Chapter 363 She wanted to kill me

There was a passionate show going on over there, Guo Lei and Hao Dong Min didn’t dare to act rashly, they sneaked behind Su Mian and quietly untied her.

Zhang Xiao Feng was expressionless, he was holding back the urge to vomit as Zhang Yan Jie kissed him.

Zhang Yan Jie became more passionate the more she kissed and forgot that there were still people watching.

The aunty turned her face to the side. It was Zhang Xiao Feng’s karma, he had provoked a monster.

She was tricked by Lao Hei to come here this morning when she was buying groceries at the market.

She was really disappointed that her son was not studying well all these years. Luckily he was still filial to her. Even though he was not obedient, he still gave her allowance every month and frequently asked his men to send her food.

Lao Hei had seen her a few times to give her that food; she didn’t expect him to lie to her.

Zhang Xiao Feng saw that Zhang Yan Jie was closing her eyes and immersed herself in the kiss.

Suddenly, he slammed his forehead against Zhang Yan Jie which stunned her for some time. “Zhang Xiao Feng, you, what are you doing?”

Zhang Yan Jie held her forehead and stood unsteadily. She was immersed in desire and did not expect Zhang Xiao Feng to slam onto her.

Su Mian took this opportunity to rush forward and kicked the knife off her hand. Then she kicked her 2 m away. Zhang Yan Jie flew backwards and slammed into the tree behind her.

Since there were many people around, Su Mian controlled her strength, otherwise she would have kicked her 10 m away.

Guo Lei and Hao Dong Min also rushed out and tied Zhang Yan Jie’s hands behind her back, after which they released the others.

“Sun Ying, are you ok?” Su Mian untied the rope, but Sun Ying had turned pale from the fright and her body was shaking.

When she saw Su Mian, she rushed into her arms and kept repeating, “She wanted to kill me, she wanted to kill me…”

Sun Ying was badly shaken, so Su Mian consoled her, “It’s ok, it’s ok.”

The aunty was older and had more experience in life, so she was calmer.

Zhang Yan Jie lied on the ground, as though her bones were crushed. She was about to finish her massacre, but now it was ruined, “Su Mian you bitch! You should die, all of you should die!”

Su Mian hugged Sun Ying and then glanced at her, “Are you not satisfied? Who is to blame? Who asked you to be thinking about men at this time! You’ve killed two people and kidnapped so many, why don’t you worry about yourself now.”

Right then, there were severe measures against crime, Zhang Yan Jie could not escape the death sentence.

She could only blame herself. She did whatever she could to reach her goal.

At this moment, Director Qian arrived with a few people. Lao Hei was already dead and they all went to make a statement.

Zhang Yan Jie confessed to the murders, so Liu Wen Juan’s case was finally concluded after 2 months.

Liu Wen Juan’s parents cried hysterically, if it weren’t for the police they would have torn Zhang Yan Jie apart. Zhang Yan Jie was sentenced to death by shooting which would be executed in a month.

The evidence that Zhang Yan Jie had against Lao Hei and the Liu brothers also provided important clues to the police.

Director Qian immediately reported the incident. Not long after, he was transferred to the county police station which was considered a promotion.

Sun Ying was badly frightened and stayed at home to recuperate for 5 days. Only then she said to Principal Sun, “Su Mian’s application had been changed by Zhang Yan Jie.”

“What? She changed Su Mian’s application?” Principal Sun stood up from the sofa in shock. Su Mian was considered the second best in school, besides he heard from Wu Yu Mei that she had applied for the Second Military Hospital University, it wouldn’t be hard for her to get admitted.

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