The Joy of Magic

Castle Fuerig was a majestic and beautiful place, that was built by the first Gremory, who was my grandfather. It housed countless servants and soldiers and oversees the huge territory of the Devil Race.

Gremory territory bordered the demilitarized zone, on whose other end was the territory of the Fallen Angels. So, there were often skirmishes between two factions. Currently, as the God of the Bible was still alive, Heaven was strongest, followed by Devils, with Fallen getting the 3rd place.

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After eating my breakfast which was pretty lavish, I went directly to the long-awaited place, the Library. When I opened the door to the Library, I was shocked… it was huge, far bigger than I imagined. There were thousands upon thousands of books.

Thought that is not that surprising. Gremory Family held the rank of Duke and was an old one. My grandfather was a magic researcher, and a magic book collector, so he had an enormous collection of magic books, numbering in thousands.

It ranged from books on elemental magic to racial types of magic, like Devil Magic, Fairy Magic or Asgardian Magic, runes, and countless others. I was instantly amazed and immersed looking at all of this beauty.

“As one would say… the knowledge is power.”

I muttered as I proceeded and used a simple spell to bring me a book on the topic of Gravity Magic. Using Devil Magic was extremely easy, for every devil with even moderate demonic power reserves.

Devil Magic is all about imagination. Just imagine something and fuel it with enough demonic power to happen and voa la, it happens.

Learning Gravity Magic first would be of great use in my upcoming physical training and could be also used in combat. Thanks to the A.I. Chip Architect that fused with my soul, I had basically eidetic memory and was able to memorize everything.

After several hours, I have learned the basic magic circles on the Gravity Magic and how to increase the Gravity by x10. Though I didn’t end it here, for the next three days straight I closed myself in the library, as I delved into the study of the mysteries of the arcane.

As a scientist in my past life, magic was just another type of science, which operated by different rules, but alas it was science. From my own racial magic to the Norse Magic, which operated on the usage of runes and precise calculations, which I started learning.

As I was practically absorbing one book after another, and occasionally testing the spells I have learned, I didn’t even notice that the week was already up, until Architect woke me up from my trans of constant learning of magic.

[Training regime complete.]

When I heard the voice of the Architect, I closed the magic book that I was learning and went to take a bath. I literary spent an entire week holed up in the library and learning magic, so it was expected that I was dirty.

Afterward, I took the bath, I went to the training yard, which was my personal to try the new spells and magic I have learned. With a wave of my hand, a Norse Rune of yellow color appeared behind me and shot a lightning bolt at the training dummy, completely obliterating it on the spot.

“Hmm… Norse Magic is harder to learn by Devil Magic by a huge margin, but destructiveness is on a whole other level.”

My Demonic Energy reserves have increased by 4 points in one week, probably due to constant usage and proper training.

Now after testing the strength of the Norse Magic, though I have learned only the Lightning Rune and was only a Novice, it was a good result. The next thing was the Gravity Magic, which was cast with the usage of Devil’s Magic.

Soon enough I have already created the purple magic circle and felt that everything around me was heavier. I had a harder time moving and the gravity became ten times higher than before.

“This should be enough.”

I said as I dispersed the Magic Circle.

“Architect, what about the training regime?”

I asked as I sat down on the ground cross-legged.

[Within one year, if you train accordingly to this, you could bring your body to the Pinnacle of Mid-Class, with 50 points in each physical parameter. The training is solely depending on physical exercise under higher gravity.]

“Hmm… that is good for just one year of training. I have enough time, the Great War won’t start sooner than 20 years. What about breaking the limits  and entering the High-Class?”

I asked as I wanted to have my body at the Pinnacle of the High-Class before the start of the Great War. For example, Sairaorg from anime, trained his body that much, that without Touki he was basically Pinnacle of High-Class strength with physical prowess alone.

[Several options to break the limit on the body. 1st would be to learn Touki and Senjutsu, manipulate the Life Force and refine your body with Chi. 2nd option would be doing the same thing with your Demonic Energy, thought you would need to have energy reserves at the Ultimate-Class, to do that. 3rd option would be creating some kind of alchemical strengthening potion out of the blood of physically strong creatures.]

Explained the Architect in his typical emotionless machine voice.

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And now this was becoming a bit of a problem. 1st option of learning Touki and Senjutsu was extremely problematic, as there was almost nobody in the Underworld to know such skill. Even if I find some devil who knew it, a possibility he would teach me is already low, not talking about that one needed to have an innate talent for it.

Now that leaves me with 2nd and 3rd options. 2nd one could be realized only if I reach Ultimate-Class in my demonic energy reserves, which is also my goal, so I will leave this option to be my second choice.

And now, 3rd. It is the winner. Why do you ask? Because, I can easily refine such potion with help of my A.I. Chip, learning Alchemy is no problem for me with help from Architect. Also, obtaining the blood of such creatures is pretty easy for me, as I am rich…

“So… we should start.”

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