Chapter 372 Made for each other

“You silly girl, you’ve already grown up, I am still waiting for you and Commander Wei to get married and have children!”

“Aiya, Mom.” Su Mian blushed, this was the first time He Qin said that to her and she was not prepared for it. It would take another two years to get married.

Seeing that Su Mian was flushed with embarrassment, He Qin felt that she was too excited and revealed her desire, “Ok fine, I won’t say it anymore, let’s wait until you get into university.” He Qin broke into a smile.

At night, she was having dinner at Wei’s family home. Wei Min used the excuse that she needed Su Mian to help her decorate the bride and groom’s room and didn’t want Su Mian to go back.

Wei Min thought that the joyous atmosphere at home could distract Su Mian from the university application incident.

Wei Min kept persuading her, so Su Mian finally decided to stay. She really didn’t know how to decorate, so Zhang Jie asked an elder in the village who specialised in cutting characters out of paper to teach them.

The grandma was good at craftsmanship, but her eyesight was not that good, so she could only guide Su Mian and Wei Min verbally.

Besides, Su Mian did have some talent, she only watched the grandma cut once and she could do it quite well. After some practice, she cut it beautifully, especially the figure of a cuckoo. Wei Min, on the other hand, kept cutting the cuckoo in half.

Su Mian was very meticulous, when the paper was opened up, even Zhang Jie couldn’t stop complimenting it, “Well done, well done, quickly put it away.”

Wei Min felt like her mom was not hers for the first time, “Mom, now that you have a daughter-in-law, you don’t want your own daughter anymore? Why don’t you look at mine!”

Zhang Jie didn’t even lift her eyelids, “You keep yours. Come Su Mian, cut a few more, I will put it up against the windows downstairs!” Zhang Jie was very happy, she liked Su Mian more each time she looked at her. Not only was she good at studying, she also had a pair of meticulous hands. She already got admitted into university, perhaps she would also be good in the fields.

Wei Min was annoyed that her mom kept staring at Su Mian and rolled her eyes, “Mom, don’t be so obvious that you love your daughter-in-law, look, your saliva is dripping.”

“You brat!” Everyone started laughing. Zhang Jie picked up the broom and acted like she was going to hit Wei Min, but Wei Min was quick to dodge behind Su Mian.

“Go ahead, you will be hitting your daughter-in-law!” Wei Min peeked out from behind and made a face.

Zhang Jie put down the broom and left the room.

Fortunately, her eldest son had made the call to reject a marriage proposal to Wei Min. Apparently, Wei Min was also good at studying, if she got accepted into university, then there would be two university graduates at home.

It seemed like only the second daughter-in-law was not good.

Seeing that she was standing in the house and sighing, Wei You Shan took off his glasses and said, “You’re getting a new daughter-in-law soon, what are you unhappy about?”

Zhang Jie stared at Wei You Shan fiercely, “Last time when I wanted Zhen Ming to marry this woman, you didn’t stop me!”

Wei You Shan knew that she blamed him. No matter how good his temper was, he was angered by her words, “Zhang Jie you should speak with a conscience. Which of these marriages have you discussed with me? It’s your fault that you’re not satisfied with second daughter-in-law.” Wei You Shan sat back on the sofa after he finished, “Just wait and see, I think this second daughter-in-law is no saint, you will be suffering in the future.”

Zhang Jie regretted her words and softened her tone, “Look how good Wei Min and Su Mian are, they are both university students, but this second daughter-in-law didn’t even graduate from primary school.”

Zhang Jie was so angry that she almost fainted when she heard that her second daughter-in-law Liu Hai Lian was so stupid that she repeated the first year of primary school a few times, and couldn’t complete the third year.

She basically meant that Liu Hai Lian was not cultured enough for them and regretted it now.

“But you’ll have to look at your second son’s education level, I think they suit each other.” Wei You Shan was angry that Zhang Yan Jie was crying over spilled milk, they were going to be married soon, what’s the use of saying this now?

“That’s true.” Zhang Yan Jie stopped complaining. Her second son also only graduated primary school, they were made for each other.

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