Chapter 373 Smell it

Wei You Shan and his wife lived in one of the five newly-built rooms in the Wei family home. One room for Wei Zhen Ming and his future wife, one for Wei Min, and another was reserved for Wei Zhen Hui when he got married.

At night, Wei Min handed Su Mian the quilt that Wei Zhen Hui used at home.

What was this for?

Even though summer in the north was hot during the day and cool at night, it wasn’t so cold that they needed a quilt!

Wei Min threw the quilt on the bed.

The quilt covered Su Mian’s body, “It’s cold at night, you’re so skinny, don’t get a cold!”

“Damn it, it’s so hot!” Su Mian pushed the quilt away and put it on Wei Min’s body, “Tell me what’s going on?”

Wei Min giggled under the covers. After some time she finally stopped and said softly, “Sister-in-law, this was used by my brother, that’s why I brought it out for you. Smell it, does it smell like him?”

After saying that, Wei Min put the covers on Su Mian’s body.

After hearing what Wei Min said, Su Mian didn’t struggle and actually lowered her head to smell it.

Wei Min was laughing so much that she couldn’t stand up, “You lost your intelligence at the mention of my brother? He only comes back once a year. Besides, it’s already summer, my mom had already washed the quilts!”

Su Mian realized that Wei Min was pulling her leg, “Damn you Wei Min, teasing me again.” Su Mian jumped on Wei Min fiercely after she said that. The two of them messed around so hard they started to sweat.

Wei Min eventually begged for mercy, “Fine, I surrender, stop punishing me. Save your strength for my brother!”

Su Mian initially wanted to let her go after the first sentence, but after hearing the last one she immediately covered Wei Min with the quilt again, “Can you not speak with innuendos? If you keep doing this I will tell Wu Feng and ask him to reconsider!”

Upon hearing Wu Feng’s name, Wei Min immediately became alert, “Su Mian, what did you say? What about Wu Feng?”

Su Mian tilted her head and remained silent.

“Ok Su Mian, I won’t mess with you anymore, this quilt indeed belongs to my brother. He didn’t even come back once, and when he did last time he only stayed for a few days. My mom was angry so she didn’t wash it. Smell it, it does smell like him!” Wei Min spoke sincerely this time, she was afraid that Su Mian would misunderstand her.

Su Mian was waiting until after the entrance exam to tell her that Wu Feng liked her. Seeing that this girl was not going against her anymore, she told her about Wu Feng’s feelings, but the actual words would have to be said by Wu Feng himself. She just wanted her to be mentally prepared.

“What? You said Wu Feng likes me? Impossible!” Wei Min clearly did not believe it. Wu Feng was 25 years old this year, the same age as her elder brother. Besides, Wu Feng was so outstanding, it’s impossible that no military woman was interested in him!

Last time when he was here to make a report, all the girls in school were so infatuated with him. She didn’t believe that he didn’t already have someone in mind!

But Wei Min’s heart was stirred by Su Mian’s words.

She wasn’t sure about her own feelings for Wu Feng, but she was particularly happy to see him, missed him when she couldn’t see him, and was angry when other girls talked to him.

Aiya, were those romantic feelings? Wu Feng also felt the same way about her?

Oh god!

Wei Min covered her face and felt embarrassed.

“Why is that impossible, he’s already 25, he should be thinking about dating.” Su Mian knew that she had feelings for Wu Feng from her reaction, “What about you, do you have feelings for him?”

Wei Min covered her face and couldn’t let go since Su Mian was watching her. She could only bite her lips and said, “I don’t know!”

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