Chapter 374 How do you feel

Based on her reaction, there’s no way she didn’t know. Su Mian wanted to tease her and had the upper hand in the situation.

Looking at Wei Min’s embarrassed face, she definitely liked Wu Feng, if it were Guo Lei, she would definitely say, “Who would like him, that dumbass!”

Wei Min thought that Su Mian didn’t know, but before the end of the entrance exam, Guo Lei had confessed his feelings for Wei Min. A few boys saw him hand a note to Wei Min.

After receiving the note Wei Min opened it carelessly while saying, “Dumbass, just say it if you have something to say, what a hassle to write it in a note.”

After reading the note, Wei Min’s expression changed and then burst out laughing, “What? Dumbass, you said you like me? How is that possible, even if you do, I don’t like you! Hahaha! I see you as a dumbass!”

The boys on the side felt embarrassed on his behalf, afterall Guo Lei had a good reputation among the boys. He was tall, and even though he was not particularly handsome, he had thick eyebrows and big eyes, besides he was good at studying. As he was going to apply to university, he mustered the courage to confess to Wei Min.

But Wei Min ended up laughing and rejected him.

“Then tell me, how do you feel when you see him?” Su Mian felt like she was a big gray wolf that was deceiving a little rabbit, the difference was she wasn’t going to devour the rabbit, only to guide her to say what’s in her heart.

Wei Min paused for a while and finally put down her hands. Her face was still red; it was rare to see Wei Min like this.

Su Mian looked at her calmly, “Tell me, so I can help you analyse it!”

But in her heart she was thinking what was there to analyse. Last time when Wu Feng came to do the report and seeing that Wei Min was so jealous, Su Mian knew that she had feelings for Wu Feng, she just refused to admit it now. Wei Zhen Hui was Wei Min’s leverage over Su Mian, so Su Mian needed to have one over her too.

Su Mian suddenly felt so evil.

“Say it, it’s only the two of us here, what are you afraid of? If you don’t like Wu Feng, I’d just tell him that he shouldn’t wait anymore.” Su Mian pretended to pull on the covers to lie down and go to sleep.

Wei Min immediately grabbed her wrist, “Su Mian, don’t laugh at me after you hear this.”

Su Mian nodded seriously, the little rabbit was finally willing to let down her guard, she definitely wouldn’t laugh at her now, but if she used Wei Zhen Hui to tease her again in the future, she would have a counterattack.

“Actually, from a long time ago, when Wu Feng came to my house for the first time, I already liked him.”

“What!” Su Mian was shocked, Wei Min matured way too fast, “How old were you then?”

“13. Aiya, can you not have such a big reaction? At that time, it was just an innocent liking. He liked to touch my head and I thought that this brother was so warm! You know how my brother’s like, his expression is always cold as ice.”

Well then, a young girl who was in love.

That’s true, Wei Zhen Hui was still like that, it was only in front of her that he became unscrupulous.

She didn’t know who Wei Zhen Hui took after. Wei You Shan was warm and friendly, even though Zhang Jie was strict, she was very expressive, Wei Min was also a bright and cheerful girl. Could it be due to his military training?

But Wu Feng was also part of the military!

Hence, Wei Zhen Hui’s iciness was a mystery.

“What happened after?” Su Mian continued asking. The outside was so quiet that they could hear the cicadas in front of the gate.

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