Chapter 364 It’s too late

However, it’s been 5 days since the applications had been handed in, perhaps some universities had already started their admission process. It would be a huge loss to the Second Military Medical University and Su Mian herself if she did not get accepted.

Principal Sun didn’t want to think too much and called the representative of the county’s education committee who then called the representative in the city.

After a round of calls, Principal Sun finally got a reply, “It’s too late, all applications have been collected by each university.”

The next day, the result of the university entrance exam was announced, Su Mian got the first place in school with a score of 618/650, she also got the highest in the entire county.

Wei Min also got the 20th place in school, Li Ya Jun the 2nd with a total score of 598.

Wei Min was overjoyed seeing her and Su Mian’s grades, she couldn’t stop smiling, “Su Mian, we will achieve our dreams!”

Su Mian was relieved, her hard work in the past 6 months had paid off. She held Wei Min’s hand and said, “But it will be difficult for us to see each other in the future.”

Military universities had strict management, they would probably need to wait until the summer break to see each other again.

Wei Min stared at her with her almond eyes, “Sister-in-law, my brother is in the provincial capital, surely you would come see him at least once! My brother would be so anxious!” Wei Min knew how much her brother adored his wife. If he couldn’t see Su Mian for half a year, she could guarantee that he would rush to the capital.

Su Mian was amused, “Ok fine, I will go see you.” She couldn’t argue with Wei Min as she always brought up Wei Zhen Hui at key moments.

A few students came to congratulate Su Mian and Wei Min.

“Su Mian, Wei Min, you will be part of the military soon! Salute to the female soldiers!” Guo Lei indeed gave them a military salute right after.

Everyone laughed.

They envied Su Mian and Wei Min, one of them applied for the Second Military Medical University and the other the county Military Medical University, to which the others wouldn’t even dreamed about applying.

Based on their results, they could just wait for the admission letters.

Both of their results had provided motivation. Those who were still in last place in class in the last semester had improved greatly in just one semester.

A few students who didn’t do well had initially planned to give up, but after seeing Su Mian and Wei Min they decided to try again next year. Their results from last year were much better than that of Su Mian and Wei Min’s.

Su Mian also encouraged them to work hard, as it would pay off.

The students were busy chatting when Wu Yu Mei hurried in, she looked like she had something to say but couldn’t and called Su Mian away.

It was only when Su Mian reached the office that she knew that her application had been changed by Zhang Yan Jie.

Su Mian was stunned when she heard that. She could even do such a thing, Zhang Yan Jie really deserved to die. The death penalty was not enough for her, she should have been sent to hell.

Su Mian thought that she could finally realize her dream to become a military doctor after working hard for half a year.

What should she do now? Should she study again for one more year and retake the exam?

“I want to see Zhang Yan Jie!” Su Mian walked out of Wu Yu Mei’s office right after she said that.

Wu Yu Mei understood her emotions at that moment; even she wanted to beat up Zhang Yan Jie after hearing that. How did she not notice that this student was so vicious? Not only had she murdered two people, she even changed someone’s application. How much hatred did she have?

Zhang Yan Jie was a repeat offender. Su Mian found Director Qian and he immediately contacted someone who was working at the prison. Since Su Mian helped them arrest Zhang Yan Jie, they agreed to let her see her.

When Zhang Yan Jie was brought out, she had no expression. However, she smiled when she saw Su Mian.

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