Chapter 365 Gift

“You finally know? Hahaha, Su Mian, this is my parting gift to you. How about it, do you like it? You wanted to be a military doctor, right? I’ll let you be a veterinarian! Hahaha, will you go be a veterinarian in D city? Or will you repeat the level?!” Zhang Yan Jie laughed wildly from behind the bars.

In order to exact revenge against Su Mian, she seduced Li De Hua, fawned over Sun Ying, and gave herself to Zhang Xiao Feng and Lao Hei. The results? In the end, Su Mian was able to enter university and she only had 20 days left to live.

Why did the heavens have to treat her this way?!

Was it wrong of her to like Li Ya Jun? She liked him for so long, but in his eyes, there was only Su Mian. Just what was so good about that slut, Su Mian?

As for Zhang Xiao Feng, why did he treat her like that? Why be good to her, then get entangled with Liu Wen Juan? She was discontent, Zhang Xiao Feng was hers, he could only be hers.

“Su Mian, did you know? Growing up, I’ve never envied you. Even though Li Ya Jun liked you, you’re cowardly and timid, what’s good about you? Why have you changed in the past half a year and become so confident and radiant that all the classmates are willing to be friends with you, why? And even my only friend Sun Ying left me in the end?”

“I hate you all. All of you deserve to die, I really regret not killing you all!”

Zhang Yan Jie’s voice became hoarse at the end.

Su Mian listened quietly and the anger in her heart subsided suddenly. Zhang Yan Jie was really pathetic!

“Even as you’re dying, you’re still struggling with grudges. Zhang Yan Jie, you never look for reasons from yourself. Just because you liked Li Ya Jun, why must he like you? What part of you is worth him liking? You don’t study well, like creating scandals, have a vicious mind, and you’re unscrupulous. I really don’t know what your parents taught you. If they knew you murdered someone, surely they wouldn’t even admit to knowing you!”

Zhang Yan Jie’s father was someone who was adamant in maintaining his reputation, so how could he allow himself to have a murderer as a daughter? Director Qian had said that when he went to her house to inform them, her father had directly said he’ll just accept that his daughter died outside.

“What nonsense are you saying? Don’t mention them to me, hahaha, my death has nothing to do with them, it’s my own business!” Zhang Yan Jie actually cried when she said this. How tragic, even as she was about to die, her own biological parents did not come to look at her.

Her father loved money so much and had provided for her to go to high school. However, it was just because he wanted her to marry into the city so he would get more betrothal gifts. He would never do business at a loss. It was heard that the old man was already over 50 years old and his son was already 30 years old.

Hence, she did not dare to go home. As soon as she went home, she would definitely have to marry an old man older than her father. If someone gave her father five thousand yuan, her dad would take the money and take it out to count every night. If he relied on selling tofu, how many years would he have to sell to make that much money?! If he knew that his daughter could make money like this, he would have raised a few more.

Since she was a child, she had grown up in such a family. Her father loved money like his life depended on it and could not wait to push her into a fire pit at any moment.

Was this her fault? What did she do wrong?

“It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault! It’s your fault? What did I do wrong? Hahaha, what did I do wrong!” Zhang Yan Jie laughed madly, holding her head with both hands as her tears fell again.

“I’ll leave you to deal with this woman.” Seeing Zhang Yan Jie going crazy, Su Mian turned to go, leaving Wen Wen behind.

Hehe, Zhang Yan Jie lived in hatred all day long. It really was worse to be alive than to die!

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