Chapter 371 Ranked first in the province

“I heard Li Ya Jun say that Su Mian ranked first in the province!”

“That’s right. Your two families’ ancestors are watching over you. The two girls are really giving you face, something we can’t get even if we beg for it.”

“Not even. If Su Mian and Wei Min are both admitted into university, they will be the first from our village to do so.”

“University students are good, they can get a permanent city residence certificate. They won’t need to struggle.”

University students were rare in this era. Su Mian’s village had not had a university student for many years and even technical school students were rare.

He Qin ate the chicken, but she still felt that something was wrong. Although Su Mian usually kept a low profile, she would not say nothing about ranking first in the province! So she ate uneasily. Was there something wrong? She would have to ask Xiao Mian when they went back that night.

Su Jiang Hai had also been fidgeting since knowing that his daughter ranked first in the province. He left the table without even finishing one bowl of rice. No matter how Wei You Shan persuaded, Su Jiang Hai simply stopped eating.

Su Mian was Su Jiang Hai’s first born child at 40 years of age. Although it could not be considered having a child at old age, it was not the same.

Although the situation at home was not good, they gave whatever good things they had to Su Mian. When Su Mian said she wanted to study, they smashed their pots to sell them as scrapped iron and even if they could not eat, they would fund her. If it had been another family, they would have sent her to work, for why should a girl study?

Hence, Su Jiang Hai’s love for Su Mian showed that he really was the best father in the world.

Now, his daughter had ranked first in the province but had not told him. Su Jiang Hai’s heart felt like it had drunk something terrible and there were all sorts of feelings.

After eating, Su Jiang Hai and He Qin took Su Mian and left.

Wei Min had originally wanted to go too, but when she saw Su Jiang Hai’s gloomy expression, she saw that something was up with them so she resisted the urge to follow.

When she went back inside and asked, she found out that this group of quick-mouthed women had spoken of Su Mian ranking first in the province.

Wei Min understood Su Mian. With her personality, she definitely did not want to tell her parents for fear that they would be worried.

Say, when such a matter happened, who could withstand it? Ranking first in the province and then having to study at a technical school in the future.

When they got home, Su Jiang Hai did not beat around the bush and asked directly, “What’s the meaning of this, why didn’t you say that you ranked first in the province?” His tone was terribly harsh and Su Mian felt that he was on the verge of erupting in anger.

Even He Qin did not speak even though she usually helped her. Su Mian knew that it would be impossible for her not to speak about it this time. She told them about how her application form was changed and the matter of her and Wei Min going to look for it.

Of course, she was afraid that Su Jiang Hai and He Qin would worry so she also relayed the words of the comrades from the Provincial Board of Education, “So, mother, father, don’t worry. At worst, I’ll take the exam again.”

Su Jiang Hai was furious, but what could he do? After hearing this, he flung his sleeves and left.

He Qin wiped her tears immediately, “Xiao Mian, how could that Zhang Yan Jie be so wicked? People like that deserve to be punished severely. How could there be such wicked people in this world?!”

Su Mian simply told He Qin that Zhang Yan Jie would soon be executed by firing squad. Hearing this, He Qin’s hatred was assuaged, “People like this deserve to be shot. They’re harmful when alive. Old Zhang and his family only care for money, this can be considered retribution.”

Even though she knew Zhang Yan Jie would be executed by firing squad, He Qin still felt panicked. It was unknown where Su Mian’s application form had gone. Just saying this would make people anxious.

“Mother, I won’t go anywhere except the Second Military Medical University. You and father need not worry too much. My grades are there and no one can steal them. At worst, I’ll repeat a year. Who knows, maybe I will do even better in the exams next year compared to this year.” Su Mian comforted He Qin, fearing that she would be enraged again because of this.

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