a great view. “Your p**** is cute.”

“What are you saying?” Lina fought her words while she tried catching her breath.

“I’m saying… That I want a taste.” Melissa spread Lina’s legs and took a nice long lick. The elf moaned loudly.

Lina had just been side-swiped with more pleasure. Sadly, Melissa had to let go of Ashner. Not that he minded.

“Melissa…” The elf’s eyes widened as the blonde expertly licked and sucked her lower lips. Lina tried fighting back at first but instead held Melissa’s head against her p****. Ashner and Risa sat down on the bed and tracked every movement Lina gave. Risa studied Ashner’s dick as it got bigger with the show the two girls were putting on. “If you keep that up… I’m gonna…”

Ashner didn’t fight his desires. He bent down and kissed Lina’s lips, a long and spontaneous kiss. While he did, her body gave out, and she moaned loudly in his mouth, and she came again.

Melissa’s face got wet, she was in the splash zone, and she smiled at her success.

Lina was at a loss for words. In her long life, she had never orgasmed that hard. She grabbed Ashner’s hand. “Master… My body… I’ve never felt so alive…”

Melissa licked her lips and wiped her face on the bed’s covers. “You taste delicious…” Next, she pinned Lina, holding her arms against the bed, and started making out with her. She wasn’t anywhere near done with the elf yet. As she did, Risa found her courage and squeezed Ashner’s dick. Giving him a trembling hand-job.

“I’ve never done this before… Let me know if I’m doing it wrong…” Risa admitted with a nervous tone. Her fingers shivered, but she kept trying her best.

Melissa lifted her body off the moaning elf. Then her head tilted towards Risa with a smirk. Risa’s ears shot up then down quickly.

“Lina got the first orgasm…” Risa tried to fight back, but Melissa grabbed her shirt and pulled it off.

Ashner quickly pulled her pajama pants off, leaving Risa in just her underwear. Black and red velvet lace with white designs that were stitched on to resemble a kitten’s face. Risa’s face burned red, and she tried covering herself with her hands. It didn’t do her any justice.

“Master…” Risa sought guidance from Ashner. With an extra-long inhale, she found her courage… “Tell me what to do…”


The order made Risa shake, but she undid her bra hooks and slowly pulled her panties off. She had shaved. That was more than likely Melissa’s suggestion.

“What now… Master?” She didn’t leer at Ashner. The embarrassment was eating her up. “This time… Make me yours…”

Ashner pushed her on the bed then he got on top of her and studied her in detail. Risa was breathtaking, a beauty beyond measure, the kind of woman pop idol groups or movies hire. She was blushing and had no idea where to stare. She’s the kind of woman Ashner only dreamed of being with.

Melissa positioned herself to Risa’s left while Lina was still recovering on the opposite side. Melissa held Ashner’s hand. Gasping for air, Lina grabbed his other hand. All the while, Risa prepared for Ashner’s rod.

“Do it, Master.” Lina smiled.

“Don’t bitch out,” Melissa warned as she tightened her grip.

“Please…” Risa murmured as her legs shook. “Dominate me…”

This is better than porn. I can’t believe this is how I lose my virginity.

Ashner slid his dick inside Risa, who moaned louder than Lina had. Both the girls squeezed his hands as he went in, so he almost missed out on an interesting development… Risa’s moan.


That’s hot… And she’s so tight… She’s squeezing my dick so tightly.

Ashner pulled back slowly then he lunged forward. As he did, Risa and the bed shook. Thrust after thrust, the beat of smacking echoed, and the aroma of sex filled the room.

“Nyyyya! Master!” Risa moaned and squirmed. “Master! Nyyyah! Master!”

Ashner reviewed his dick, he didn’t have a condom on, but Risa hadn’t bled. Then again, not all girls do their first time.

“Kiss me,” Risa begged with watery eyes.

Ashner complied and smooched her. That was the spark she needed. Mid-kiss, her body spasmed. Ashner gauged that her juices squirted and splashed around his thighs, he tried to keep going, but she pushed him back and out of her.

“Master, my body can’t!”

She fell limp after Ashner had pulled out of her.

“You two are incredibly sensitive.” Melissa teased with a bratty tone. The two demi’s glared at her. One realization hit them both as they recovered from their orgasms. Melissa was still fully dressed. Both the girls glanced at each other and nodded.

Melissa was caught off guard as Risa grabbed her wrist and pulled her between the two demi’s.

“What are you doing?” Melissa squirmed as Risa pulled down her pants and Lina took her shirt off. “Stop it…”

I could help her… But she kind of deserves that…

Ashner studied Melissa, from her bright red underwear to her body that was filled with healed bite marks. A sight he wasn’t expecting.

Melissa glanced away.

“You don’t have to touch me… After all… I’m tainted…”

Risa glared at her and bit her stomach, biting over a healed scar. Lina did the same. Melissa giggled. “What are you two doing?”

“If you’re tainted… Then we will cleanse you.”

Lina smirked deviously at Melissa. She was going to get back at her. Lina’s thin fingers came down and slid inside Melissa’s p****.

The human girl moaned. She had gone too far, and both the demi’s were getting their revenge.

The scene only made Ashner harder.

Risa started sucking Melissa’s boobs, and Lina asked a question. “Is this part of you tainted too?” She slipped another finger into her p****, making Melissa gasp.

“Yes.” She tried fighting, but her strength had faded with the pleasure.

“That’s a place only Ashner can cleanse properly.” Lina kissed Ashner’s lips and gave a request. “F*** her… Make her forget her scars.”

Ashner smirked, gripped her calves, and spread her legs. Melissa panicked. “You don’t have to… I don’t deserve you.”

Risa pinned her shoulder’s down against the bed and sucked harder on her breasts. Lina held her stomach and used her free hand to spread Melissa’s p****, inviting Ashner.

His dick and legs had Risa’s juices flowing down them. Melissa loved that fact. She wanted to be f*****, desperate for their juices to mix inside her. Even if her body and mind were afraid, her body reacted, and her heart raced with anticipation.

Ashner drilled inside her slowly. The moment he did, Melissa moaned, and she arched back.

“Ah! Yes! I wanted you so badly!” Melissa moaned. Ashner moved slowly, unsure of what she wanted until she asked for something. “Harder!”

Ashner complied and f***** her hard, fast, and deep.

Both Risa and Lina observed the two. Their bodies got instantly wetter. Observing him f*** her so fast, so violently, and tuning in to her moans made them both jealous. They needed to join in somehow, so they each sucked on Melissa’s chest.

Their mouths sparked electricity across Melissa’s body, she desired orgies, and she was around people she trusted and loved. She no longer feared this. She was free, she was happy, and she was in a paradise of passion.

“I’m gonna c**!” She screamed.

“Me too,” Ashner admitted. Melissa wasn’t as tight as Risa, but her body sucked him in, tightening when he slid in and out.

“C** with me, Ashner!”

“I can’t stop!”

The two came together, their juices mixed inside the blonde’s body. As they did, Melissa grabbed Ashner and kissed him. A long and deep kiss as she kept squirting.

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Ashner pulled out, and his c** dripped out of her, going around her leg. Lina wasn’t going to let this chance for revenge pass. She grabbed Melissa’s thigh and forced her to open her legs, immediately eating her out, savoring Ashner, Melissa, and Risa.

At this point, Melissa just took the pleasure. Ashner was breathing heavily, but he was still hard. Melissa was enduring the pleasure so much she wasn’t able to moan.

He was only able to shoot out two, maybe three more loads.

“Master.” Risa sniffed Ashner’s dick then licked it.

Ashner twitched. He had just fired off a round, so he was too sensitive. That didn’t stop Risa. She sloppily licked his dick up and down. Which made Ashner moan. Risa stopped and licked her lips. “What a weird taste.”

“Ladies.” Lina removed her bra, showing off her large girls. “Let me show you something only I can do.”

Lina pushed Ashner on his back, and the elf slid his wet dick between her breasts. Ashner didn’t need to be told what to do.

She’s so soft. Gosh, this feels amazing…

Lina smirked as soon as she caught his reaction. So she started licking the tip of his dick, which only made him moan. Then she sucked on it while it was between her breasts, using them to massage his shaft.

“Slow down,” Ashner warned, but Lina disobeyed and went faster. Making Ashner twitch. “I’m gonna c** again!”

Lina kept going until he did. His c** shot around her face and breasts.

Ashner’s c*** pulsed, and he found himself breathing heavily.

That’s twice…

“Master.” Lina teased with a smile. “Your c** is so thick… And sticky…”

Melissa didn’t skip a beat. She pinned Lina against the bed and started licking up Ashner’s c** off of her. Sucking on her nipples and neck.

Risa pouted.

“What’s… Wrong… Risa?” Ashner asked as he caught his breath.

“I wanted to make you c**.”

Is she upset over that? How cute.

Risa helped Melissa and started licking the c** off Lina’s chest.

Twice so far… I’m in heaven… A real harem, one that’s mine and mine alone… I never pictured it would be this exhausting pleasuring multiple women at once… But it’s still AWESOME!

Lina moaned as the two girls sucked and got what they wanted.

“Master?” Lina crawled towards Ashner on her knees… “I’m the only one you haven’t f*****…”

She mounted Ashner, which immediately got him harder. Melissa slid under Lina and started sucking on Ashner’s balls. He was still on his back with his legs dangling off the bed. This gave Melissa the perfect angle.

Lina grabbed his dick and slowly let her p**** slide into him. As she did, she moaned. Out of the three girls, her voice was the most mature and erotic.

Lina is easily the wettest girl, and she slides in and out so smoothly… F***, even their p****** are all different…

Lina bounced up and down on Ashner’s dick, her tits shaking with her. She was a sight to behold. Melissa kept sucking his balls, making the sensation all the more overwhelming.

“Risa.” Ashner addressed his slave. Her ears shot up. Whatever order he gave, she wanted to obey, in fact, she was desperate for it.

“Face Lina and sit on my face…”

“Wouldn’t that hurt, Master?”

She’s so innocent. It’s time I change that a little.

“No, the way you licked me… I want to lick you too.”

Risa’s face became red like a tomato. “As you command.” She mounted his face. Ashner smirked as he caught that her tail draped around his head. That was until he licked her p****.

“Nyyah! Master! What is this!” Her tail shot straight up, and she tried pulling away. Ashner held her legs and savored her juices. “Master! Master! Master!”

Ashner’s hands squeezed Lina’s large breasts as she grinded against him. Lina moaned and grabbed Risa’s hands, bringing her close to kiss her lips. Lina tightened against Ashner’s dick. As soon as they did, Risa’s hips shook wildly. Ashner’s balls twitched in Melissa’s mouth.

And the three came.

Risa squirted on Ashner’s face, and Lina and Ashner’s liquids mixed and rolled down his dick. Melissa’s mouth opened, and she smiled when she witnessed it happen. Then, she eagerly licked it up. Making Ashner moan, she was gentle with him and just took what she wanted.

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That makes three times. Oh s***, I think I’m done.

The girls were all out of breath. The four had become one.

“Here.” Melissa handed Ashner an energy drink. “You have good stamina.”

Ashner gobbled it up, even if he wasn’t very fond of them.

Risa cuddled Ashner while she played with his dick, now a little more confident in herself. Lina played with Ashner’s chest, rubbing her fingers against his muscles.

“Have you been purified?” Risa asked Melissa, who giggled.

“Yes.” She smiled.

“Not every part of you.” Lina interrupted… “There’s one place Ashner hasn’t cleansed, one hole…”

“He doesn’t have to go that far…” Something about her voice was distant.

Yes, I do.

“Lina, pin Melissa’s head to the bed and lift her ass up.”

The elf smirked and did just that. Melissa tried wiggling out of her position, but Risa didn’t allow it.

“Wait… We can do that another time.”

“No, we can’t… I will take all your pain, fear, and scars away… I’ll do it for every one of you… Now and forever.”

Ashner’s dick was still wet. The sight of the two girls dominating Melissa on his orders got him hard… He wasn’t going to leave any part of these girls unsatisfied. Physically or emotionally.

Melissa moaned louder than before as he went in a***.

The forbidden chocolate star.

Melissa’s hands gripped the bed covers tightly, and she endured it, her ass slapped against him, and she lifted her upper body up…

Lina loved dominating Melissa. The two had developed a game. Since they both loved dominating and being dominated, Risa was another story. When Lina dominated Melissa, she caught her own body heating up… She needed to pleasure herself… Her eyes found Risa… An easy target…

The elf pinned Risa, catching her off guard. Her breasts pressed against the demi-cat. In seconds Lina had gotten full control. Her body burned hotter.

Ashner kept thrusting, going hard and deep, Melissa’s arms faltered, and her face fell forward on the bed covers. Next to him, Lina ate out Risa. The cat-girl squirmed and moaned.

Unaware of it himself, Melissa fell forward until her free hand reached for her p****. Her mind went blank with Risa’s moans until they both climaxed.

Ashner pulled out and took a moment to relax.

I’m not ordering them to f*** each other, yet they’re still doing it… These girls are amazing…

“You’re so mean!” Risa studied Lina, who was out of breath. “Master!”

Ashner glanced at the two girls. Risa jumped Ashner, grabbed his already numb dick. She stroked him gently, ensuring he stayed hard. The sensation made him clinch his abs. She made him grab her ass then jumped on. Taking full advantage of her small structure, Ashner was able to hold her easily.

Then she let his dick slide inside her.

Oh damn, my dick can’t handle this anymore… How is it possible that she’s this tight?

“Hang on to my waist tightly.” She half-heartedly asked.

It’s rare for her to ask for something.

Ashner held her tightly. He was on his knees but still on top of the bed. Holding her light body was easy.

Risa inhaled then used her power, her ridiculous speed. Just to thrust up and down.


Both Melissa and Lina came down to the bottom of the bed. They both observed closely, in awe of how Risa chose to use her power.

“Master!” Risa stopped and clung to Ashner as she climaxed. Ashner came as well. Ashner pulled out and jizzed, right on Melissa and Lina’s face and chest.

Both the girls stayed silent for a while then started giggling.

Four times in one day, I haven’t done that since I was a teenager… No more…

Ashner fell back with Risa in his arms.

She’s tiny, but she’s also fit… Maybe she’s so tight because she’s the fittest of all the girls… I can’t say for sure…

The girls cleaned each other up and even kissed each other happily except for Risa, who was content just being held.

“I’m happy.” Risa cuddled Ashner with a shy smile.

Melissa studied the two and Ashner’s c*** that had finally gotten soft.

“How do you feel? Lina?” Ashner asked as the elf put her head on his lap. She was still on the floor but pressed her chest against the bed.

“I discovered something about myself… I like when you f*** other girls in front of me… Does that make me weird?”

Is she into reject play? That’s hot.

“No… I actually love that.”

Lina smiled and put her head on the edge of the bed. She was exhausted, and her p**** was sore.

“Melissa?” The blonde was next to Lina.

“We should do this every chance we get.” She giggled. “That’s if Ashner can handle the three of us at once.”

“My master can handle anything,” Risa replied a little childish-like, then kissed Ashner’s cheek.

She’s hugging me… But it’s not bothering me… What changed?

“You better.” Lina teased with a wink.

“Then we won’t argue over Ashner anymore… As for me.” Melissa licked Ashner’s soft c***, bringing a shock across his body, his dick was already raw, and she wanted more? “I’ll help myself.”

Do they want to make me c** five times?

Lina and Risa joined the blonde, and together the three sucked off Ashner. Sharing and kissing one another.

This relationship is different than I imagined… Before, it was all about me… But these girls are also very attracted to each other… I think that’ll make this more smoother… Maybe I was the only reason they hadn’t started dating… Because they all like me…

Melissa gobbled up the whole thing and deep-throated it, impressing both Lina and Risa.

I never pictured my life would end up this way… Is it alright if I fall in love with them? Do I deserve it? … Yes, I do… I’m tired of beating myself up… I should just let myself be happy.

Risa tried mimicking Melissa but only ended up gagging. Lina giggled then took her turn.

Maybe just maybe…

Melissa sucked on his head, Lina licked his shaft, and Risa sucked on his balls until his body readied itself for another explosion.

Dare I admit it?

Ashner came, and the three girls opened wide.

Maybe I’m not that much of a loser, after all.

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