Chapter 14 – Bonds Between Worlds – Part 1

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{[Regardless of your circumstances, learn to catch your dreams and find love regardless of your sorrows.]}

“That answer is simple.” Wong tapped his fingers against his shoulder. “Food.”

The group sat around the Stryker, some of them sat on picnic chairs, and others leaned against the armored vehicle.

Gio yawned. “Do we really need to discuss this now? We just drove back and forth, eight times.”

“The castle is large, but it won’t hold three hundred people, much less two thousand.” Elana intervened. Next to her were her royal guards. They were on edge with all the demi-bats. But the queen gave a royal order not to harm any of them. “Without a proper home for them, they’ll end up freezing during the night… Winter is around the corner.”

“All the more reason to focus on food. We need to start farming and stockpiling food now.”

“Where will we store it?” Elana tilted her head. “The forest of fear keeps monsters at bay, but not rodents and bugs. If we fail to store our harvest properly, do you know what will happen?”

Wong lowered his jaw, admitting his fault. “If that happens, then disease and illness will spread…”

“Then our options are to freeze and get sick or starve.” Ashner crossed his arms. “It took us three days to bring all these people here, and now they’re making their homes inside the rotten buildings. I need solutions… Anyone have any ideas?”

Gio’s helmet slammed against the Stryker, and he started snoring.

The rest of the group was exhausted. Alex was eager to learn how to drive, so he volunteered and made the trip twice. Risa tried it as well. After twenty minutes of that madness, the group swore never to let her near a steering wheel again.

“Can’t you use your power to fix the buildings?” Wong asked, fighting his tired eyes.

“I already tried, I can repair the cracks, but I can’t add materials… At this point, rebuilding the homes from scratch is a better choice… Either way, with this many people, it’s a fight against time. Every day, our food sources dwindle… Even if we buy food from our world, gathering it for two thousand people is too much work for us. And we would need to bring it in every single day…”

“Food isn’t the biggest issue,” Wong added. “Water is, this kingdom has a single well, and it wasn’t enough for four hundred elves. Now that we have over two thousand people we need a proper solution… Talk about jumping the gun…”

“It was necessary. Now we have a direction to go.” The queen remarked as the moonlight reflected off her fair skin. Ashner caught that Elana was studying Gio with a smile.

As jealous as I am that he got laid… I’m happy that he can make a woman smile like that… Gio, you are an amazing man…

Little did Ashner grasp that both Lina and Risa were staring at him in the exact same way, at the same time.

Wong took heed of the situation and sighed. He was surrounded by way too many horny individuals.

“How far apart are these two groups?” Ashner leered at his newest slave, Caitlin. She had refused to travel inside the truck and had threatened to kill Ashner several times under her breath.

“They’re four hours away from each other…”

“Then let’s just go to one group and then immediately go to the other,” Gio whined. “It’s stupid waiting for an entire race of people to settle and then going after another… Let’s do that so I can get some shut-eye.”

Wong and Ashner studied each other… Gio had given a simple answer proving that the two had been overthinking it… They both nodded.

“Alright, we’ll go out tomorrow. For now, let’s get some rest… Everyone deserves it after the long hours we’ve had on the road… I’ll make a plan for us tomorrow.”

“Yeah… Yeah…” Gio tumbled out of his chair and landed on the dirt. He was out.

That meathead, on occasion, is a genius.


Ashner resolved himself to sleep in the white room. Despite everything, the mysterious room between worlds always kept a pleasant temperature. He typed on his laptop, deciding where his finances would go.

The cost of their mansion, the expected payout of their gold, and the cost of maintaining relationships between both worlds.

One thing was clear. This world’s gold offered more than he can give back. Hundreds of pounds of gold coins had made him a fortune. Yet this side of the world still suffered. The issue wasn’t buying what was needed. The issue was delivering it… People would start asking questions if hundreds of pounds of food and water suddenly appeared at a house… Daily essentials were easily written off, but not something perishable… Not to mention the water was much heavier to transport.

“This is a mess,” Ashner admitted. “More people require more hands to work… I can’t afford to bring other people into this world. That’s too risky…”

“What’s bothering you?” Lina walked into the room, and she wore a thin silk two-piece. It was white, and the fabric hugged her curves. An outfit she chose from Ashner’s world. In her hand, she carried a candlestick with a burning rock to guide her in the night. In her other hand, she carried a cup.

“Finances, trying to balance my life here and the other world… It’s stressful…”

Lina paced towards Ashner and put her cup on the dresser next to him. She added a cube of sugar and started stirring her tea. “Stress leads to depression, and depression leads to death… Why not give Wong some responsibilities? He’s more than qualified, or Gio or even Melissa?”

“Wong has his hands full with creating food and ensuring everyone stays healthy. I can’t ask him to do more. Gio is a good man, but I can’t trust him with money… Last time I did, he bought a limited edition anime figure… He blew a tenth of our profits on it… He wasn’t even ashamed…”

“What about Melissa?” Lina handed him the cup. “She specializes in organization and accountability… At least, she told me that was her job when she was in the military.”

“She was in supply, but I don’t want to ask her to do anything.” Ashner sighed.

“Melissa is very adamant about helping the group… She feels like you’re pushing her talents away… If it’s not too much to ask, let her help you.”

Ashner stopped typing. “Yeah, why not? I’ll give her some responsibilities. She is freeloading… Plus, it’ll help me out.

He sipped on his drink. “Oh, this is good.” Ashner’s face lit up.

Lina gave a smug smile. “I am an elf. Before the war, we were renowned for our tea, bread, and sweets.”

Ashner sipped the whole thing and put the cup down, and exhaled. “What is that rock?”

Lina grabbed the candlestick where she held the stone and brought it closer to him. “It’s a flame stone, infused with fire.” She poured her mana into the stone, and the flame danced.

“These stones generate flames if you pour mana into them and fade out once the mana subsides.” Ashner studied the stone. “How many of those do you have?”

“Only a few, these are a lost relic. Elves, humans, and dwarfs used to create them in the era of victory. Some stones are useless, except maybe the water stones. If you infuse those with magic, then it will create water.”

There’s my solution.

“Do you have any of those?” Ashner gripped her hand. She shook with his sudden embrace. “And what do you mean by useless ones?”

“Excuse me.” She bowed and took her leave.

I’m aware not every demi has an affinity for magic, but every demi-bat does. So if we can get our hands on enough of these water stones, our water problem will be solved.

Lina reemerged, holding a basket filled with odd stones. They each had a unique ruin carved into them. They were all gray and, on average, about the size of a shoe.

She handed Ashner a flame stone. He studied it and apprehended that it had been chipped. As he grazed it, Lina explained. “The stones need to be carved. That’s where the mana is released as flame or water.”

Ashner studied the water stone. Sure enough, it had a chip on it. About as large as a water faucet. He poured his mana into the stone and held it over the empty cup. Water filled it up.

“Interesting… What about the useless ones?”

The green-haired elf handed him another stone. Ashner focused his power on it.

A small spark wiggled out of its crack.

No way, this stone… I need to try something.

Ashner willed his power into the stone, manipulating it, ensuring that the mark wasn’t damaged. He shifted it into the shape of a battery.

With these, we won’t have to worry about electricity… And with the water stone, we won’t have to worry about water… This world has so many hidden potentials… Wong is going to flip when he sees this.

While he fiddled with it, Lina served him another cup of tea. She had carried it in the basket. She used the water Ashner had already poured in the cup and dropped two sugar cubes into it.

“This will help us further advance your city.” Lina raised her eyebrow and tapped her spoon on the cup.


“We can create the same things from our home… Like running water, electricity… That means we can create a sewer system, every home will have light and if we go even further, heaters and air conditioners. Not to mention we can create bathrooms and showers…”

“Wong told me electricity and plumbing require hundreds of people to maintain and produce, and he told me it was impossible in my world… Are you saying everyone can enjoy the luxuries of your world?”

“Yes.” Lina smiled. When she did, Ashner’s heart skipped a beat.

I forget how hot she is sometimes.

“Let’s do it!” She leaned in, unaware of how dangerously close her body got to Ashner. “I want all my people to enjoy the luxuries your world has.”

She’s extremely happy… Even her ears are wiggling.

Ashner sipped on his drink. “This is seriously good… I bet you’ll make your future husband happy with your talent.”

“Husband?” Her face blushed.

“Yeah, just because you’re my slave doesn’t mean I’ll prevent you from marrying someone you like… Honestly, if you want to stop coming into my world and stay in this one. I won’t stop you.”

“Well… I… I do like someone… It’s just that…” She sighed and regained her composure. “He just happens to be my master. And I honestly doubt you ever considered marrying me.”

Oh, that’s how it is… Well, she’s right… I haven’t ever considered marrying her… Or anyone other than Iris… Iris… That woman spoiled the idea of marriage for me…

“Would you…” She fought to bring her words out. “Would you ever consider marrying me? If you do, I’ll do everything for you… I’ll serve you in every way you desire…”

She’s trembling. I guess a slave always tells their master what they want to hear. But she did kiss me… Maybe… Ugh, women are too complicated…

“I just want you to be happy.” Ashner finished his drink. “You don’t have to force yourself to serve me. Find someone you truly love and serve them…”

Lina glared at him.

“Master.” Lina addressed Ashner with a formal tone.

“You don’t have to call me master.”

“Sometimes you’re a little too dense…” She scoffed.

“Lay off with the master. It’s something women say when they’re having sex in my world.”

Lina’s ears shot straight up.

“Your world doesn’t do that?”

Lina shook her head, again blushing…

“So when I call you master… Do you think of me… In that way?”

“… Sometimes… I can’t help it. You’re gorgeous…”

Lina’s ears turned red. She grabbed the empty cup and dashed out without saying a word.

Ashner tilted his head as she escaped her situation.

Great, now she thinks I’m a perv…

Lina slammed the door to her room and fell on her butt. Still blushing… She spoke to herself.

“Come on, Lina… Why are you acting so childish? You even ran away from him when he was clearly interested…” She covered her face with her hands. “Idiot.”

“At this rate, Risa is going to snatch him up from me…” She tapped her head against her door. “Idiot, idiot, idiot.”


In the morning, Ashner found Gio doing maintenance checks on the Stryker, and young elves surrounded him. They were children satisfying their curiosity, toying with the wheels and the metal.

“Mr. Gio.” One of them was hiding behind the large tire. “Can we drive one of these one day?”

“I don’t see why not?” He fiddled with his equipment, searching for the right tool. “With Wong and Ashner, don’t be surprised if your world changes for the better… They’ll make sure you never go hungry.”

The kids awed at his remarks.

“You should come out too,” Gio spoke louder to a demi-bat girl, hiding behind a destroyed home. The girl yelped then slowly showed herself.

“Come here. Hiding won’t help you make friends.”

The elves kept their distance, unaware of how to talk to her.

“What’s your name, little girl?” Gio asked with a smile.

“I’m Eri.” She sheepishly admitted.

“Nice to meet you Eri, I’m Gio.”

One of the kids tapped on his shoulder and whispered in his ear. Ashner didn’t need to eavesdrop to guess what the kid said.

Gio only laughed at the comment and turned towards the elves.

“Artini.” His gaze went to one of the shyer elves. “What is my race?”

“You’re a human…”

“That’s right, and humans enslave demi’s… So why do you play with me?”

“Because… You’re not scary like the other humans…”

“Exactly.” Gio grabbed Eri and put her between himself and the elven children. “Never judge a person before you get to know them… The king that brought the slave curse into this world is gone… Eri wasn’t alive when that happened, nor should she be punished for what he did… Respect her the way you respect me… Can you do that? Little ones.”

The elves nodded, but they kept silent, just staring at the girl. She started fidgeting until Artini walked up towards her. He smiled and said. “Hello, I’m Artini.”

Now that’s interesting… Gio can connect with just about anyone…

One of the elves appraised Ashner then whispered. “It’s the broken.” He dashed away, and soon the rest of the children, including Eri, followed.


“Ashner!” Gio didn’t glance back. “I’m just doing some minor checks and modifications. I topped off the big girl, and we should be good to go whenever you give the order.”

“You’re good with kids,” Ashner commented.

“I can relate to them…” Gio wiped his sweaty brow. “I didn’t have much of a childhood… Sure my dad got better, and I forgave him for everything he put me through… But that wasn’t easy, and before I knew it, I was an adult…”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Everyone carries their own burdens. That’s why I don’t agree with the term. ‘grow up’ some of us had absent, abusive, distant, or disabled parents. And I know for a fact others had to step up and be the big brother or sister. Giving up their childhood for the good of others, or it was just robbed from them… So what’s wrong with living it when you’re older? We can’t change the past, but we can make our future better… And we can give those kids a better future… I know you and Wong will give them that… Until then, just give me your orders, and I’ll follow them.”

Ashner shook his head. “Don’t sell yourself short… Those kids, and even most of the citizens in this city trust you… Without you, we would never have gotten this far.”

“Aww shucks, you’re gonna make me blush.” Gio smiled.

“Morning, guys.” Wong walked towards the two, carrying his medic bag. He studied some of the locals as he passed by them. They waved, and one even offered him some fruit. “Ashner, we need more medicine from our world. Start writing it down cause it’s a lot.”

“Actually.” Melissa popped her head out from behind the Stryker. The rest of the demi’s walked with her. “Let me do that… Ashner permitted me to organize our finances and equipment.”

“Very well,” Wong walked up towards her and started telling her what he needed. As he spoke, she wrote down everything. Melissa was delighted, even if some of the things Wong told her to buy made no sense.

I’m glad I took Lina’s advice.

“Everyone seems to be here.” Elana found her way towards the group. Two royal guards and two handmaidens surrounded her. And the king of the demi-bats.

“We’re going after the demi-bunnies first,” Ashner spoke to her and everyone else. “We don’t know how large their population is, and unlike the demi-bats, they can’t fly, so if we convince them and the dwarfs to join forces with us. We’re going to have to escort them back with us. That means.”

“More driving!” Alex cheered while Gio sighed.


“Why not use more of these mechanical beasts?” The queen asked as she grazed the Stryker.

“They’re expensive,” Ashner admitted. “And this one has military-grade weapons, which also makes it illegal…”

“How did you get your hands on that?” Melissa asked Ashner. “Or all these weapons and gear?”

“I have a friend of sorts.” Ashner tilted his head. “He never judged me after I had my falling out with the military, but he’s not someone I trust… We both just have an understanding. I help him, and he helps me… Sadly this was the only Stryker he had…”

“So one vehicle that can carry at most fifteen people if they cramp themselves into the inside. As inconvenient as that is, we will have to make do with it.”

“Not if we help,” Wilson spoke to the group. “Two demi-bats can carry one person for a distance.”

“You’re willing to help us?” Wong raised his eyebrow.

“Of course, none of my people fault you for this kingdom being in the state that it’s in… It’s the opposite. We want to help you in any way we can… So I suggest letting my strongest demi-bats follow you. And once negotiations are met, then we can carry them here.”

The king spread his bat wings behind him.

“I don’t have any objections.” Wong glanced at the group.

“Your kind is hated by most demi’s.” Elana admitted. “Even some of my own loath you… Sadly it’s going to take time for that hate to wither and fade away… You’re making the right decision, Lord Wilson… As you perceived, I only brought two guards because I want you to come with us and help create negotiations.”


“Yes, you’re the representative of your race. It’s a king’s duty.”

Wilson laughed. “I’ve only been king by title. I’ve never ventured out of the cave, so I can’t say I’ve really performed kingly duties.”

“You can start now.” The queen studied Ashner. “Don’t you agree?”

“I do, we need to let all the demi’s know that you’re not only helping create a new world, but you’re also an active voice and decision-maker… Once they see that you’re helping create a better world for all demi’s. That hate will die out.”

The king bowed towards Ashner. “You grace me with your wisdom.”

“Don’t thank me yet. Things can still backfire… If that happens, we will try to avoid bloodshed… We run before we kill… Is that understood?”

The group nodded. Wong was the only one not happy with his decision. To him, survival came first.

Once again, Lina was left behind. This time she didn’t mind too much.

They loaded up inside the armored vehicle. Gio drove as Caitlin led the group from the sky.


“This is amazing.” Wong studied the water stone. He had his own mana pool, so he was able to use it. “Where can we get more of these?”

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Elana took a pause. “I can’t say for sure… Maybe in the remains of demi kingdoms… These used to be so common.”

Wilson was able to shift the size of his wings. Making them just about disappear. He mentioned it was a skill all demi-bats possessed. He studied the stone. “This is the first time I’ve seen this type of artifact. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue where we can find these.”

“Maybe the dwarfs and the high elves know,” Elana added in a daze. “These stones were mass-produced. And sold off to everyone in the victory era.”

“Then we find a way to recreate it.” Ashner declared to the group. “If it was done before, then we can do it now…”

“Is that possible?”

“Anything is.”

The truck moved slowly over a tree. The group inside braced themselves.

“Tell me about the demi-bunnies,” Wong spoke with his arms crossed.

“Let me think.” The queen pulled on her hair. “They all have bunny ears and a bunny tail, obviously. They used to be excellent at growing vegetables and fruits. They’re an interesting race since they have an odd lifespan.”

“What do you mean by odd?”

“Human children take about twenty years to grow into adulthood, and elves are the same way. But demi-bunnies usually have a litter of at least six children. And they grow five times faster than our kind, so in four years they become full adults. That’s when their aging process slows down. And they keep their youth for about two hundred years. Afterward, they start becoming old and ultimately die.”

“That would mean they have a substantial population,” Wong stated the obvious.

“Yes, they used to. But when the war started, they were the first ones in, and unfortunately, most of them were killed. Demi-bunny slaves are rare. They can also only have children when they deeply desire it… But they’re also skittish and lose interest quickly… Usually, when they find out they’re pregnant.”

The Stryker’s engine revved once Gio found stable ground.

“They were also very violent against their own kind…”

“What did they treasure most?” Ashner asked, but the queen shook her head.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a relationship with them. They don’t have a king or queen. Instead, they have tribe leaders. But those leaders were constantly at war with each other. So most races kept their distance, but we did trade with them for food from time to time.”

“Then we’re at a loss.” Wong sighed. “The key to a promising negotiation is to offer them something they want. If they’re known for growing vegetables, and they’re in a safe place, then we really don’t have the upper hand.”

“You knew this was never a sure thing.” Ashner lectured. “Regardless, we have to try.”

“Hey, guys!” Gio’s voice rang through their headpieces. “We’re here… And theirs a labyrinth in front of us.”

“Alright, let’s greet these demi’s.”


“Keep your distance.” Ashner handed one of the demi-bats a walkie-talkie and showed him how it worked by pressing the button and speaking into one. That freaked out most of the demi’s. But the specific one he chose stayed resilient and nodded, almost proud that Ashner had chosen him. “Regardless of the result, I will contact you and let you know what’s happening. If you hear the echoes of gunfire before I can give you a situation report, then rush in and save your king and elves. We can handle ourselves.”

“No.” The king interrupted. “If you hear a battle, join in. Save the humans first…”

Wilson studied Ashner. “We are allies. I won’t let you die.”

The king bowed towards Elana. “Forgive my order. I’m aware that you are royalty, but without these three humans, my people will starve. For that alone, I am more than willing to die in their stead.”

“No need for an apology.” Elana nodded at her guards. “My elves were given the same order.”

The labyrinth was easily twenty feet high and was long enough for the Stryker to pass through. But it was left behind, in case the terrain changed. Five hundred demi-bats hid and prepared for the worst-case scenario.

“This is a maze.” Gio tapped the wall. “Is that why nobody found them?”

“Wilson.” Ashner nudged up.

The king’s wing’s opened, and he took flight, going straight up. He floated there for a few seconds then came straight down.

“How’s it look?”

“It’s going to take us the better part of five days to walk through all that.” The king admitted.

“Then can I ask you for a favor?” Ashner raised his eyebrow.


The group was dropped off at the exit of the labyrinth, the flight took a few minutes, and all the demi-bats followed and stayed hidden in the labyrinth.

We’re not wasting our time navigating through it. We’ll go over it instead.

When Ashner’s feet clinched the ground, he studied it. A few homes were off in the distance, and farmlands were everywhere. More than he imagined. As they ventured deeper, the group took a heavy right formation. They were protecting both the royals.

Ashner took point, Gio and Wong protected their sides. Alex kept rear security.

Then it happened. A young girl popped her head out. On top of it were bunny ears. Ashner lifted his palm up and prepared for the worse.

The bunny girl was cute and wore clean clothes. She gasped.

Good gasp or bad gasp?

The bunny girl was holding a pitchfork, which she was using to farm. She studied the group with curious eyes.

“Visitors?” She tilted her head. “Are you here to trade?”

The group studied each other. That wasn’t something they were expecting.

Ashner stepped forward and lowered his weapon. Taking the risk. “Yes.”

“Then follow me.” She smiled and skipped ahead of the group, urging them to follow her at a quick pace.

The group moved through the town, and one by one, heads with bunny ears were showing themselves. All of them were cute, some were gorgeous, and some were slim, while others were busty. All different shapes and sizes. And all curious.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked.

“We’re about to find out. Stay on your guard.” Ashner commanded.

After a few minutes and passing dozens of homes, some with laundry drying and others with vegetables growing in their front yards. The group ended up in the center of the city, where demi-bunnies surrounded them. None of them were armed, but they were heavily outnumbered. They had underestimated how many demi’s the bunnies had.

“Welcome, travelers.” A demi with white ears and a necklace with bright blue and green stones greeted the group. She wore an elaborate dress that showed off her legs even if the air was cold. “We hadn’t had someone venture into our domain since before my mother was born.”

Ashner studied the bunnies then relaxed. They were no threat.

Ashner sipped on his Camelbak.

“My name is Ashner.”

“You’re a human.” The bunny girl held a strong allure, even the way she walked and moved dripped seduction. “Is the war over?”

“No,” Elana answered. “Ashner is our ally, and he’s not involved with the humans trying to enslave our kind.”

“And a demi-bat.” The bunny glared at Wilson. “The betrayers, your presence sickens me..”

The king bowed his head. “Forgive me.”

“Don’t apologize.” Wong glared. “He had nothing to do with the slave crest. Don’t bare your fangs at him for something he had no say over. It makes you look pathetic.”

“This human has a mouth on him.” The tribe leader paced towards Wong then studied him. “What is your name?”

“Wong, I’m this group’s medic.”

“A doctor? We have one here, and she’s a demi-fox.”

“There are more demi’s here?” Elana raised her eyebrow.

“Yes, how else would we have survived?”

“That’s correct. I just made a bad assumption.” The queen pulled her blue hair. “We’re here to negotiate.”

“I’ll negotiate…” She glared at Wong. “If he does the negotiations… No one has ever degraded me as he did… Human, why should we help you?”

Wong crossed his arms.

Seriously dude? Don’t blow this for us.

Ashner glared at Wong. The medic grasped the situation he put them in… He was usually so calm, but he lost his nerve when the chief insulted Wilson. He breathed in slowly.

“I won’t apologize for what I said. I will apologize for how I said it… You’re the chief, so you deserve the respect of one.”

“I am the chief, but don’t misinterpret me.” She leaned closer to Wong and scoped her head up towards him since he was about a head taller than her. “Only men that desire death talk down to me.”

“Dude.” Gio broke the tension. “How did you not notice?”

Wong raised one eyebrow, then glanced around, then raised both eyebrows up.

“Elana… you failed to mention one thing…”

“What did I fail to mention?” She debated his remark.

“Where are all the male demi-bunnies?”

A crowd had surrounded them, all demi-bunnies and all women. And all with one desire.

To mate.

“Everyone knows demi-bunnies are female. They mate with other races to continue their line. They can only have females. That’s why they were so essential on the battlefield. Not just to increase their numbers but to relieve and relax the soldiers.”

“Relax in what way?” Wong asked as the chieftain meddled with his face.

“Sex, of course… Demi-bunnies are known for their harvesting skills, their necessity in war, and their unquenchable sexual desires.”

“Oh… So more horn dogs.”

The chief studied Wong. “What do you want from us?”

“We’re creating a kingdom that requires more people and food to survive, or it won’t last the winter.”

“And what can you offer us?” She glared at Wong. “We’ve managed to survive on our own. Away from the war and from the monsters the Dead God creates.”

Wong sighed. “You need males, considering the number of demi-bunnies that are currently surrounding us, your population has dwindled… And you lack weapons.”

Ashner studied the bunnies around them. Only a few had weapons.

“That means you lack the means to gather or create weaponry… Had we been an invasion force, then your people would’ve been slaughtered or captured…”

The bunny girl smiled. She had a savagery to her. “You’re smarter than most humans.”

“Intellect is a skill you hone, and it’s why our society will succeed… With or without your people.”

He’s bluffing. We need her people… Wong, don’t f*** this up.

The bunny girl circled Wong, taking in every inch of his body. “Our harvests have been dwindling these last couple of years. Some of my people blame the weather, but I know better… It’s the Dead God. She’s returning.”

“She?” Elana raised her eyebrow. “The Dead God is a male.”

“That’s not what I’ve been taught.” The woman tilted her head back, bringing up one ear. “But then again… Who can really say… I have an affinity with nature, so I have some incite… As should some of your kin… The soil of our world is decaying, rotting away beneath our very feet… In time all the food will die out… And the Dead God will win… Do you have a solution for that problem?”

“We do.” Wong reached into his pocket and picked up some dirt. He fiddled with a seed between his fingers then soothed his power into it. Ensuring the plant got the right amount of hydration, he asked his water to mend with his nature. And in seconds, a small cherry tomato grew in his hands. The demi-bunnies awed at his power. “We have vegetables and fruits that the Dead God can’t corrupt… But we need your people to help us grow it… And we have plenty of males. Demi-bats, elves… Your population can grow.”

“And humans.” The chieftain debated her options. “My name is Violet, and we’ll help you… If you meet some of our demands.”

“What are your demands?” Ashner asked.

“Protection, weapons, and permission for us to choose whatever male we want.”

“The first two are possible, but we won’t force anyone to do anything… Obviously, we don’t allow slavery in our community.”

“Then I want a single request, one that will determine the future of our relationship.” She studied Wong. “I want him to sire my children.”

“Done.” Ashner smiled.

“WHAT!” Wong’s resolve broke. “I’M NOT A HARLOT!”

“SHUT UP!” Ashner lashed out, once again his jealousy seeping out like melted honey. “You took it upon yourself to challenge Violet, and you will deal with the consequences… Even if they’re awesome…”

Wong crossed his arms. “I don’t have to like it.”

“Oh, don’t b******* me.” Ashner grabbed his shoulder. “If you’re pissed off, let it all out when you’re f****** her.”

Wong smirked. “Alright, I accept your conditions, Violet. But from what I learned about your people, you push away the children from their father and raise them alone… I won’t allow it, and if I’m going to give you children, then I want to be in their lives.”

Violet shrugged. “The conditions are met. Traveling is going to be difficult for our people.”

“Actually.” Elana paced off with Violet, explaining their predicament in greater detail.

Only allowed on

“Will you knock it off with the glare.” Wong sighed at Ashner. “It’s not like I chose to be their stallion.”

Gio chucked. “Dude… You better get that girl off. If you don’t, I’m relatively sure she’s going to chop your dick off.”

“You act as if I’ve never fornicated.” Wong tilted his head up. “I’m a gentleman, so I don’t kiss and tell.”

“I hate you both.” Ashner mustered his words meekly.

“Will you quit it with your attitude?” Wong tapped Ashner’s head. “Risa is obviously into you… If you’re that desperate to get laid, then ask her…”

“Well… It’s complicated with her…”

“That’s what I like to call… An excuse… Ashner, get brave or shut up, cause lashing out isn’t like you.”

“I’m still sour… I don’t have a son… I just don’t understand why she would mess with me like this…”

“And you’re lashing out in whatever way you can… That explains your attitude shift these last couple of days.”

“I’m sorry.”

Gio bear-hugged Ashner, making him gasp for air. “Nah, you lost something you cared about deeply. No one blames you… Just express yourself better.”

“Let go.” Ashner wiggled his way out of Gio’s clutches. “I feel like I lost a part of myself… And yes, I want to get laid… But I don’t want to use pity as an excuse to do it… I may be a virgin, but I’m not a loser…”

“Take all the time you need.” Gio studied the bunny girls, a handful of them were checking them out… But the majority of them were smitten with the elves.

“Wong,” Violet called for the medic. She signaled for him to enter her home, and ultimately her bedchamber.

“Go.” Ashner sighed, and Wong stepped into the home.

“What now?” Gio asked.

“Now we go after the dwarfs… Let’s leave Wong here. We’ll pick him up tomorrow.”

“Sure.” Gio giggled. “Did you ever wonder how that nerd f****?”

“I never pictured him as a being that has sex, or even enjoys it… But he does write erotica… So I can’t really say for certain…”


The inside of Violet’s home was very spartan, bare with just the necessities. When Wong entered her room, he questioned if this was a good idea.

“Doctor Wong.” She studied her prey. “I’ve given birth to a litter of children three times in my life… But always to the same demi-fox… His body doesn’t compare to yours.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere.” Wong took off his gear and placed his weapon to his side, keeping them neatly together. “I’m here to give you my c**, nothing more, nothing less…”

“Is that how you talk to a chieftain?”

“No, that’s how I talk to a woman who belittles others based solely on their race. You judged the demi-bat’s king and degraded him… Yet you didn’t do it for us humans. I know why…” He took a step towards her, still wearing his cargo pants and top. Violet sensed some type of malice and took a step back, bumping against the corner of her room. Next to her was the bed and a fireplace. “You fear humans.”

“I fear no one.” She scoffed.

“They’re currently winning the war, and any of them can enslave you… I don’t blame you for your caution… Even so, I don’t like you… Your personality is beneath me… So the idea of f****** you bothers me.”

The bunny’s rage flared, Violet removed her linen pants and top. They didn’t wear underwear. She wasn’t shy about it. “Take your clothes off.” She ordered.

Wong didn’t want to admit it, but the woman was dreamy. Just in body. He complied and took his shirt off. He hid a slim but toned body. Then his pants came off. Violet pouted. Not because his size displeased her, but because he wasn’t hard.

She walked up towards him and grabbed his dick, hard enough to make him moan in pain. “You’re determined to make this as unpleasant as possible.”

Wong flared his nostrils. “Yes, I’m only here because you wanted someone new to f***… Do you expect me to be okay with that?”

“Shut up… You worthless toy…”

Something in Wong snapped. He gripped her throat and slammed her against the wall. “Listen to me, Violet. When we are naked, you do not control me… No one does… I’m sick of your attitude, so you’re going to shut up and listen for once…”

Her body squirmed as she tried to fight back until she did something Wong didn’t expect.

She smiled.

“Yes… Degrade me more…”

“Of course, that’s what you’re into… You’re lucky we need your people. Someone like you isn’t even worth a second glance… Consider it a blessing that I’m allowing you to look at me…”

She smirked… “Doctor Wong… It seems you’ve gotten hard.” Her free hand started stroking him.

He tossed her on the bed, making her bounce once. “Did I give you permission to touch me?”

“… No…” She shook.

“At least you’re not a liar.” He spread her legs and gripped her throat. “Don’t you dare look at me until I’m done.”

He slid inside her, and immediately Violet started moaning with her tongue out.

“Worthless bitch of a demi… Is this how easy you are?”

“… Yes!”

Wong sensed himself getting harder and even if he didn’t admit it to himself. He was enjoying this situation.

“Insult me again, and next time we’ll do this in front of your subjects… Maybe if your people saw you acting like the desperate whore you truly are, it’ll put you in your place.”

“Forgive me!” She moaned and glanced at Wong. “I promise I’ll be good… Please don’t stop…”

“Did I say you can look at me?” He slapped her face, which earned him a cute yelp, and she tightened around his junk. “Never disobey me again… Or I’ll leave…”

“Please don’t leave…”

“Right now, you’re my toy… And I decide if you’re worth keeping or if you should be tossed away.”

She wrapped her legs around Wong’s waist. Letting him go deeper, her eyes just about rolled back with the pleasure.

“I’m gonna c**!”

“You better not…” Wong warned. “You don’t deserve that pleasure…”

She bit her lip and tried holding it back…

It didn’t work…

She moaned and squirted her juices around Wong’s legs.

Violet fought to catch her breath until she recalled something… Wong had told her not to c**…

She had just disobeyed… Violet took a risk and eyed Wong… And sure enough, he was pissed…

“Worthless bunny bitch…”

Wong grabbed the blanket and wrapped her arms with it. Then pinned her face against the bed and started f****** her from behind.

“Forgive me!” Her voice echoed in her room, but Wong showed her no mercy. He kept that pace the entire night and until early in the morning.

After that day, Violet never once disrespected a demi-bat.


“I think he’s the kind of guy that gets emotional and wants cuddles after sex.” Gio guessed, still concerned with Wong’s safety and a little jealous himself. “Don’t you think?”

“Can we drop that topic?” Ashner focused on the group. Wong was left behind… For obvious reasons and they were heading towards their next destination.

“Well, we’re getting close to the Echo cave. What’s your plan here?”

“We’re going in blind again, Wong was essential with the demi-bunnies, but he also screwed himself… Into a position where he’s currently being screwed.”

“I thought we were dropping that topic?”

Ashner sighed. “Yeah.” He turned towards Elana, who was exhausted from the traveling.

“Elana?” The queen glanced at Ashner.

“What do we need to know about dwarfs?”

“They were brutes in my time… Savages who enjoyed mead, meat, and metal… Our two races never got along, but we did work together often. They’re easily insulted and quick to anger… So watch your words.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Risa studied Ashner. She was aware of his jealousy towards Wong. In fact, everyone was. But they kept silent since everyone, including Elana, perceived him as the leader of his group.

“Recently, the depression in your soul has increased.” Elana surmised but instantly regretted mentioning it. She was tired and spoke her mind.

I’m not surprised… After the crap Iris put me through.

“Something happened in my world…” Ashner cocooned into himself. “I’d rather not talk about it.”

“As you wish.” Elana tilted her head up. “Just know, you can talk to Lina or to me about your problems… We are friends…”

“Yes, we are.” Ashner forced a smile. Melissa squinted when he did.

“And we arrived,” Gio announced to the group as the Stryker came to a stop and the hatch lowered. Cold air filled the inside of the stuffy armored vehicle.

Ashner exited first and kept his weapon ready in case a random monster or animal attacked. The terrain was completely different. Meadows as far as his vision allowed. Caitlin flew down. She glared at Ashner.

“Which way?”

She pointed towards a cave entrance. “Do I have to go with you?”

“Like before, you stay behind… I’m aware you’ll try to get me killed…”

“Humans are all the same…” She kept her menacing glare on Ashner.

“How many have you met before me?”

She raised her eyebrow. “You’re the first I’ve ever met…”

“Your tribe were the first demi-bats I’ve met… Regardless of what your ancestor did… I don’t blame you…”

“NOT THAT IT MATTERS!” She gripped her right shoulder.

The hellbound mark. Menu, can it be removed?

The menu appeared and replied.

Hellbound Curse Removal —— ERROR, ERR0R, E440R, 49386856deS*87e

That was pointless. Even so…

“Then how about I make you a promise, but in return, you’ll let go of your hate.”

“What can you provide?” She hissed.

“Other than a better life for you?” She glared at the ground. “I’ll find a way to remove that curse from your shoulder… And not just off of you, off every demi-bat…”

Caitlin stayed silent for a few seconds, as stiff as a stone. “If you can remove it… Then I promise to serve you properly… As a slave…”

“That won’t do…” Ashner stepped ahead of her towards the cave’s entrance. “I don’t need slaves… What I need are loyal friends.”

She glanced as everyone entered Echo until she was alone. “As if I could ever be friends with you… Your aura, it’s the same as a soul being devoured by the Dead God… Just what are you?”

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