Chapter 369 The donkey is more important than me

Su Mian and Wei Min waited at school for a few days but there was no news. The principal and the head teacher could only let them go home for the time being.

Along the way, Wei Min did not know how to comfort Su Mian. Although Su Mian looked fine right now, she understood Su Mian’s current mood better than anyone else. Studying hard for three years in high school, was it not all just for the moment she could receive a letter of admission?

“Don’t worry too much, maybe the application form wasn’t changed.” Wei Min hoped it was like this, but even she was not convinced by her own words.

Zhang Yan Jie was the kind of person who sought revenge even for the smallest grievances, so how could she let Su Mian go so easily?

This kind of person was truly hateful. She was going to be executed by gunshot soon but she still did something that was so hurtful to someone else. It could be said that the heavens had no justice as they did not strike her down with lightning directly. Do not let her reincarnate even after she dies, she should go straight to being a beast and become a cow or horse in her next life.

Wei Min was so angry that she grit her teeth. If Zhang Yan Jie was next to her right now, she would have killed her to relieve her hatred.

Su Mian knew that Wei Min was worried about her and patted Wei Min on the shoulder, “Alright, look at you gritting your teeth. That kind of person is not worth getting angry over. Besides, she only has a few days left to live. I’m fine, the comrades at the Provincial Board of Education also said they would handle it. Don’t worry, at worst I’ll just take the exam next year.” This was the worst outcome. In fact, Su Mian really did not want to take another senior year with those bratty kids.

When Su Mian returned home, He Qin and Su Jiang Hai stopped working. Su Jin Long was on holiday. To be precise, he had graduated from junior high school and would never have to go to school again. He was simply relaxing during this period of time.

“Xiao Mian, how was the exam?” He Qin walked in from the kitchen while wiping her hands with a towel.  

“It was alright, I should be able to get into a school.” Su Mian smiled faintly. She did not want to tell her family about her application being changed, so as not to worry them. No matter what school Zhang Yan Jie had applied for her, she had no plans of going. 

When Su Jiang Hai heard this and saw that Su Mian was being vague, he guessed that Su Mian did not do well so he comforted her, “It doesn’t matter if you didn’t pass the exam, you can take the exam again next year.” He knew now that Su Mian loved to study, and Su Mian’s ambition was the Second Military Medical University. How could it be easy to pass the entrance exam?

Su Jin Long came in from outside, “Sister, you’re back, how did your exams go? Will I have a military doctor sister in the future?” Su Jin Long now regarded Su Mian with great admiration. Not only did he practice the capture technique that his sister had taught him everyday, he had met a thief the last time he went to the market and had subdued the thief in two moves. The thief had lain on the ground begging for mercy.

Su Mian looked at Su Jin Long and did not speak for a long time. She did not know how to explain it to Su Jin Long.

He Qin also noticed that Su Mian’s expression was not quite right, so she interrupted quickly, “Oh, you little rascal, I asked you to cut grass for the donkey, why haven’t you left yet?”

Su Jin Long looked at He Qin somewhat ludicrously, “Mother, my sister came home, can’t I chat with her? I’ll go again in the evening.”

You are not chatting, you are just saying all the wrong things.

He Qin’s expression became cold, “Why aren’t you going? The donkey has a foal and they can’t be left hungry. You go quickly.” 

“Mother, do I have any status in our family? I can’t compare with my sister, but now even the donkey is more important than me!”

“That’s right, a donkey foal can sell for one or two hundred! Can I sell you?!”

Su Jin Long was incredibly unhappy but he still thought about what Su Mian had said and discussed with him last time. As he was reluctantly being pushed by He Qin, he stuck out his neck and shouted back at the room, “Sister, don’t go anywhere, wait for me to come back, wait for me to come back!”

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