Chapter 368 I understand

Huo Jing Run held the fish basket joyfully, whistling as he walked. He was in a good mood and when he suddenly saw Wang Jing Hong standing in the yard, he was obviously taken aback, yet his footsteps did not stop, “It’s a hot day, what are you doing standing here?!”

Some people really did not have a shred of self-consciousness. He completely regarded this place as his own home. Also, Wang Jing Hong had given the last three rooms to the siblings to stay in. The place was clean and no one bothered them, mainly so that Huo Jing Ze could recuperate. Huo Jing Run also lived there comfortably.

“I was looking for you.” Seeing Huo Jing Run walking past him directly, Wang Jing Hong turned to follow him. Huo Jing Run strode vigorously. He was tall and had long legs. Wang Jing Hong had a medium build so had to walk quickly to keep up.

Huo Jing Run carried the fish basket into the kitchen and put it in the sink, then flushed it with some water. Only when he saw the fish still jumping around vivaciously did he wash his hands. After entering the living room, he sat on the sofa and crossed his legs, then asked, “What’s up?”

Wang Jing Hong was very anxious. He looked at his slovenly and untidy appearance again. How could he look like an elegant gentleman in front of Su Mian, but become a ruffian in front of him?

“Su Mian is in trouble.”


Huo Jing Run lit a cigarette for himself. After putting out the flame, he handed Wang Jing Hong another one. Seeing Wang Jing Hong waving his hand, he blew out a smoke ring and said casually, “Almost forgot, you don’t smoke. Your family taught you well.”

Heh, Huo Jing Run from the capital was actually talking to him about family upbringing. If Wang Jing Hong did not know Huo Jing Run’s identity, it could not be helped, but how could someone born and raised in that kind of family lack upbringing?

“Don’t joke around, Su Mian really is in trouble!” Wang Jing Hong’s anxiousness was burning with urgency.

Huo Jing Run gave a long sigh and said absentmindedly, “Oh. What does that have to do with me? Even if she encounters trouble, it’s probably not a big deal, otherwise why would she not come to me herself?”


Wang Jing Hong was really impressed by these two people, one being haughtier than the other, feigning ignorance. Fine, it was him who was anxious.

If it was not for Huo Jing Ze’s recuperation, he really would have exploded and swore, “Her application form was changed by someone and now the file has gone missing.”

Huo Jing Run took another puff of his cigarette, blowing it slowly, then pressed the cigarette butt into the ashtray. He stood up, “I understand.”

When Wang Jing Hong saw him stand up, he followed suit, “You’re still going out?”

“I need to deal with the fish! It won’t taste fresh when they’re dead!” After saying this, Huo Jing Run actually took off his coat and went to the kitchen.

Wang Jing Hong was left alone dumbfounded. Even at this time, he was still worrying about his fish. He had to hand it to him!

In the past during their studies, this kid skipped classes, failed grades, molested girls, and in short, he did everything bad students should do. To put it bluntly, he should not pin his hopes on him.

Wang Jing Hong was helpless and turned around to leave. If he stayed, he could guess what Huo Jing Run would say to him next.

This kid studied abroad and although he did not learn well, he learned to cook well. So when he was studying, many girls were willing to visit his apartment as guests. Since Huo Jing Run’s cooking was really good, he often went for free meals. Yet, he really did not know how to flatter his girlfriends.

However, after Huo Jing Run returned to the country and took over the family business, he actually completely cut off contact with those over there.

So, Wang Jing Hong could not see through him.

However, he had never asked Huo Jing Run for anything, not knowing what virtues this guy had. It was better still to discuss things with his father and see if his father had any way out.

Full of thoughts, Wang Jing Hong went to the frontyard.

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