Chapter 366 Lunatic

After Su Mian left, the matter of her application form being changed was spread throughout the campus and all the classmates were in an uproar.

What a joke. She had ranked first in the province and Zhang Yan Jie had changed it to a technical school. Who knew what this technical school was. Damn, the number one provincial scholar was going to technical school, this was probably a first in the history of university entrance examinations.

“Zhang Yan Jie, this scumbag. She’s about to die and she still had to do something so shameless! She’s not afraid of going to the eighteenth floor of hell after death!”

“Yeah, this innocent person had hidden things so deeply. In the past, she had always slandered Su Mian in front of others, saying Su Mian seduced the biology teacher and that Su Mian had been stalking Li Ya Jun all the time. She said all these things, but in the end she was the one who did them all.”

“How can there be someone like this, so deranged, not to mention killing her own classmate, I heard that she also killed the gangster who took her in. That gangster really did a great job, finding a dozen brothers to cater to her. Say, isn’t this deserved?”

“People like her, even if they were passed around a hundred times, it wouldn’t be enough to assuage the anger, why not play her to death? Did you guys hear? Li De Hua was also fired, Zhang Yan Jie insisted that Li De Hua ***** her!”

“Oh my god, wasn’t Zhang Yan Jie the initiator? When she put on the innocent front, Li De Hua definitely could not withstand it!”


When Su Mian returned, everyone was discussing enthusiastically. At the beginning, it was about reporting injustice against Su Mian, then it slowly evolved into how Zhang Yan Jie seduced Li De Hua.

After the results had come out, everyone’s state of mind relaxed and now all of them were animatedly gossiping about Zhang Yan Jie’s affairs.

When Su Mian heard the profession that Zhang Yan Jie had applied for her, she almost laughed out of anger, “veterinary medicine”, motherclucker, will she have to be a vet from now on?

Su Mian was helpless and now she could only hope that the university recruitment process had not started yet and that the admission for the Second Military Medical University was not over yet.

After Wei Min heard about it, she wanted to go to D city with her. The two of them went to the train station and it took them four hours to take the train from Bai County.

“I really want to thank Zhang Yan Jie for not enrolling you into a technical school in another province, otherwise we would be delayed for a few days.” Wei Min got on the green train and looked at the scenery outside the window casually. This was the first time she had taken the train so she was very curious.

“Yes, you really need to thank her or you still wouldn’t have taken the train yet!” Su Mian teased Wei Min. This person really had a big heart, being able to comfort people like this. Although Su Mian was older than her internally, she was still worried. However, after being messed around by her like this, Su Mian did not feel so nervous anymore.

“Exactly. In the future, I’ll be the one to go find you. That way, I can take the train again.”

Su Mian rolled her eyes at her, “How promising.”

The two of them got off the train and went straight to the school. They found the teacher in the admissions office and explained the situation.

When the teacher at the admissions office heard about Su Mian’s situation, they took it very seriously and immediately searched through thousands of records. They searched three times, but could not find it.

“Student, did you remember it wrong? Your name is not in the records!” The weather was hot and there were files in the office so the fan could not be turned on. The teacher was sweating profusely.

Su Mian took the record logs and read through it ten rows at a time. It really wasn’t there.

“Thank you teacher, I have inconvenienced you.” Su Mian gave her thanks and led Wei Min out of the admissions office.

Wei Min only realised now that the matter was serious and had long since lost her good mood from when she was on the train, “Then what should we do now?”

Su Mian had no idea either. Originally, she had thought that her file must be here so now that it was not, she was also caught off guard.

Where could the file have gone?

Could it be that Zhang Yan Jie did not change her application form? It was possible that during her frenzied state in the morning, she had perhaps lied to her. Su Mian was upset for a while.

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