“My Lord, please wake up.”

Said the soft female voice, as I slowly opened my eyes. I looked around with a slight panic, but I quickly suppressed my emotions and started thinking.

My surrounding was different, the place was different, everything seemed different. And then, my head started hurting like hell. My memories started flooding, or should I say memories belonging to the previous host of the body, or whatever just now happened.

I waved at the maid that was waking me up, as she bowed and left my bedroom.

My name was Zeoticus Gremory, a new Duke of Gremory after my father was killed in a recent skirmish with Fallen Angels. Apparently, the timeline was before the Great War of Biblical Faction, and tensions were rising for the past decades.

Currently is the year, 1,414 so only around two decades years till the Great War will break out.

‘Hmm… basically a self-insert. Though I admit… this is good, my dream finally came true. Now just to see if my little friend also came with me. Architect.’


“So, you transmigrated with me… what the hell happened? Apparently, I have died, that is for sure, but my memories are blurry.”

[That is correct. There was an accident in the laboratory, and unfortunately, the explosion leads to the immediate death of the entire scient team, and the collapse of the building.]

Said Architect with his usually cold mechanical voice.

“I knew it… researching that things those bastards brought from those ruins were a bad idea, but I couldn’t help myself.”

[Humans. Always overestimating their capabilities. Though now you are not human, I dare to say. From your memories, I can judge that you are a race known as Devil in this Universe known as Draconic Deus.]

“Yes, do the scan of my body. Use all available knowledge you have and my memories as well.”

[It shall be done.] [Name: Zeoticus Gremory

Race: Pure-Blooded Devil – Bloodline: Gremory, Lucifer

Occupation: Lord of House of Gremory, Duke of Gremory

Age: 180

Class: High – only due to Demonic Energy Level

Demonic Power: 76

Strength: 14

Agility: 20

Vitality: 27

Clan Trait:

Dark Light

The Devour – Sealed


Devil Magic – Adept]

“Hmm… if I remember the scaling system is set with number 1 as Extreme Human limit. Meaning I am 14 times stronger than a normal human, twenty times faster, and my Vitality is higher 27-times. Architect, use the available data, to calculate stat range of classes from Low-Class to High-Class.”

I said as I looked at the information provided by Architect. I see that I had Dark Light, from my mother’s side, as he was a Lucifer Clan member. Father always told me to never show this power to anyone, anyone. He was right, I would be probably getting killed by descendants of the Lucifer Clan without any power to back myself.

The Dark Light trait was rare even among the Lucifer Clan, as currently, only Original Lucifer had it. It was able to create light like Angels and Fallen, but with a Dark element. Meaning, it was deadly for beings of Light affiliation and also Darkness affiliation.

Though the Clan Trait of the Gremory Clan was sealed. The Devour… it looked intimidating and interesting. It should be about devouring magic or demonic energy… I will search the library.

[Claculation has done.] [Low-Class  – 1 – 15

Mid-Class  – 30 – 50

High-Class – 75 – 99]

“Hmm… this is bad. I am currently the same as most Pillar Devils. Becoming High-Class only due to my lineage and Demonic Energy reserves, but my body is no better than that of a weakling. In close combat, I could be killed by any trained exorcist with a strong body or practically by any martial artist of the Middle-Class. Damm.”

I remember this from anime. The usual problem of Pure-Blood devils. They depended on bloodline too much, that they didn’t bother to train their bodies. So in close combat, I could be easily killed.

Only allowed on

“I have approximately 20 years before the Great War Starts. Because of my pedigree, I would lead troops and participate in the war. But right now as I am, I would die for sure, and even if I don’t die, I cannot fight, so my merit would be very low.”

I cursed at everything I could right now.

“Now my top priority should get train my body to that of Pinnacle of High-Class Level, and then reach Ultimate-Class in Demonic Power. With the Ultimate-Class level of power, I could be counted in the upper spectrum of powerhouses participating in the war, so I would be able to do something. My second priority should be securing enough merit for the promotion of my house. Duke is too low, but King doesn’t so bad.”

I thought out of loud.

“Architect. Start creating a training regiment, to strengthen my body as much as possible. I will go to the library and start studying magic in my free time.”

[It shall be done. With the available information, perfect training regiment creation would take 1 week.]

Answered Architect, as I stood up and looked at the mirror as I marveled at my new appearance. I had long crimson red hair that was tied in a loose ponytail with a black hairband and bright blue eyes. I was the embodiment of handsomeness.

On top of that, I had a rather muscular body and a huge d…

“This life would be fantastic… Hmm… after Great War just deal with the Devil Civil War and I could enjoy peace and training for another five centuries, till the Khaos Brigade is formed. Hmm… thought, if Lucifer Clan is wiped out in the Devil Civil War, I would be the only survivor, at least, non-criminal survivor, could fuse our Houses of Gremory and Lucifer together. I could also get Grayfia, she was hot… should I feel sorry for my unborn son?”

I thought as I put on my clothes and went to eat some breakfast. As I was Lord of the House, my only duties were to guard my territory and that was all. For this week I would be studying magic, as having only Adept ranked mastery was a disgrace for me.

“I will reach the top…”

I muttered as I walked out of my bedroom.

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