Chapter 367 I don’t like him

“Return to Bai County first.” Su Mian bought returning tickets for the two of them and they arrived at Bai County at 7pm.

Wei Min did not say a word this time on the way back. Several ideas popped up in her head. She had not worried about this just now, thinking that Su Mian’s files must be in D city. Turns out things were not as simple as they had thought.

There were two possibilities now. One was that Su Mian’s files were “lost”, the other was that the files were still there but the whereabouts were unknown, so it would not be easy to find. With so many schools across the country, this would be the same as finding a needle in a haystack. She might as well sit at home and wait for the notice. Either way, with Su Mian’s grades, she would be admitted no matter where she applied. Yet if by chance it was a technical school, it would be terrible.

No, Wei Min decided to call Wei Zhen Hui when they got off the train. Now they could only ask her brother to see if he had any ideas.

When the two of them returned to school, Wu Yu Mei and Principal Sun were waiting for the news.

Su Mian told them what had happened and the two of them also looked surprised, “Not in D city?”

Su Mian nodded helplessly.

Wei Min used the principal’s office phone to call Wei Zhen Hui. No one answered at first and it was only after a long time that someone finally answered. The reply she received was that Wei Zhen Hui and Wu Feng were taken away for a mission a few days ago. 

It was over, they could not even count on her brother!

In the evening, Su Mian and Wei Min went to stay at her youngest aunt’s house again. Naturally, they did not tell them about her application form being changed. Su Mian did not want to worry them and there was not much they could do to help anyway.

The next morning, Su Mian and Wei Min went to the school again.

Early in the morning, Principal Sun had received a call from the Provincial Board of Education. Su Mian was the top ranked student this time and after the Provincial Board of Education learned about the situation, they attached great importance to this matter. They told student Su Mian not to worry, the case had been filed for investigation and the Provincial Board of Education would find a way.

In the afternoon, Wang Jing Hong found Su Mian. He had rushed over as soon as he had heard about it.

“Su Mian, my classmate, Huo Jing Run, has connections in the Ministry of Education in the capital. How about you go to him for help?” Wang Jing Hong was straightforward as this matter could not be delayed. However, he knew about Su Mian’s attitude towards Huo Jing Run and was afraid that su Mian would be adverse to it.

Sure enough, Su Mian’s expression turned cold immediately, “I will not go find that person even if I have to repeat a year.”

Wang Jing Hong was clearly taken aback. Su Mian did not even refer to him as Mr Huo, but rather that person, “Did you two have any misunderstandings?” After asking, even he himself thought that was impossible. Su Mian was still a high school student and probably had not even travelled out of the province, so how would she know Huo Jing Run?

“I don’t like that person.” Su Mian had no way of telling him about the things in her previous life. In this life, if it were not for Wang Jing Hong’s face, she definitely would not have treated Huo Jing Ze.

Wang Jing Hong did not question further as Su Mian obviously did not want to talk about it deeply. In any case, Su Mian was now a benefactor of the Huo family. Wang Jing Hong felt that he still needed to talk to Huo Jing Run about this matter.

It just happened that he was still playing around here. He had just gone to visit the mountain a few days ago and had gone out early again today to who knew where.

It stood to reason since Huo Jing Run was a native of the capital. What scenery had he not seen before? However, he had a lot of fun in this small town in Bai County and fortunately, he had left someone to take care of his younger brother.

Otherwise he really would have thought that once this person started playing, he disregarded even his younger brother.

Su Mian’s attitude could not be clearer. It was impossible to expect her to take the initiative to find Huo Jing Run. After Wang Jing Hong left the school, he went home and waited for Huo Jing Run to return.

Just his luck, Huo Jing Run came home not long after he did.

He was carrying a basket of plump gish. There was a lot of rain during summer and fish grew fast.

It seemed like Mr Huo had gone fishing.

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