Chapter 370 What does she look like

It was only after Su Mian returned home that she found out Wei Zhen Hui’s younger brother, Wei Zhen Ming, was going to marry in ten days. Hence, her parents were there to help and the stove had not been lit in their house for several days.

Seeing Su Mian return, He Qin quickly took a basket and went to the yard to pick vegetables to cook with.

As soon as she reached the middle of the yard, Wei Min ran in from outside the gate, “Aunty, what are you doing, still preparing to cook? My mother said to have you all come to our house to eat, Su Mian too. You don’t need to cook for her alone.” As she said this, she pushed He Qin back into the house.

Su Mian had just put her luggage into her room and changed into the skirt that she usually wore at home.

Su Mian did not wear skirts at school since she found it inconvenient to move in.

Wei Min’s eyes lit up and she pulled Su Mian left and right to look. She was really envious. Su Mian’s body proportions were particularly good with a thin waist and those thin legs.

After looking her up and down, she leaned close to Su Mian’s ear, “Those who know would know that it’s my second sister-in-law getting married, those who don’t would think it’s my eldest sister-in-law getting married!” Wei Min could bet that if her eldest brother saw Su Mian like this, he would not be able to hold back.

Su Mian really did not know what to say to her. All day long, her mind was full of nonsense. It was like she had returned to her usual form after the university entrance exams were over.

“By the way, have you seen your second sister-in-law? What does she look like?” Su Mian was also curious about what kind of girl Wei Zhen Ming was marrying. He had seen her once and just had to marry her.

He Qin and Su Jiang Hai walked ahead. Wei Min pulled Su Mian out, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, she doesn’t look as good as you.”

Ha, Su Mian did not react.

Wei Min continued to whisper, “You dressed up like this, isn’t it because you’re afraid of being compared to my second sister-in-law? Don’t worry, her face is too big and she doesn’t look as good as you.”

Su Mian understood now that this was what We Min thought.

“It’s too hot, can’t I cool off?” Su Mian looked down at her skirt. It was especially conservative, long enough to reach her calf.

When the Su family arrived, the Wei family served up the dishes. It was all because of Wei Zhen Ming’s marriage that relatives and neighbours had come to help.

He Qin helped with the cooking since she was good at it. There were also a few women with children and daughters who were helping to make quilts. The men helped entertain the guests and borrowed pots and pans for the wedding. 

In addition to the children, there were a total of six tables seated and it was extremely lively.

The women sat together and even as they ate, they could not cease their talking. Su Mian and Wei Min ate with a group of children in a small room so they did not know what was happening in the main room.

“What, Su Mian ranked first place in the school?” It was Su Jiang Hai who spoke as the chopsticks in his hand fell to the ground in his shock.

Wei You Shan gave him a new pair hurriedly, “Brother Su, what’s wrong? You didn’t even drink!” Su Jiang Hai did not drink alcohol and it was said that he would fall down from one cup. Everyone in the village knew so they did not pour him alcohol when they invited him to dinner.

A woman sitting on the brick bed saw Su Jiang Hai’s shocked expression. She patted her thighs in laughter, “What, Brother Su didn’t know? Didn’t Su Mian tell you when she got home?!” She looked at He Qin who also had the same expression of having just learnt this.

Zhang Jie picked up a piece of chicken for He Qin, “Mother-in-law, come eat a piece of meat to quell the shock. Su Mian, this child, she really is calm. She got first place in the school and Wei Min ranked 20th. The two of us can just wait for good news.”

He Qin was shocked and surprised. Su Mian had ranked first place in the school but had not said anything when she came home. She had originally been afraid that she had not done well in the exam, but now it seems like she had done very well in the exam. Could there be something else?!

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